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The Many Paths of Self Realization

  • Are you feeling an urgency to ‘know yourself’ more fully in these uncertain and chaotic times?
  • Are you interested in knowing the original intention of your soul?
  • Do you know there are many valid paths to experiencing spiritual fulfillment and what yours is?

Our mission here is to assist anyone seeking greater understanding about these expressions in their life with valuable, useful and specific tools to discover the spiritual path that most supports their soul’s journey! The emphasis here is on self-realization, enlightenment, or spiritual fulfillment.

This approach goes beyond astrology, strengthening and complementing chosen spiritual paths through a deeper understanding of the archetypal nature of the many paths of Self Realization. And also recognizes the transcendent unity of all spiritual paths and their transformational teachings. This is also sourced in the understanding that astrology is the highest of the lower mysteries and supports fulfillment of the Higher Mysteries.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School honors and recognizes the diversity of ALL authentic paths that each astrological mystery school expresses. All paths are seen as equally valid.

Examples of schools and organizations dedicated to the journey of Self-Realization include: the Ridhwan School, Jean Houston’s Mystery School, the wide varieties of tantric organizations,  the wide diversity of yoga and meditation practitioners, church/religious groups that are open-minded (i.e. Unity Church, Church of Religious Science, Unitarians, and liberal Protestant or Catholic groups).

All 12 Paths of Spirituality (through the archetypes) can be found right here:

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