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Four-Part Shamanic Astrology Tele-class Series
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We have had tremendously positive feedback about these classes and even though the  tele-classes are now complete, you can still get access to the recordings by using the sign up link below.  Once you sign up you will automatically get redirected to the page where the recordings are posted.

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Tele-class Topics Include:

Class One: Beyond the Sun Sign – A Way to Quickly Access Life Purpose through Shamanic Astrology

Class Two: The 12 Gods and The 12 Goddess or the 12 Men from Mars and the 12 Women from Venus – Becoming the Man or Woman You Intended To Be

Class Three: The Shamanic Astrology Perspective on 2012 and Beyond

NEW! Class Four: Our Lives are Divinely Timed – Our Sacred Initiations and timeline through the Three Worlds: Underworld, Middle World and Upper/Celestial World.

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