Learn All About Retrogrades with a short Video Explanation

All About Retrogrades

with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth

This webinar looks at All Planetary Retrograde patterns through the lens of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ including going beyond any good or bad judgments to examine their purpose and intent.

Retrogrades are part of the overall planetary pattern designed to take us deeper into that planet’s mysteries. The visible planets can be seen literally retracing the stars recently crossed – or they appear to move backward across the sky as seen from the Earth.

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Here is a preview of the webinar with Cayelin and Erik:

Find out the intent of Retrograde Planets and how best to work with this powerful time.

Find out when the outer planets are retrograde.

The inner planetary retrogrades represent distinct phases of their overall cycle.
Mercury goes retrograde as much as 4 times per year.
Venus spends the least number of days retrograde (about 40 days) in her 19 month pattern.
Mars goes retrograde the least often about every 2 years but is retrograde for about 4 months.
The Outer Planets are retrograde from about 4 to 5 months each year.

Kudos! This webinar is the equivalent of a full ‘toolkit’ on understanding the bigger picture of retrogrades: how the various planets and dwarf planets compare and contrast in their patterns of movement and how these patterns actually look in the sky. The visuals and handouts are especially helpful. If this is part one of a series, I vote for the creation of part two! Namely, how to work with the individual and combined energies of these heavenly bodies in transits and other chart work. Thank you! ~ BT in BC, Canada
I would definitely be interested to learn more if you choose to offer a series on these topics. This was a fabulous Class. Thanks so much!
~ SS Colorado
I think this would be awesome to explore further. Thank you so much for all the rich insights. ~ EW Arizona
Yes, to further study. Great Class. Thank you so much. ~ SG
This was a fabulous class about Retrogrades! Thank you both for presenting this information! Loved it! ~MM Ohio
Thank you for another mind blowing class. It is definitely a topic of interest, more than the shallow, ‘here it comes again’ and more of ‘what is speaking and from where and for what?’  I am excited to re-listen to these planetary voices of the solar system and looking forward to future classes on this topic. ~ RC

Downloadable Resources are included.