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Kat DeWitt

Greeting SAMS community! Excited to be here and feel fortunate that I found the Shamanic Astrology paradigm and it found me. Almost five years ago after a very productive harvest in California, I set out on a round-the-world trip that had been culminating for many years. Between stops in Myanmar and the Philippines I made an almost obligatory stop in Bali, not knowing all of the unexpected magic that the island held. The first few days of walking around I felt myself being unexpectedly opened by all the wonder and beauty. If you have been there, you know that it’s a very powerful place. Every week there was an astrology talk at the Yoga Barn given by none other than the one and only Levi Banner. I immediately felt resonance with his wizard like explanations and his all-black attire… like I had known him before. Having dabbled in astrology since my teenage years, this wasn’t new territory, but something felt very new and different this time. I attended a Shamanic Breathwork Session and then booked a reading with him before leaving for my next destination.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, that reading would change the course of my life.
Time passed but after that reading I started researching and finding everything I could about Shamanic Astrology and the archetypes. I signed up for Levi’s month-long training and my path was looking promising!  On my return to Bali, I severely broke my ankle in Sri Lanka and had to postpone the training and the in-person scripts course with Daniel. Yet, I was determined and successfully returned to complete Levi’s yoga and breathwork training, and the Inner Sacred Marriage and Timelines Courses in person with Daniel.
Last year after apprenticing with Levi and beginning to dive deeper into my astrologer path, it was time to return to the US for a bit. What better reason to come back than the SAMS gathering in Oracle last March to meet some of the members on this side of the world. We all know what world events transpired after that, and since then, I’ve been navigating where life will take me next. A highlight of being back stateside was a self-created month-long astrology residency in Joshua Tree which included an epic visit to Grandfather Rock and graduating as Foundational Astrologer in May.
On a practical note-I’m Virgo Moon with the Libra job, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini, Virgo rising, Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Leo although this is obviously the very simplified version of my chart.
I grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to college in Flagstaff, AZ studying Botany and Spanish, served in the Peace Corps in Bolivia and attended Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Bisbee, AZ. Having spent most of my life in some relation to plants and the natural world, my current calling is the marriage of Earth and Sky. Very much looking forward to the many adventures ahead and am hoping to connect with some of you along the way. Much love and huge thank you to both Daniel and Levi and the SAMS paradigm for giving me so much magic and substance to my life.

Zeina Yazbek

I stumbled upon Shamanic Astrology at the lowest point in my life to date in 2017. Fresh out of New York City and Lebanon, running multi-million businesses as a development consultant, I thought I had life figured out: Work.
What else is more important?
At this point I had already felt that I don’t belong for a very long time. I didn’t belong anywhere other than my self-built reality of 17-hour workdays and a handful of toxic relationships. Little did I know, the darkest of them was my own with myself. I had managed to absolutely hide myself from my eyes and get me farthest from my own heart.
After not having taken a vacation in 6 years and facing mystery body pains for 2, Bali showed up out of nowhere. She took me out of an excruciating existence including physical abuse threats. Bali saved my life.
Till today, I can never mentally describe what had happened within me, but in a few days I had dropped all of my business accounts and just stopped.
A workaholic drops her entire life’s creation in four days?
A teacher with the sweetest warmest voice drew me into yoga then Shamanic Astrology. Levi Banner was the pivotal person in my life. A spirit-sent messenger. I cried on my first reading I had with him. I cried for days. I that feeling that I had been listening to everyone but me, trying to justify me to me or hide me from the world.
There was a sense of strength that grew within me from that day onwards. I felt like I had my own back all of a sudden.
Here is a funny fact! For one year I thought I had Moon in Virgo due to being given the wrong time of birth.
I had deprived myself from being seen to such a space where I really connected with the beauty of Virgo and her sacredness. But then when my birth certificate surfaced, so had my soul retrieval. I was truly Leo Moon in hiding. How else would one explain being a TV teenage celebrity in the Middle East for a decade?
That is how far I had been from myself. Daniel, the other pivotal person in my life with his teachings. So full of love. A channel who walks the teachings he talks. “Everyone has an equal role to play on the wheel of life” , a foundational harmonious mystery school with a progressive core and an openness to uniqueness, free will and Spirit. I have found it! I have found the one that restored my faith in life and death and everything in between and around!
Dreaming the dream of the Self through these teachings has made the adventure of life worth diving into, feeling, savouring, witnessing and sharing through embodiment and infinite innovation and discovery.
And before I share my actual placements with you, I would like to say that I do recognize all 12 archetypes within my being. Thanks to the wrong time(s) of births, I witnessed the oneness and the uniqueness that we all share. I couldn’t have been more thankful for this journey.
Moon in Leo, South Node in Aquarius. Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries. Rising in Aquarius.
From today until the end of time of no time, I thank you for existing, sharing and opening your heart to welcome a tribe of mystery and magic.
Today, I am a speaker and spiritual mentor living in Bali. I am currently building a brand new online platform and teaching courses that I cannot wait to launch and share. I am practicing patience with my journey, compassion and lots of love. Thank you for the tribe and the friendships. Forever thankful from the centre of my heart. I love you so so much.
Zeina Yazbek
Based in Bali
Certified in 2021

