Marianna Voulgaris

My journey with Astrology had begun as I began to come in contact with the different energies Mother Earth offered. I looked at the plant people in the forests with all of their gifts, and how they don’t want to be different but standing tall in who they are. Mother Earth led me to a place to open up to the bigger picture, we are all one, sharing the same breath, the same water, she showed me to always trust and let go as another season approaches. Mother Earth reminded me of the wisdom that I had forgotten, we are all stardust. I began my journey with astrology to uncover my soul, my unique gift and my personal connection as I began to come to a place to trust in my own journey. I then began my journey as a healer.
I am certified in Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Plant Energy Healing, Planetary Herbology, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Medical Astrology, Nutrition, Yoga and other physical fitness practices. My journey was to help others open to themselves, to find that place of connection and love inside. I then found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School as I was seeking to expand more and there it was. My life has changed forever, this school has brought my connection into myself so deep that I can see my path, why things need to happen for others to open and most of all to connect, to feel and to trust. As above, so below as within so without.
I now offer services combining all my connections to help others open and trust their own journey offering guidance to open to the whole and to open with love. We all are here on our own path and journey, but we are not alone, we are all here in love, all standing on Mother Earth as she has opened her body to us. She is open with love from the Cosmos, we are a part of her, we are all together, intertwined and connected.
Marianna now lives in Willow Creek, CA with her family she is blessed with. She owns Trinity Herbals and Wellness Center in Willow Creek where she offers her services and a space for yoga, fitness, herb classes, moon gatherings and ceremony.

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