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Preparing for 2020

by Cayelin Castell

Are you Ready for a NEW World, a NEW way of life as we prepare for 2020?

On September 28, 2017 we experienced the exact Still Point of Pluto when Pluto changed direction. September 03 Pluto began its suspension or pause and remains suspended within minutes of its station point until October 24. Pluto moves beyond one degree of its station point on December 3, 2017.

This Still Point of any planetary station creates a possible shift in awareness. This extended window of Pluto’s Still Point can be thought of as a time when the Phoenix is preparing to rise from the ashes of what has been into what is birthing anew. The Phoenix chooses to die to its old form purposefully diving into the fire of transformational change.

In any process of death and rebirth – including choosing to die to all the fears and beliefs of the Old Earth, survival of the fittest, those who are strongest amass control and resources while depriving others of what is needed to thrive. These actions are rooted in the false belief that resources are limited so to win and survive requires domination of others. Remember beliefs exist because they are thoughts we keep thinking.

We can always choose to let go of those old beliefs and cooperate with the process of rebirth, especially when it is about new sustainable ways of living that supports ALL life, not just an elite few.

One of the most challenging, scary places is the space between what is dying and what is birthing. The empty void where everything is and isn’t, where unmanifest potential exists before birthing into manifestation.

This is a natural process – even if we resist with all that we are – the Sun sets on the day that is – before rising on a new day. The seasons continue to change and we are powerless to stop it.

So why not surrender, trust the process and choose to be the seeds for a New Earth, a new time, a new way of being?

This is about Rising from the ashes of the old into a brighter, more magical, more fulfilling new day.

In 2020 Saturn and Jupiter catch up to Pluto in Capricorn. We at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School are putting together an online summit to begin our preparation for this remarkable event – something that has not happened in Capricorn for 733 years and it will be another 734 years before it happens again.

This NEW Online Summit will feature a number of powerful presentations and interviews including:

Henry Selzter – How the Dwarf Planet Eris is involved in this configuration
Mark Jones – The Nodes of Pluto Saturn and Jupiter
Gary Caton – The element shift of the exact conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius
Gemini Brett – 2020 Planetary Alignments
Dale O’brien – TOWARDS 2024: The Phasing Out of Old, Dying America Before A New Birth
Kadea Metara – How to navigate these times
Cayelin Castell & Tami Brunk – Circle of Grandmothers
Erik Roth – The US Natal Chart, run-up to 2020 with Saturn in Capricorn and the Triple Conjunction of 2020

Also featuring Daniel Giamario, Anyaa McAndrew, Star Wolf and Joan Heartfield

Stay tuned for more information about this powerful transformative and informative FREE online event – details will be available in our next newsletter.

Night Sky Cosmology

fb_img_1477486911566Wilderness Night Sky Event
Cosmology of the Turning of the Ages

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
At Fishlake Valley, Nevada

In addition to being a once in 26,000 year cosmological timing, the September Night Sky Cosmology follows. This  Night Sky event features an opportunity to directly experience the sky around Galactic Center.

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Shadow Dancing as Rock Art on the Sep Equinox 2012

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