Certification Program Curriculum

All Shamanic Astrology Certification Program requirements must be completed prior to Graduation. It is recommended that the entry level and advanced core curriculum be taken in the suggested order for clarity of understanding.

Shamanic Astrology Entry Level Core Curriculum:

The Script Material Chart Analysis Intensive: Mystery Schools, Archetypes, and Story Lines – This course is now available online. This course covers an in depth analysis of the basic script material in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, including the twelve mystery schools, the twenty-four archetypes of the goddess and god and the 144 storylines of lineage and of current life purpose.

Note: If this class is not being presented by Daniel Giamario, either through video or live presentation, then the prospective participants are required to listen to an mp3 of Daniel  presenting this material.

The Planetary Cycles of Initiation and Shamanic Timeline Chart Analysis Intensive – /This course will be available in a live format online starting in January 2016 and includes analysis of the seven planetary cycles of initiation:

  • Upper World or Celestial: Uranus and Neptune
  • Middle World: Saturn, Jupiter, Lunar Nodes
  • Lower World or Underworld: Pluto and Chiron

This class explores the collective Shamanic Timeline (cycles we all go through around the same time) and the personal Shamanic Timeline (cycles based on the personal degrees of the angles and the planets).

Prerequisite Note – It is suggested, but not required, to take the Script Material class before the Shamanic Timeline.

Note: If this class is not being presented by Daniel Giamario, either through video or live presentation, then the prospective participants are required to listen to an mp3 of Daniel  presenting this material.

The Turning of the Ages Night Sky Intensive – Basic introduction to the night sky with the emphasis on the sacred motions of the earth in space. Topics covered are:

  • Zodiacal Constellations
  • Solstices and Equinoxes
  • The precessional cycle
  • Signs vs. Constellations
  • Constellational Astrology
  • Forming an experiential relationship with the night sky
  • One night astrological vision quest

This training has been held in various locations. One of the best sites for this class has been at the living petroglyphs mystery school in the Fishlake Valley area of Western Nevada – a car camping experience without the interference of light pollution or modern conveniences.

The Cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury Night Sky Intensive – Basic introduction to the synodic cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury. This training is designed to impart the experience and knowledge of the actual physical and observable cycles of these three important planets. The cycles of these planets are presented as scaffolding, a framework, for projecting story and myth and for animating our ability to directly perceive how the dance of these planets is always changing and constantly evolving. This class, along with the Turning of the Ages Intensive, lies at the very core of the essence of Shamanic Astrology. Usually held at Faywood Hot Springs in New Mexico, this training will always be held at a location suitable for unobstructed viewing of the night sky.

Shamanic Astrology Advanced Core Curriculum:

Relationship and the Sacred Marriage Advanced Chart Analysis Intensive – All aspects of relationship and partnership within the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm:

  • The six paths of relationship intent (ascendant/descendant axis)
  • The varieties of encounters between the goddess (Venus) and the god (Mars)
  • Chart comparison (synastry and karmic links)
  • The Sacred Marriage process in relationship
  • The Sacred Marriage as a spiritual modality
  • The unfolding ideal of non hierarchical conscious equal partnership

Prerequisite Note – The prerequisite for this class is the Script and Archeytpes entry-level class. The Shamanic Timeline is highly recommended, but not required.

Advanced Chart Analysis Intensive – On the foundation of the entry-level Chart Analysis Intensive, this class is specifically designed to synthesize the art of chart analysis. The important features of this class are:

  • Counseling techniques
  • Synthesis of initiation cycles and script material
  • A special topical theme such as the lunar standstill cycle, eclipse season, deeper elaboration of Mercury cycles, etc.

Prerequisite Note:  The entry level Chart Analysis Intensive is a prerequisite for this class.

Note – As well as being part of the core curriculum, this intensive is an ongoing requirement for Shamanic Astrologers who have previously completed the training.

Advanced Night Sky Intensive – Upon the foundation of the Turning of the Ages and the Cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury Intensives, this training deeply grounds the kinesthetic experience of the planetary cycles, the Turning of the Ages, and the greater cosmology. The special feature of this class is participating in the evolution and the unfoldment of the visible and experiential celestial cycles. Every year is uniquely different. The location has been Faywood Hot Springs and will always be held at a suitable outdoor facility allowing direct communication with the night sky.

Note: This class is not only part of the core curriculum but an ongoing requirement for Shamanic Astrologers who have already completed the initial training.

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Practicum:

Graduation Event – Currently this event can take place at any of the above courses if you have completed the requirements or complete any remaining requirements at the event.  The development of a more focused graduation event is part of the future vision of the School.

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