Olivia Sautereau

Dear Shamanic Astrologer,
It has been an honor to enter this Mystery School. Discovering the Paradigm was very challenging for me, it was like rediscovering my Self and getting to know, to live, to embody my Essence through the Archetype. I’m discussing with the Archetype and the Planets and I love how them inform me as much as I inform them… Practicing and connecting in a Sacred place has been one of my focus even during the pandemic.
I feel deeply connected to the Shamanic Astrology that I naturally mixed with my own Medicine, my own Alchemy : Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Guidance, Mantra… One of my Mission is to spread Shamanic Astrology in French, if you have any francophone friends who would like to discover Shamanic Astrology and the Mystery of Life, I would love to be introduced to them. Creating a network is so important in these Times. Feel free to connect with me through facebook, instagram or email.
I would like to deeply thank Daniel Giamario, Levi Banner, Cayelin K. Castell, Tami Bunk, all the students, all the Venus Sisters that I met in Bali and online for their guidance and support,
With Love,
Olivia Sautereau

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