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We have 4 full online courses listed below

  • Script & Archetypes

    This is the most fundamental course the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School offers and includes the “Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics”  (see details below). This course teaches you how to read a natal chart using the three part “Script” to understand the soul’s purpose for this life, while also taking a deep dive into the 12 archetypes of the signs as they are apply to the natal Script. By the end of this course you will have all the tools needed to do a natal chart reading for yourself and others.

    Shamanic Timeline

    This course dives deep into the outer planet initiation cycles, looking at each initiation or natal planetary complex from the perspective of one of the 3 worlds (Celestial, Middle and Underworld). Discover how the Outer Planets are Teachers, Guides and Initiators (either as a natal complex or initiation cycle) and how they function to help us grow and evolve.  A unique feature of this class is the Shamanic Timeline of life focusing on age related cycles we all go through in addition to our personal initiation cycles.  On the Shamanic Timeline there are also Flashpoints when several age related cycles occur together. By the end of the this course you will have all the tools needed to determine the most important cycles of initiation for yourself and others.

  • Sacred Marriage and Relationship Online Course

    The Sacred Marriage and Relationship Online Course explores what Mars and Venus have to do with who we are as men and women. Also featured is what we tend to project onto our partners and what our true relationship intent is for this life,  as well as understanding our path to wholeness through the personal Inner Sacred Marriage Process.

    In the current time, our culture tends to encourage looking outside ourselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. Many find they are longing to find the magical other, the soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism as it is what motivates even autonomous or renunciate individuals to learn more about themselves through another. It could even be said that the relationship quest is one of the yogas at this time. However, even for those who find a wonderful partner, that alone does not create inner wholeness. In the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, the process of creating inner wholeness, with or without a partner, is referred to as the Sacred Marriage.

  • Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics

    This 7 part course explores the necessary components for reading a natal chart including the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) and the 3 modalities (Householder/Culture Bearer/Cardinal, Self-Interest/Self-Exploration/Fixed, In Service to Spirit/Mutable) to gain a deeper understanding of how the archetypes express. Also covered are the Signs and Symbols,  the Chart as a Map of the Sky, the Whole Sign House System, Planetary Aspects, Aspect Patterns, and why all of this is important in understanding how to read a Natal Chart.

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