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Below you will find links to some of the most recent videos, articles and seminars that have been presented on the topic of the so-called “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” and how that is understood and viewed in the school.

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2021 Daniel’s Investigation of the US Chart Series

Considering Saturn’s Relationship with Venus and Mars


By Daniel Giamario

Following up on Erik’s post yesterday, let’s look more deeply into this Saturn stellium with Venus and Mars in Aquarius that is now so prominent in the morning sky.  What might be Saturn’s initiatory contribution to these two?

Venus exactly conjoins Saturn on Monday March 28th (12:27PM PDT) at 21Aquarius44.  Then, on April 4th (6:53PM PDT) Mars joins Saturn at 22Aquarius24.  Soon after, on April 5th Venus will ingress into Pisces.  These three have been within 10 degrees of each other in Aquarius since about March 18th, generating a constantly changing triangular pattern.

This morning sky union of Venus and Mars is part of the larger Venus/Mars relationship known as the Rapunzel/Dumuzi Saga.  It is the part of the story shared by the troubadours and in the fairytales where the Prince and Rapunzel come back together and “live happily ever after”.  It’s also when Queen Inanna encounters her consort Dumuzi after her time in the Underworld.  All of these stories served and reflected the social and spiritual needs of their times; 500 years ago and 5000 years ago?  What is the story for our current time?

What is Saturn’s role here now?  How can we understand Aquarius?  Until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the sole “ruler” of Aquarius, something we often forget.  We also have to remember that it’s the sign of Aquarius, and not the constellation of the Water-Bearer.  Also to consider is what version of Saturn are we using?  Is it the patriarchal version of Saturn, dominant over the last 2000 years?  Or would it be possible to access the Saturn of 300,000 years ago, before it was hijacked?  There was also a matrist  and archetypally Feminine foundation to Saturn, once a symbol of the “Golden Age”, and the wisdom of elders, not judgmental and controlling patriarchs and now a scientific elite.  What should also be considered is the “shadow” of the sign of Aquarius, which I have written and spoken of often. LINKS ARE HERE The popular Sun sign description of Aquarius also is tainted, by a similar hijack, and has created a lot of confusion about what this sign (Mystery School of Life) is actually about.

There is much to unpack here, beyond the scope of this post. On March 30th I plan to do an in-depth Video Blog on this important topic.

The consideration I am suggesting is this:  What story will our current time project on, and be informed by, the Saturn/Venus/Mars stellium in Aquarius?  What can “live happily ever after” mean for these times?  I can see a couple of possibilities: The patriarchal top-down Saturn paired with Aquarius can easily equate with technocracy and the whole AI/trans-humanism agenda.  Relative to Venus and Mars, this can easily lead to the end of organic sexuality and personal relationship as we have known it.  This would be replaced by the metaverse, and with most everything virtual.  The essence of Venus and Mars would disappear into a universe of an ever-expanding number of genders without a reference to biology.

Another story could be the older pre-patriarchal and less technological wisdom of Saturn which can uphold the nascent “idealism” of Aquarius (think of an egalitarian Liberty and Freedom).  Consequently, the freedom to be sovereign individuals with a connection to our spiritual consciousness, and with the freedom to actualize our unique identity and contribution, can be supported.  This can be an authentic diversity, rooted in our water-based biology, with an expanding spectrum of possibilities.  This would be quite different than the fake unity promised by the hijacked Aquarian hive mind of top-down technocracy.  In my view, this is what could fulfill Rudhyar’s vision of the “Planetarization of Consciousness”.

This kind of inquiry is essential now.  The planetary stellium is calling it out.  Make sure that you take time to receive your own guidance directly from them, with the Moon in Aquarius highlighting this right now!


Lunar-Planetary Stellium in Aquarius – March 27, 2022

FACEBOOK POST March 27, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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As of 5:55pm PDT on March 26th the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and staying there for over 51 hours.  This transit of the Moon will be particularly potent as it conjuncts Vesta, Mars, Venus, Juno and Saturn over that roughly 2-day span time span.  This is all happening as Jupiter gets closer to its single conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces (for the first time in 166 years ) on April 12.

Both of the archetypes of Aquarius and Pisces are strongly linked to the concept of the upper world, and both will certainly be in play during the time the Moon transits Aquarius.  This means when it comes to our realities, it is being thrown into question and brought onto a global-level stage.  Focusing on the Aquarius stellium, the Moon can play the role of an activator of this leading-edge of the archetypes.  Aquarius is highly unconventional and unorthodox in its expression.

This sign also connects us to idealized philosophies of freedom/democracy, universal love and spiritual ascension or awakening from the physical realm.  Aquarius is much more focused on the mind and consciousness than it is with the physical body.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book, Astrological Signs, that “Aquarius represents civilization expanding or reforming itself through its inventors, seers and revolutionists.” and called the “Liberator who saves a people from bondage and renews civilization without destroying its basic structure.” Rudhyar describes how “power is released” through this sign that was generated with Capricorn.

Saturn is the key player here as the slower-moving planet in this stellium in Aquarius.  With the intent to see a balanced view of humanity and even idealistically without class, caste or hierarchy, Saturn shows us the rules and laws that govern our lives.

Perhaps this is where the new ideas meet the decaying operating manual of humanity in order to forge a new one.  But one that supports an Earth-level constitution born in the reality of what we can dream into existence.

Saturn reminds us that time and work are necessary to create what we want, and that thoughts and ideas will need Saturn’s commitment to a sustainable future.

In the West, our awareness of the environment increases strongly whenever Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius since the 19th Century and/or when Saturn is aligned with Neptune or Uranus.

During these few days, questions and inquiries we can mull over are:
What is your definition of freedom of thought?
How can we adapt to the rapid shifting and prepare ourselves mentally for radical changes?

