Meet Our Recent Graduate, Sabrina Rollain


On March 2nd, 2022 the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held a graduation ceremony for 6 students who each completed all the required coursework to achieve their foundational level of certification as a Shamanic Astrologer.

This is Sabrina Rollain’s personal statement:

After I cracked open the Shamanic Astrology Handbook for the first time about four years ago, as a Gemini Moon and Virgo Rising, let’s just say it exploded my mind in the best way possible and all the pieces fell, like rain from the sky, into the most beautiful and mesmerizing pattern that I had ever seen. From where I stood at that time, whilst earning my degree in Psychology at UC Davis, there were more nuggets of wisdom, truth, and understanding radiating from those pages than the psychology books that were sitting nearby on my desk. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom and grounding that comes from getting closer and closer to understanding the truth of who you are and why you are here. That is for me, the true beauty behind a Shamanic Astrology reading.

Kadea Metara, my dear friend and mentor, was the one who had graciously shared with me this resource for diving deeper into my self, my purpose, and my own personal timings. We both deeply resonated with the lineage that was behind Shamanic Astrology, given its connection to the teachings of Sri Aurobindo through Dane Rhudyar and now, Daniel Giamario. There is a body of knowledge and a spiritual foundation within Shamanic Astrology that I had not found in any other astrological paradigm. After a magical trip to Ireland and Scotland through the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a continuing and priceless mentorship with Daniel, and completing the foundational, online classes, I am proud to be a part of the family as a Shamanic Astrology Practitioner!

As for the rest of my life, I am soon to be a first time mama to a baby boy, clocking in at just over 6 months pregnant! My partner and I just bought a house in Sacramento, California and are currently in the process of moving in. The vision is to fill the large backyard with plenty of herbs, fruit trees, veggies, and chickens, and practice my sacred work out of a cottage-like dwelling unit that’s tucked away in the back! Life is moving fast. Who knows what will come next! 🙂

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