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29 January 2022 Morning Star Venus at the First Gate

2022 Jan 29 at 11 Capricorn

Morning Star Venus enters the first gate into the Underworld when the waning Moon conjuncts Venus representing the seventh chakra. The Sumerians described the cosmological cycle of Venus through the Story of Inanna, Queen of Heaven, as a way to understand and to keep track of the Venus cycle.

The story begins when Inanna decides to attend the funeral of her sister’s husband, Gulaganna (a.k.a the Great Bull of Heaven as this also described the death of the age of the Bull or the age of Taurus). Read More

When is the Real Blue Moon?

The Calendar year 2020 features 13 Full Moons with two Full Moons October 1 and 31. This is NOT the original definition of a Blue Moon as described below though many do refer to the second Full Moon of any month including the 2020 October 31 Full Moon as a Blue Moon.

In 2021 there are two full Moons in the sign of Aquarius on Jul 24 and Aug 22 creating 4 Full Moons in the season from the June Solstice to the September Equinox on Jun 24, Jul 24, Aug 22, and Sep 20. This is the original definition of a Blue Moon as described below.

The idea or concept that two Full Moons in a month is what defines a Blue Moon is a mistake, according to this article from the Smithsonian. The article tells us the original definition of a Blue Moon referred to 4 Full Moons in one season and a season is defined as the time between a Solstice and Equinox or an Equinox and Solstice. (See Table below) Read More

What Time is it Really? The Seasons of Our Lives Through the Lens of The Shamanic Timeline

By Cayelin K Castell, Inspired by Daniel Giamario and outlined by Mary Kern

The Earth has seasons as she travels around the Sun. There are four main recognized seasons, Spring when new life is growing and blossoming, Summer when the Earth is flourishing and abundant, Autumn when it is time to harvest and store up for Winter and of course Winter when life seems to be more still and inner as it prepares for new birth in the Spring.
Read More

A Gemini Teaching

by Mary Kern

I have heard it said a gift is never received until it is “fully” appreciated. I woke one morning recently with a grateful heart for the gift of my eldest sister, Dee. Our Shamanic Astrology paradigm allows me to see the flow of her soul and the beautiful gift she brought with her past mastery in Capricorn, (Capricorn Moon) perhaps patriarchal but dedicated to organizing and creating operating instructions to align community “in formation”.

Her current life intent (Rising Sign) was to evolve a higher level, a new octave of this Capricorn energy. This so perfectly aligns with what our collective consciousness now is dynamically exploring. Dee’s life story points the way to help us all navigate the seemingly current chaos.

Dee’s Venus, her current life version of the Sacred Feminine, is in Gemini. Learning Gemini gave her the capacity to bring imagination, humor and mischief to the world as an advocate to her higher octave of Capricorn.

She taught middle school for over fifty years employing her Gemini humor and its disarming, childlike innocence combined with the animated innocence of a Taurus Mercury, Sun and IC (in the 5th house) to illuminate, cajole, and playfully open space for what could otherwise be unruly, defiant, autonomous-seeking teen-aged behavior. What a trickster gift she had to get kids to do what they were asked to do. Read More

Why Shamanic Astrology is NOT Sun Sign Astrology

These videos are designed to help in understanding why Shamanic Astrology is NOT Sun Sign Astrology

Part 1: Why Shamanic Astrology is NOT Sun Sign Astrology


Part 2: The Sun As It Expresses through the Elements

Part 3: Sun and Shadow

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