This is an invitation to be novel in our lives, meaning try new things that support new healthy experiences
What can we do to act in our local community to also support humanity on a global level?

Mercury Vanishes – March 23, 2022

FACEBOOK POST March 23, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Mercury in Pisces has been rapidly making its way closer to the Sun’s glare.  It will really begin to disappear starting on the 23rd of March, when it reaches 10° from the Sun.  This happens several times a year (including when Mercury is retrograde).  Many in the Northern Hemisphere will have trouble seeing it even before the 23rd due to the planet’s declination as it is a bit far south in relation to the equator.  But many in the Southern Hemisphere may see Mercury for a few days after the 23rd, depending upon their horizon line.

Mercury has been just barely visible to most people on the planet in the early morning skies, but it will become more visible in April in the evening.  This movement into the glare of the Sun signals a new phase of the Mercury cycle, called “psychopomp” in Shamanic Astrology.   This is the phase where Mercury enters the shamanic underworld, shifting into a role that connects it to the ancient guide for souls navigating that world.

This phase will last until Mercury again reaches 10° from the Sun, becoming visible in the early evening on April 11th. This time in the underworld helps initiate our relationship with Mercury in a sense of our own mind’s guidance through the chaos and irrational while understanding the deeper purpose of this for our mind’s growth.

Currently, Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, assisting us with our heart and feelings as well that ethereal connection to Source.  Mercury then ingresses into the sign of Aries on March 27th and has a date with the Sun in conjunction on April 2nd at 13° 11’ of Aries before rising in the evening sky April 11th in the sign of Taurus at 02° 16’.  The entire time Mercury is in the sign of Aries will generally not be visible to us here from Earth.  It’s an archetypal transition from the heart to instinct/intuition.  It is a migration from our feelings to a space of primal instinct, honed for moment to moment of time.  Instead of the passive Pisces, it is an assertive, action-filled archetype in Aries.

We are just past the vernal equinox where the Sun has crossed the projected equator from south to north and into the sign of Aries.  The Sun in Aries’ archetypal expression will fuel the transition of Mercury from Pisces to Aries.

There is a deeper dive into the alignments in 2022 and more about the equinox here.

Mercury is on the other side of the Solar System during the psychopomp phase of the cycle, taking us into the hidden realm within and without.  This is not a bad place or something inherently negative, but more of a place symbolized by shamanic death-rebirth and having to do with the mind.  The mind’s expression of the heart (Pisces) and instinct (Aries) are the archetypal fields in which Mercury is expressing itself through us.  This means a significant shift is in the air as we move from a heart-centered archetype to something resembling spring rebirth of an emerging mission and purpose.

But with the building up of the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in April, the Aries instincts may be a bit more scattered and unfocused.  However, as Mercury emerges into visibility on April 11th, we can experience a slower pace of activity to enjoy the gifts we have been given in this breath of life.  Mercury emerges from the psychopomp phase and into the “guardian” phase at that time.

Three Most Important “Seed” Alignments to Consider


By Daniel Giamario

  1. MARCH EQUINOX AND FULL MOON—The Equinox was exact Sunday at 8:33AM PST.  The 0 Aries point is the one thing that astronomers and astrologers agree on, as both begin their coordinate systems here.  Globally and historically, a great number of cultures, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, have recognized the March equinox as the NEW YEAR.  Numerous cultures then would use the closest New Moon to the Equinox to amplify and ceremonialize New Year, and sometimes the closest Full Moon would serve.  This year, we noticed how close the Full Moon last Friday was to the weekend equinox.  This was also another of a long string of Full Moons at the 27th degree, thus in aspect with the US Pluto and its return.  This amplified March Equinox can be thought of as a “seed” point for the entire next year.  The Zuni, among others thought so.
  2. ARIES NEW MOON at 11:24PM PST on MARCH 31ST; CLOSEST NEW MOON TO MARCH EQUINOX.  This New Moon at 11Aries31would have been used most frequently as the “seed point” for the upcoming year.  We clearly have two times for the seeding of intentions for the year.  Especially consider the first tiny crescent that appears the evening of April 2nd for ceremony and prayer.  The ancient Egyptians, as well as various Islamic civilizations thought to do so.
  3. JUPITER CONJUNCT NEPTUNE SEED POINT on APRIL 12th.  This is likely the most important of all.  The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces only occurs every 166 years.  The conjunction of two or more outer planets is among the greatest of seed points, only less significant than the Turning of the Ages itself.  This conjunction sets a tone for the 166 years to come.  Much is being spoken and written about concerning this great highlight of 2022.  Our school will weigh in on Friday. Click HERE to learn more and register.  Jupiter reached a 10 degree orb with Neptune around February 24th, initiating the global implications of the transit.  Therefore this Jupiter/Neptune seeding has been beginning with the March Equinox, Full Moon, and New Moon timeframe.  Also keep in mind that this great outer planet conjunction is amplifying the currently active Neptune opposition to the US Neptune, too often overshadowed by the Pluto return.

As the ever accelerating bifurcation in the United States and most of the world continues unabated, it is so important that those of us who are awake and paying attention, to strongly intend through meditation and prayer an outcome that retains our basic organic humanity, and crucially; to strengthen our sovereignty and autonomy, so necessary for connecting to our higher selves, so as to be guided to aligning with our life purpose.  And as astrologers, ceremony with the land and sky, and directly connecting with the stellar and planetary essences is why astrology can be “shamanic”.

March 23rd is Dane Rudhyar’s birthdate, 127 years since his birth.  Here is one of my favorite quotes of his that relates to some of the points made above:

“The Divine incarnates only in the individual—which overshadows the group.  The supreme responsibility always lies with the individual.  At the exact moment, in the most definite manner, Destiny acts and speaks through the individual.”