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Night Sky Cosmology Live Online Version Started April 10, 2019 There is still time to join

Understanding the “bones” or “structure” of the sky is vital to understanding our place in the cosmos, personally and collectively. This online course covers:

The Turning of the Ages: How the 26,000 year precessional cycle works
Understanding the Astrological Ages.
Pole Stars: Old and New
Celestial Mechanics
Precession of the Equinox
The Difference between the Signs and the Constellations
Sidereal versus Tropical or Constellations versus Seasons
History and Evolution of the Zodiac
Navigating the Night Sky
Discovering your personal stars and placing your chart on the sky
Understanding how the Sun, Moon and planets transit through the sky
In the grander scheme of Earth and global humanity, what time is it?
Hierophanies and Cosmograms
6 Live Q & A Sessions/Classes with the facilitators

New 2018-2020 Mars in Aquarius Webinar Series
with Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth 1st Video Now Available

Our 2019 Webinar Series kicks off on July 16th

with “All About Retrogrades” webinar class facilitated by Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth

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A Look Ahead to 2019 available via recording Details!

These Online Courses Count Toward Certification!

Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Online Course

Sacred Marriage & Relationship Online Course

The Map of Life and Archetypal Journey of the Soul also known as Script and Archetypes

Shamanic Timeline and Planetary Initiators Online Course

All Teleclasses and Other Web-based Classes not listed above are HERE

Inner Sacred Marriage Course

May 9-14, 2019

Ubud, Bali

A mythic and archetypal investigation of the Full Spectrum of Goddesses and Gods…12 Mars and 12 Venus expressions Why are we attracted to the types of people that we usually are? What is Masculinity anyway? What is Femininity anyway? What is Gender?

Explore and expand your view of the variety of different partnership and relationship pathways.  Discover effective strategies to counter co-dependency and other relationship and sexual patterns of addiction. Full Details!