Michela Gamboni

Originally from the tiny Italian speaking part of Switzerland, I have always felt called to expand my horizons into different countries and cultures, as well as into the intricacies of the mind and the relationship patterns. Since young age, I have had a strong need to give a deeper meaning to our existence and understand the way people relate and interact with each other. After a long journey split among different schools, jobs and relationships, I finally decided to start taking care of my own healing first. By placing the focus into that quest, I found my way into astrology.
Over the past four years I have spent lots of time in Bali practicing yoga, mandala art, exploring different spiritual paths and other healing modalities. In 2018 I attended my first SAMS course with Levi Banner and Daniel Giamario, and fell in love with the paradigm. Last year, after my Yoga Teacher Training with Levi, I chose to gift myself with some extra time in Ubud. That is when I finally began to offer online readings in Italian and English, expanding the wisdom and magic to my home country, Italy and other places around the world.
With my greatest joy, I have recently started to merge two of what I now call passions and medicines, into my Triimika project: “journey of the soul beyond duality”. In addition to chart’s readings , I am now also creating personal AstroMandala for clients and friends. These mandalas are created based on the natal chart of each person and can be used as an integration part of the reading, as a mediation tool, as an activation of the blueprint or as a reminder to always go back to the centre of the universe within. That is where we find our inner wisdom, which asks to be activated and integrated into our daily life.

Deeply grateful for being able to work with these precious tools on a daily basis, I carry within the hope to keep inspiring the very much needed and precious inner healing journey. Much love.

Olivia Sautereau

Dear Shamanic Astrologer,
It has been an honor to enter this Mystery School. Discovering the Paradigm was very challenging for me, it was like rediscovering my Self and getting to know, to live, to embody my Essence through the Archetype. I’m discussing with the Archetype and the Planets and I love how them inform me as much as I inform them… Practicing and connecting in a Sacred place has been one of my focus even during the pandemic.
I feel deeply connected to the Shamanic Astrology that I naturally mixed with my own Medicine, my own Alchemy : Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Guidance, Mantra… One of my Mission is to spread Shamanic Astrology in French, if you have any francophone friends who would like to discover Shamanic Astrology and the Mystery of Life, I would love to be introduced to them. Creating a network is so important in these Times. Feel free to connect with me through facebook, instagram or email.
I would like to deeply thank Daniel Giamario, Levi Banner, Cayelin K. Castell, Tami Bunk, all the students, all the Venus Sisters that I met in Bali and online for their guidance and support,
With Love,
Olivia Sautereau

Marianna Voulgaris

My journey with Astrology had begun as I began to come in contact with the different energies Mother Earth offered. I looked at the plant people in the forests with all of their gifts, and how they don’t want to be different but standing tall in who they are. Mother Earth led me to a place to open up to the bigger picture, we are all one, sharing the same breath, the same water, she showed me to always trust and let go as another season approaches. Mother Earth reminded me of the wisdom that I had forgotten, we are all stardust. I began my journey with astrology to uncover my soul, my unique gift and my personal connection as I began to come to a place to trust in my own journey. I then began my journey as a healer.
I am certified in Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Plant Energy Healing, Planetary Herbology, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Medical Astrology, Nutrition, Yoga and other physical fitness practices. My journey was to help others open to themselves, to find that place of connection and love inside. I then found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School as I was seeking to expand more and there it was. My life has changed forever, this school has brought my connection into myself so deep that I can see my path, why things need to happen for others to open and most of all to connect, to feel and to trust. As above, so below as within so without.
I now offer services combining all my connections to help others open and trust their own journey offering guidance to open to the whole and to open with love. We all are here on our own path and journey, but we are not alone, we are all here in love, all standing on Mother Earth as she has opened her body to us. She is open with love from the Cosmos, we are a part of her, we are all together, intertwined and connected.
Marianna now lives in Willow Creek, CA with her family she is blessed with. She owns Trinity Herbals and Wellness Center in Willow Creek where she offers her services and a space for yoga, fitness, herb classes, moon gatherings and ceremony.