Shamanic Astrology Curriculum for Certification

This page offers a summary of the required courses for Shamanic Astrology Certification. The first three courses are required for the Foundational Certification. All requirements for both Certification Programs are HERE

Shamanic Astrology Core Curriculum In Recommended Order:

The Map of Life: An Archetypal Journey of the Soul / The Script and Archetypes Chart Analysis
This course is available online covering an in depth analysis of how to read a chart using the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, including:

  • Understanding how to read the Script or Life Map of the Individual including the current life intent
  • An In-depth Dive into the Twelve Mystery Schools
  • Understanding the importance of the twenty-four archetypes of the Feminine (Goddesses) and Masculine (Gods)
  • The 144 storylines of lineage and current life purpose
  • The structure of how to read a chart for maximum results

The Planetary Cycles of Initiation and Shamanic Timeline Chart Analysis
This course is available online and includes analysis of the seven planetary cycles of initiation:

  • Upper World or Celestial: Uranus and Neptune
  • Middle World: Saturn, Jupiter, Lunar Nodes
  • Lower World or Underworld: Pluto and Chiron
  • The collective Shamanic Timeline (cycles we all go through around the same age)
  • The personal Shamanic Timeline (cycles based on the personal degrees of the angles and the planets).

Prerequisite Note: It is highly recommended, but not required, to take the Map of Life class before the Shamanic Timeline.

Relationship and the Sacred Marriage
This course is online covering all aspects of relationship and partnership within the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm including:

  • The six paths of relationship intent (ascendant/descendant axis)
  • The goddess (Venus) and the god (Mars) helping us to understand our path to wholeness
  • The Sacred Marriage process in relationship
  • The Sacred Marriage as a spiritual modality
  • Chart comparison (synastry and karmic links)
  • The unfolding ideal of conscious equal partnership moving beyond hierarchical relating

Prerequisite Note: The prerequisite for this class is the Map of Life Course and the Shamanic Timeline is highly recommended, but not required.

Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets: The Cycles of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon
This course is online with a deep dive into the synodic cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury. This course provides insights and understanding of the actual physical and observable cycles of these planets, including the stories and myths that animate our ability to directly perceive how the dance of these planets are always changing and constantly evolving.

This class, along with the Turning of the Ages Intensive, provides the core essence of what has inspired Shamanic Astrology.

Night Sky Cosmology
This course is available online providing an in depth introduction to the cosmology as it relates to the sky around our Earth and our solar system. The online course focuses on:

  • Zodiacal Constellations
  • Solstices and Equinoxes
  • The precessional cycle
  • The Difference between Signs and Constellations
  • Forming an experiential relationship with the night sky

To receive Full Initiated certification a Live Weekend version of this course is also required providing a living experience of how all of this plays out on the night sky. A live weekend or longer event can be a place to fulfill the All Night Astrological Vision Quest requirement.

The live weekend features:

  • Two nights under the sky
  • An opportunity to complete the one night astrological vision quest required for 2nd and 3rd certification

In the past this course has been held at sacred sites including the living petroglyph mystery school at Fishlake Valley in Western Nevada and Faywood Hotsprings near Silver City, New Mexico where a Standing Stone Circle connects us to the signs as seasons and more recently the Night Sky Preserve, Dolmens and Cromlechs in Portugal.

Evolution and Enhancements to the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm
This course is being offered live in March 2020 and will be available online in 2020. It includes a deeper dive into:

  • The Evolution and resulting Enhancements to the Paradigm
  • Counseling techniques
  • Deepening understanding of initiation cycles and script material
  • And much more

Prerequisite Note:  At least one entry level Chart Analysis Intensive is a prerequisite, unless given permission by the facilitators.

Note: As well as being part of the core curriculum, this intensive is an ongoing requirement for Shamanic Astrologers who have previously completed the training.

Follow Up Night Sky Intensive
Once the foundation provided from the Night Sky Cosmology and the Synodic Cycles of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon courses, it is time to have another Night Sky experience to further ground the kinesthetic experience of the planetary cycles, the Turning of the Ages, and the greater cosmology.

A special feature of this class is participating in the evolution and the unfoldment of the visible and experiential celestial cycles.

Note: This class is not only part of the core curriculum but an ongoing requirement for Shamanic Astrologers who have already completed the initial training.

Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Practicum
This course was first offered in 2016 in Arizona and is being converted to an online format. It involves ethics and techniques in counseling, mentoring and teaching Shamanic Astrology.

Graduation Event
Currently this event can take place at any of the above courses when offered live, if you have completed the requirements or complete any remaining requirements at the event. The development of a more focused graduation event is part of the future vision of the School.

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