Jonna Karjunen

My name is Jonna Karjunen, I am originally from Finland and since late 2019 I have been based in Bali, where I had my first Shamanic Astrology reading, or a proper personal astrology reading in general, with Kat whom I had the honour of graduating with recently.
Kat was speaking about me and my life with words that resonated in such a deep way and validated so many aspects of myself that I hadn’t had a conscious connection with before. I felt like my journey had meaning and purpose after having been lost for quite some time, having left my job, my burnouts, my addictions and my life in Finland but not knowing what I was going to do next. I felt like I was not at the effect of myself anymore and found a way to work with all these different aspects of myself that I had formed a new relationship with during and after that reading.
The energies that I had felt and followed in my life were introduced in a new, more conscious, celebratory and ceremonial way and I felt like I was truly seen and understood. I was initiated in a way I didn’t even realise at the time and my new, deeper relationship with myself and my journey with Shamanic Astrology had only just begun.
I am cancer moon and I had the Leo job, I am a Sag rising with a new job of Aquarius, Venus in Libra and Mars is Leo and there is a fair amount of Uranus and Pluto aspects along with a dash of Saturn and Scorpio comes in with my MC, Mercury and Sun. With this cocktail (and all the rest of the spices to it that I am not listing here) I continue to dive deeper into the great mystery and I am looking forward to learning more, more, more, climbing higher, connecting with the planets and all you beautiful people sharing this path with me. I LO-VE sharing about, talking about, thinking about and connecting with Astrology, bringing it to the world and with each reading expanding and learning more and more.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry used to be my dream school, but I found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School instead. I am feeling inspired, exited and super grateful to be here now, with you all, co-creating the future of SAMS at this evolutionary time, at the turning of the ages, so we all can level up and bring this magic to the world that I feel desperately needs it.
Jonna Karjunen
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali

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