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Celebrating the Solstices

by Cayelin K Castell

Our zeitgeist whispers that the planet is alive;
that spirituality is based far more in the body and the earth than we’ve conceived in centuries;
and that to sustain ourselves,
we must live more simply, more cooperatively,
and bend our energy technologies to tap directly Sun’s power.

~Sun Stories Tales from Around the World to Illuminate the Days and Nights of Our Lives by Carolyn McVickar Edwards Read More

Callanish Grand Cross Adventure

by Daniel Giamario

Since August 1984, I have now been to the Callanish Complex on the outer Hebridean Island of Lewis 9 times. That means it has been an entire Saturn cycle since I first heard about the “Great Shining Ones” and the “Moon walking on the land”. Thirty years later, our conference of April 13-21 2014, was the crowning joy for me of this journey of discovery and initiation. The report I am offering now speaks to the magic that unfolded during this remarkable time.

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Report from Bali

By Daniel Giamario

Lynne and I just spent nearly a month on Bali. This was our first visit to Bali and it was amazing.  We had the opportunity to visit Danau (formerly Sao), a certified Shamanic Astrologer who recently moved there. I also had the opportunity to visit old friends from past Maui times.

It was a wonderful month, with many adventures and healing experiences for both Lynne and me. It is interesting to note that Bali is 2010 April C and D 00888actually what it is ”cracked up to be”, that is if you get away from an overwhelming tourist scene, and get into the culture and their amazing spiritual traditions that combine the best of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese ancestor reverence.
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The Power and Intensity of Maximum Solar and Lunar Synchronization

by Daniel Giamario

IS it possible to integrate the Lunar and Solar cycles? This question has been a concern and interest of global humanity for a very very long time, occupying the attention of virtually every culture. The fact that the two primary visual symbols of time (among other things) have cycles that don’t integrate easily with each other has resulted in many calendric attempts to create a useful political or philosophical solution. Read More

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Re-Cap And Thought on the 2012 Question

by Daniel Giamario

Total Lunar Eclipse images

On the night of December 20th, a group of 12 inspired, dedicated, and celebratory men and women gathered at my home near the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School in Southern Arizona to hold vigil for the total Lunar Eclipse occurring just hours before the December Solstice. Though the night started out a bit cloudy, we were fortunate that the clouds lifted during totality and it was also a relatively warm night. Read More