Talis Jacobsen

My name is Talis Shai and I am from Canada, and have been living in Bali since the beginning of 2020. In Bali I was introduced to Shamanic Astrology by Levi Banner, and, since then, I was enchanted by it and wanted to learn everything I could. Which is what I did for the past year, immersing myself in the three foundational courses, doing countless ceremonies and spending as much time as possible with the night sky.
Shamanic Astrology came as a natural complement to something that I was already passionate about: Tarot Reading. Previous to coming to Bali, I had been working for years as a Tarot Reader in Sydney, Australia. Often my clients would ask me for astrological information in the sessions and, however, at the time, I only had a basic understanding of mainstream astrology and it never felt right. Learning about astrology was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, yet, most of the courses and schools I looked into felt too mainstream, half-cracked or superficial. This is why I was so thrilled to discover Shamanic Astrology, which offered me the depth, knowledge and spiritual connection to the earth and sky that I had been seeking.
I am an Aquarius Moon with the job in the Leo tribe; And, I am a Leo Rising with a job in the Aquarius Tribe. So, where I am coming from and where I am going to are linked and inverse each other. With the Aquarius moon, not surprisingly, I have felt often in my life like I am an outsider and that I don’t fully belong – yet, paradoxically have always felt this free-electron kind of expansive energy that I belong everywhere and have been able to create a life of diverse energies and experiences. I am confident that this astrology paradigm will help me to eventually embody the fullness of these archetypes – and others– ultimately helping to create more love and expansion of consciousness in this world – for myself, for others, for the planet.
Since I was a child spending summers in Northern Canada watching the Aurora Borealis in the sky amidst a tapestry of stars, I have been fascinated by the magic and mystery of the celestial dances. I am so excited to have had this initiation into this school at this very significant time in the Turning of the Ages. I am excited to now offer both Tarot and Astrology, and feel like I am now overflowing with more astrological knowledge than I could have imagined when I first felt inspired to learn about the stars and planets! I am filled with passion and inspiration to bring the message of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School into the minds and hearts of people all over the globe.
Talis Shai Jacobsen
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali
Phone/WA: +61 499 499 249

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