Become a Shamanic Astrologer

Do you want to become a Shamanic Astrologer or Learn More About Shamanic Astrology?  Learning the basics of Shamanic Astrology gives you great tools for navigating own life, and for helping others.  Check out the links below for greater understanding of our school’s program and how to attain certification in this unique and revolutionary paradigm.


The Shamanic Astrology (SA) Certification Program supports individuals who are wanting to deepen their personal relationship with these mysteries, and qualifies those with a serious intent to practice Shamanic Astrology.

Details and Registration Links:

Shamanic Astrology Certification Programs:

Certified Shamanic Astrologer – has completed all SA Certification Program requirements as detailed on the Certification Requirements form.

Shamanic Astrology Apprentice – is enrolled in or has completed the SA Certification Program and pursues specialization with a SA Master Teacher in a particular area of Shamanic Astrology, such as Night Sky, Mercury material, Venus/Mars cycles, etc.

Certified Master Shamanic Astrologer – has completed all SA Certification Program prerequisites and shows a level of proficiency in in the following areas, though not limited to:

  • A number of years of dedicated excellence to the intent of Shamanic Astrology and the goals of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS)
  • Participation in the SA Apprentice Program
  • Mentoring those pursuing the Certified Shamanic Astrologer track, offering suggestions and answering questions
  • Expanding mastery in an area of special interest such as Night Sky, Counseling, Research, etc.
  • The ability to generate original insights within the paradigm of the school

Certified Shamanic Astrology Teacher – has completed the Teacher Certification Program after completing the SA Certification Program prerequisite. A Certified teacher is qualified to teach core certification classes  covering the essential Shamanic Astrology elements as outlined in the SA Teacher’s Manual. (This program is in currently being developed)

Certified Shamanic Astrology Master Teacher – has completed the Teacher Certification Program prerequisite,  has studied with a Master Teacher  and is qualified to teach the advanced curriculum as outlined in the SA Teacher’s Manual. (This program is in currently being developed)

To remain active in the Certification Program or maintain Certified Shamanic Astrologer status, participants must do one or more of the following annually:

  • Maintain at least a Bronze Level of Membership
  • Attend a Shamanic Astrology live class or Online Class
  • Or take a recent series of teleclasses  as offered by Daniel and Cayelin (free with some levels of membership)
  • And/Or some other way that helps you stay current with the evolution of this paradigm that you discuss with Daniel and Cayelin

Benefits of being a Certified Shamanic Astrologer are that you will:

  • Legitimately present yourself as a Shamanic Astrologer with the credentials to do SA counseling
  • Be able to integrate the most powerful and useful SA techniques into an already established practice; such as breathwork, psychology, psychiatry, personal coaching, facilitating rites of passage, bodywork, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to quicken and deepen your personal path of self development and awareness, as well as actively participate in this ever-evolving mystery school