Jane Anthony

My passion and intrigue for Shamanic Astrology began in Bali in 2019 when I was introduced to it through Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork trainings with Levi Banner. The world dramatically slowing down in 2020 offered me an opportunity to fully dive into the material and I graduated with my Foundational Certification as Shamanic Astrology Counsellor in May 2021. I feel so fortunate to have had a tribe of Bali based Shamanic Astrology students to study alongside, especially as we navigated the rapidly changing world and dove deeper into personal introspection at this time. Graduating together, on a Bali seaside cliff under a full lunar eclipse, was a defining moment I will never forget.
I have also recently joined the SAMS Outreach team to guide a refresh of the curriculum and supporting materials for the online courses. As a Mystery School, content has evolved over time and technology has moved on so refreshing these offerings is perfectly timed alongside a brand and website update. I am deeply passionate about making the teachings of Daniel & the school widely accessible and am honoured to be a part of this team.
My alchemy of Capricorn (Moon), Scorpio (Venus) and Sagittarius (Asc, Mars, Mercury) makes for a uniquely grounded pragmatic approach to a deeply passionate search for truth and meaning within the Shamanic Astrology mysteries- a journey that has only just begun.
Jane Anthony
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali

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