Meet Our Recent Graduate, Lee Khar Wei

On March 2nd, 2022 the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held a graduation ceremony for 6 students who each completed all the required coursework to achieve their foundational level of certification as a Shamanic Astrologer.

This is Khar Wei’s personal statement:

Hi! I’m Khar Wei, a global citizen born on Christmas day and based in Malaysia. I describe myself as a curious, open-minded and ever-optimistic millennial in the quest for meaning/truth, endless self-development and a truly authentic life. A trained polymath who enjoys learning, mastering and teaching many fields and wisdom traditions. It is my deepest belief that full-spectrum embodied health across Body, Mind and Spirit is the path towards True Freedom, Liberation and Fulfilment. All this hardly comes as a surprise when I was born with Moon, Rising & Jupiter in Virgo with Sun in Capricorn, Mars & Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Scorpio.

I was first introduced to Shamanic Astrology by my dear mentor, Andi in the middle of the global pandemic crisis. Guided by a deep calling to re-discover my authentic life purpose and an alternate possibility beyond the corporate capitalism world. In my youth, I worked through multiple intensive corporate careers in the Banking & Finance, Corporate Consultancy, Project management and Leadership development field with many job achievements yet lacking true life satisfaction. All while holding on to a deep yearning and dream to contribute to the holistic healthcare industry from growing up witnessing, struggling and caring for a terminally ill family member for over a decade. During those dark, confusing and challenging years that Shamanic Astrology gave me the timed cosmic reminder, validation and push needed to pursue the path of health, healing and contribution to humanity.

My journey during Y2021 has led to multiple major life changes and transformations in self-identity, growth, relationship, home and career. This includes journeying through an 18-month course training to become a Health Wellness Life Coach under The Institute of Aliveness and becoming a certified Foundational Shamanic Astrologer. Eternally grateful for being blessed with synchronistic support and conscious initiatory experiences during this age 29 Saturn Return period.

Even after graduation, I plan to consult actively and engage in an ongoing apprenticeship with our founder, Daniel Giamario with a growing hope and passion to become a fully certified Shamanic Astrologer soon. To fulfil the school’s collective mission to assist individual beings to know who they are, their life purpose themes, and how best to fulfil their intended life purpose that ultimately extends towards the greater humanity. Continuously guiding individuals to re-discover and deepen their inner authentic BEING in their lifelong journey to BECOMING to lead thriving purposeful lives.
Welcoming all to connect with me below.

Personal fun fact :

I often get weird first impressions and endless tease from my peers for showing up with the demeanour and maturity of a wise elder, despite being stuck in this petite youthful stature in my early 20s, while just recently celebrated my 30th birthday last Christmas.

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