Kat DeWitt

Greeting SAMS community! Excited to be here and feel fortunate that I found the Shamanic Astrology paradigm and it found me. Almost five years ago after a very productive harvest in California, I set out on a round-the-world trip that had been culminating for many years. Between stops in Myanmar and the Philippines I made an almost obligatory stop in Bali, not knowing all of the unexpected magic that the island held. The first few days of walking around I felt myself being unexpectedly opened by all the wonder and beauty. If you have been there, you know that it’s a very powerful place. Every week there was an astrology talk at the Yoga Barn given by none other than the one and only Levi Banner. I immediately felt resonance with his wizard like explanations and his all-black attire… like I had known him before. Having dabbled in astrology since my teenage years, this wasn’t new territory, but something felt very new and different this time. I attended a Shamanic Breathwork Session and then booked a reading with him before leaving for my next destination.  Although I didn’t know it at the time, that reading would change the course of my life.
Time passed but after that reading I started researching and finding everything I could about Shamanic Astrology and the archetypes. I signed up for Levi’s month-long training and my path was looking promising!  On my return to Bali, I severely broke my ankle in Sri Lanka and had to postpone the training and the in-person scripts course with Daniel. Yet, I was determined and successfully returned to complete Levi’s yoga and breathwork training, and the Inner Sacred Marriage and Timelines Courses in person with Daniel.
Last year after apprenticing with Levi and beginning to dive deeper into my astrologer path, it was time to return to the US for a bit. What better reason to come back than the SAMS gathering in Oracle last March to meet some of the members on this side of the world. We all know what world events transpired after that, and since then, I’ve been navigating where life will take me next. A highlight of being back stateside was a self-created month-long astrology residency in Joshua Tree which included an epic visit to Grandfather Rock and graduating as Foundational Astrologer in May.
On a practical note-I’m Virgo Moon with the Libra job, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini, Virgo rising, Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Leo although this is obviously the very simplified version of my chart.
I grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to college in Flagstaff, AZ studying Botany and Spanish, served in the Peace Corps in Bolivia and attended Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Bisbee, AZ. Having spent most of my life in some relation to plants and the natural world, my current calling is the marriage of Earth and Sky. Very much looking forward to the many adventures ahead and am hoping to connect with some of you along the way. Much love and huge thank you to both Daniel and Levi and the SAMS paradigm for giving me so much magic and substance to my life.

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