A Most Unique Eclipse Season

01-eclipse-461sp073108There are generally two eclipse seasons each year, about six months apart. These always contain at least two eclipses, Solar and Lunar, and occasionally three, as I discussed in the July, 2009 Eclipse article . This current season includes the Lunar Eclipse of December 31, 2009 followed by the highly unusual annular Solar Eclipse of January.14/15, 2010. The astronomical midpoint of this season is January 11, when the Sun and North Node exactly align at 21Cap07. This time frame includes a number of unique and unusual elements worth pondering:

1) A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 10Cancer15 on December 31, 2009 at the center of the hoop of stars surrounding the Galactic Edge, the place of Soul entry and star creation.

2) Earth at Perihelion, closest to Sun, on January 3rd

3) Sun conjunct Mercury, on January 4th, the interior conjunction on the inside track between the Sun and Earth at 14Capricorn.

4) On January 3rd and 4th the Sun is conjunct the stars of the Archer, including Nunki, the vane of the arrow, and Ascella and Manubrium, from where the arrow is released into the Galactic Center. We have previously examined the Jupiter transit to this area in 2008 presaging the collapse of the economic system.

5) On January 11th, Venus is conjunct the Sun (with the North Node), but as the exterior conjunction on the other side of the Sun in her underworld phase.

6) From Jauary 13-15th , the Moon travels through Capricorn, over the Nunki region, approaching the New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

7) January14/15 Annular Solar Eclipse at 11:11am PST (on January 14) at 25Capricorn0n

This is North Node Eclipse conjunct Sun future-oriented Super New Moon.

It’s the LONGEST Annular (meaning ‘ring’) Solar Eclipse until 3043, lasting 11 minute and 8 seconds! The extreme length is due to the Moon being its near extreme apogee (farthest distance from Earth). Therefore, whilst the Sun/Moon syzygy is completely precise, with the Moon so far away, only 92% of the Sun is covered, creating a huge ring of fire around the Moon.

The path of the eclipse begins in Africa, touching down first in the Central African Republic, then through the Congo, Uganda, and Kenya, across the Indian Ocean over the Maldives, then across the Southern tip of India, Northern Sri Lanka, over Mandalay in Burma, and then across China. Amazingly, this was a part of China that was under the 2009 Total Solar Eclipse.

Take note of these parts of the world as the path of the eclipse often accents, like a paintbrush, the physical area of Earth that it crosses, maybe a year or year and a half on either side of the Eclipse date.

8)  The powerful intentionality applied to ceremonial awareness for the first New Moon of the Year is exponentially amplified by the North Node alignment and the precision and uniqueness of this eclipse.


All the mythic implications of the presaging alignments around Nunki and the release of the old and obsolete into the Galactic Center via the arrow of the Archer.

Then add the additional transmissions available from Venus in the Galactic Underworld on the other side of the Sun, together with Mercury on the inside track emerging as Morning Star in its new 120 day synodic cycle, emphasizing, of course, the sign of Capricorn.

Putting all this together reveals a theme suggesting the continuing revision of the Capricorn Mystery School now at the apex of the Turning of the Ages.

This includes further phasing out of the dominator, patriarchal, and theocratic versions off the social, economic and political structures of global humanity. The slow emergence of a new operating manual presided over by a circle of grandmothers genuinely respected and empowered for taking responsibility for the Earth and for the benefit of the 7 Generations to follow and beyond.

9) Finally, as the first event following the Super New Moon, just after the first visible crescent in the evening sky, on January 17th Jupiter moves into Pisces. Pisces then symbolizes the primary evolutionary enlightenment theme for 2010 expressing as transpersonal and heartfelt empathetic compassion for all life, a new Boddhisatvic ideal for humanity.

ClOSING NOTE: Ceremony with Solar and Lunar eclipses is not to be taken lightly. There are reasons why shadow and difficult events have been historically associated with eclipses. Strong intent and the support of a harmonious circle is suggested. It’s also prudent to employ underworld/Pluto navigation strategy through conscious intent and without fear of invoking any worst case scenarios. For example embracing the thought: ‘What is the worst that could happen”…and then, As Ram Dass has suggested, to invite those fears ‘to tea”.







  1. Dear Daniel,
    As always I enjoy your News.
    Wishing you a splendid and heartwarming 2010 as we are all in our good part of creating the new world order.

  2. So very interesting! Wow! May the magic manifest miracles of milenniums & decades determined to take the quantum leap of faith into the light! May higher consciousness guide us into positive perspectives placed at our present chakras positioning juxtaposed from the earth outward to viewing the stars align…2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014……

  3. Daniel, Mahalo Nui for providing details of the musical score for this eclipse season. I feel like a wallflower being gently shoved onto the dancefloor by Lisa Michaels (Thank-you Lisa , I wouldn’t be here without your encouragement!)and am very grateful to have a little warm up. Employing Pluto strategy is such a great call. Get all those fears out on the table with the added assistance of moon in Scorpio before actively engaging in future intents. Seems especially significant for those of us in Hawaii, where the exact timing for the eclipse is 9:11pm. Awesome opportunity to shift resonance around those numbers.
    The one particularly beautiful note I felt you skipped over was the retro. Mercury conjunct Venus on Jan. 5th (13Capricorn 22). My experience on this day was certainly one of the most uplifting & heartwarming of my life, & one to fully embrace & hold through the eclipse and beyond., a fusion of heart and mind, intuitive thinking, imaginative feeling and the inner and outer vision/experience of Gaia, the buddha bellied mama slowly awakening and rising, not from sleep, but from a place of deep meditation – that of holding the earths structure and form in place. She has always been there, embodying the ease, grace, beauty and strength that can only come from an unconditional love for all creation.
    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the gift of Shamanic Astrology, engaging with the dance of creation, always refining, atuning, adjusting as one, ever unfolding, ever evolving… The symphony goes on…

  4. Thanks so much for writing this awesome content! Looking forward to reading more posts .
    Al Riyadh

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