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Special with bonus 12 Tribes MP3 when you get the Handbook and The Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm together. Here are the Details!

Print Version ofSA Handbook 2014 Ed Cover
The Shamanic Astrology Handbook
Revised and Expanded

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The Shamanic Astrology Handbook contains the essential insights of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ including the 144 Story Lines, 12 Archetypes, the planets (including Chiron), angles and nodes and how to utilize all of this when looking at a natal chart. Also included is a look at the Turning of the Ages.

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 eBOOK version of The Shamanic Astrology Handbook Revised Edition is $9.99 at Amazon. Get your ebook Copy HERE at Amazon

The e-book version is exactly same the as the hard copy version of the Handbook. Daniel and Cayelin go into the cosmology of the Turning of the Ages, and look at the archetypal mysteries in a new light, emphasizing the soul’s journey through a non-judgmental approach to interpreting one’s astrology chart. This book contains the essential essence of Shamanic Astrology and is for anyone desiring greater awareness for their soul’s intent.

Here are a few endorsements for this New Edition

“I highly recommend The Shamanic Astrology Handbook as this form of Astrology is a gift to humanity and to the planet. This approach to my individual chart provided me with transformational insights that have changed my life.” ~ Christiane Northrup, MD, best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Shamanic Astrology is a revolutionary educational system utilizing the astrological wisdom of the ages as a tool in ones path toward self-realization. I feel that the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founders Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are the two top shamanic astrologers in the world and this Handbook is a great resource for these invaluable teachings.” ~Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition

Shamanic Astrology ranks right up there with my other favorite insight tool, Past Life Therapy. ~ Norm Shealy, MD, author of Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine

“Daniel Giamario’s Shamanic Astrology Handbook helped me, and my husband Tomas, clearly see the archetypal energies that WE came to embody. We have a deeper, more profound understanding and respect for each other and for the way we can bring our unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend this book to explore the unique contributions of Shamanic Astrology.” ~Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook is revolutionary. This unique, compassionate and liberating insight has helped to lift the art and science of astrology beyond tired patriarchal empire-laden concepts, to the high feminine principles of compassionate and receptive contemplation, regard, nurturing and celebration of all the possible places on the wheel of life. Truly an astrology for the Turning of the Ages. Beware! This book may change your life.” ~Hal Bahr, Certified Professional Astrologer ISAR C.A.P.

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook has been a favorite companion since the mid-1990’s. Dog-eared and highly treasured, this book has both enlightened my personal journey and provided a rich source of wisdom that I often access in my work with clients. With its non-judgmental approach to the stars, this book is a foundational tool for my own transformational journey. I’m extremely grateful for this work, and highly recommend it. ~Shaeri Richards, author of the award winning book, “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self.”

Shamanic Astrology Divination Card Deck!

This specially designed card deck includes 64 cards on the 12 mystery schools, 12 houses, 24 gods and goddesses, 10 planetary initiations, and 6 wild cards along with a booklet outlining possible  layouts, and other ideas for using the cards, including a detailed description of the meaning of each card.

You can now order the card deck below as we are in the midst of a limited first run of 100 units.  If these sell fast, we will print larger orders to help us bring down the cost and make them more readily available to the public.  We have had to increase the pricing due to the increaed cost of printing them.

In the order, you will receive:

  • 64 tarot-sized divination card deck (the new tarot-sized cards are much easier to handle and shuffle than the original larger-size card deck)
  • 76-page spiral bound card deck booklet / reference guide
  • a colorful transparent pouch (replaces the original unsturdy box container)
  • Several cards have been given NEW artwork from the original deck in 2013-14

Purpose of the Deck

You can use this card deck for personal and group divination. It also serves as a way to gain deeper understanding of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™

Shamanic Astrology practitioners can also use the deck to illuminate and illustrate key points in consultations and talks. Each card is an evocative work of art, in and of itself, the result of merging a powerful teaching with a world-class artist.

Getting the Deck

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$39 plus $35 extra for International Shipping

$39 plus $20 extra with Shipping to Canada

If you are a member of the SAMS at the GOLD or PLATINUM level, you get $5 off the selling price (10% off) of the card deck.  Click here if you are a gold or platinum member of SAMS and wish to obtain the card deck for 10% off the selling price. 

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