Pia Gurgel

Pia Gurgel just graduated among seven other Shamanic Astrology students and is now newly certified as a foundational Shamanic Astrology Counselor. At the age of 32, this is an exciting time for her with Saturn and Jupiter cycles happening in addition to her Inner Sacred Marriage which she vowed to in a ceremony Levi Banner and some of her fellow students were holding recently.
Pia discovered astrology during a time filled with a lot of transformation and transition on her life, and fell in love with the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm when she was training with Levi in Bali for Yoga and Shamanic Breathwork in 2019. She has continued to study with him mostly online while being in Germany before finally returning to Bali in May 2021- just in time to graduate under the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!
What she is fascinated by the most in the paradigm is the interweaving of archetypes and psychology while bringing in Shamanic elements and acknowledging the Great Mystery. As a Sagittarius Moon and Rising, Pia has found a way to find a deeper truth and meaning in life through the school. She is very grateful and humbled about all the personal insights she’s received and is more than excited to dive further into the material.
She believes that Shamanic Astrology has been one of the most powerful tools and that the teachings have greatly enhanced her understanding and the compassion she’s having for herself, for whatever life is bringing up for her and for others. She offers individual readings and also includes Shamanic Astrology in her work as a Life Coach since it’s her true passion to work with people over an extended period of time to support them on their personal quest of self-exploration in a deeper and more meaningful way.
Pia-Rebecca Gurgel
Located in Germany/Bali
Certified in 2021

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