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Creating Wholeness and Health through the Sacred Marriage

by Daniel Giamario


Sharing Circle from 2013 Conference

Most everyone in contemporary culture is wired to look outside themselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. There is a longing to find the magical “other”, the soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism of this longing, as it motivates even autonomous or renunciate individuals to learn more about themselves through another.

It could even be said that the relationship quest is the yoga of our current times.  Read More

Of Sabbaticals, Eclipses and the Sacred Marriage

The death of my Father in February, 2010 opened the door for a long Sabbatical, a sometimes labyrinth and often maze-like initiatory window. It is only now during this amazing heiros gamos conjunctio of Venus and Mars in Libra that enough clues have emerged for me to tell the story.
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The Chiron Return and Reflections on Being 52

by Daniel Giamario

Shamanic Astrology occupies a niche within the larger context of the astrological world. Whilst rejecting many of the dogma’s of western traditional astrology, it frequently will incorporate useful elements of many astrological and shamanic traditions, Eastern, Western, Mayan or aboriginal. The Mayans, for example, in their sacred calendrics, reset to 0 at 52 years as that is where the sacred and secular calendars intersect. Their ideas seem to be a convergence of starting over and of entering into the ‘Council of Elders’. Read More