Helpers, Healers and More – Water

For Counselors, Coaches, Helpers, Healers, Energy Workers and their Clients

Do you desire to have greater effective tools to help your clients have greater self understanding, personal freedom, and more satisfying relationships?

The paradigm of Shamanic Astrology helps you guide your clients to more joy and satisfaction in life through:

  • Clarifying patterns of addiction
  • Assessing life phases
  • Navigating the life phases of initiation
  • Exposing patterns of judgment and guilt
  • Creating pathways of self-love
  • Providing new tools for radical self-acceptance
  • Revealing the central themes of life purpose
  • Expanding the concepts of masculinity and femininity
  • Sharing leading edge approaches to partnership and relationship
  • How to navigate a ‘sacred marriage’ process
  • How to implement an inner sacred marriage process
  • Techniques for accepting and integrating grief and sorrow
  • Parenting your children more holistically by knowing your child’s archetypal nature and
    the connections between you
  • Becoming aware of the shadow of being a helping and healing professional

To find out more about the school, the Founders, Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell, our Current

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