Certification Requirements For Foundational Practitioners and Fully Initiated Shamanic Astrologers

How Does One Become a Shamanic Astrologer?

Can you take the Courses (either on line or in person) without getting Certified?

What are the Steps?


You do not need to have a specific program or certification process in mind to learn Shamanic Astrology. Many taking these courses are primarily interested in personal growth or are curious about this approach to the astrological mysteries as well as deepening their own connection to the land and sky.

Regardless of your intent, the best place to begin is with our foundational online course, The Map of Life and Archetypal Journey of the Soul, aka Script & Archetypes and Basic Chart Analysis..

In addition, you can contact our Managing Director at shamanicastrology@gmail.com with any questions and/or to further discuss what SAMS has to offer.

Here are a few Testimonials about this paradigm with one posted below!

When we see wide enough, high enough, and deep enough to understand every expression and manifestation of the Divine then truly we are awakening. Shamanic Astrology stretches our awareness in all directions offering a larger awareness so our compassion, patience, appreciation and understanding flows forth.
This is the greatest gift of learning Shamanic Astrology with the bonus blessings of accessing our life purpose, our inner other, our sacred timings recorded in the night sky and our own unique synodic cycles so beautifully illustrating the reality of “as above, so below”. Life can never look or feel the same when viewed from the perspective of Shamanic Astrology. Many blessings and thanks, Mary

Certification Program

The Shamanic Astrology (SA) Certification Program™ supports individuals who desire to deepen their personal relationship with these mysteries and those who are building a Shamanic Astrology practice.

You Do NOT Need any previous experience with astrology to begin your journey.

There are two levels of certification that can be applied to understanding the paradigm and applied to counseling, astronomy, self-help, spiritual work, helping/healing practices and much more.

To obtain a specified certification it is essential to complete the listed requirements. All the courses needed for Level One Foundational Certification are available online shamanicastrology.org. For current live events and new online offerings visit our events page.

There are currently five core courses offered online including the Sacred Marriage and Relationships, Night Sky Cosmology and the Synodic Cycles of the Inner Planets offering unique content not found in any other astrology school. These courses are sometimes offered in-person.

The first course and best place to begin is The Map of Life and Archetypal Journey of the Soul course (a.k.a. Script and Archetypes).

Except where noted, any ongoing teleclass series or individual webinars do not count toward certification.
However, these individual online classes are a great way to learn more about the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

If you are uncertain about the certification process we recommend you take at least one or more of these online or in person classes. Then if later you decide you are ready for certification you can always register prior to your certification ceremony.

Find more information at these links: Overview, Curriculum, Registration, Testimonials, Video Testimonials

Level One: Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology:
Shamanic Astrology Practitioner

This was formally known as the Associate Certification and in a few cases was formerly known as the first degree.

Benefits of Foundational Certification:

  • Personal Growth: The foundational journey of learning Shamanic Astrology is one of rich personal insight and accelerated inner growth, as attested to by our current students and graduates (link to testimonials here). It also helps to expand your point of view about others in your life, using this full spectrum, archetypal understanding of all the ways of being human (based on the natal chart) and there is a place for everyone on the wheel of life.
  • Revolutionary Information: Shamanic Astrology offers revolutionary information describing your unique combination of archetypes and how to live in accord and resonance with your natal chart’s original intent; it also enables you to recognize and honor this full spectrum of archetypal possibilities in others, helping you to understand the multifaceted range of personal authenticity and to encourage and support this for yourself and with everyone you come in contact with in your life: in your intimate relationships, with family and friends, and in the context of your work in the world.
  • Tools and Experience: The Foundational Certification will provide you with the tools and experience to begin to explore the more in-depth pathways of the natal chart for yourself and with others. The practice of astrology takes time and experience to learn. All the basics you need to get started are provided as you study the Foundations.
  • Explore Shamanic Astrology with others: As a certified Shamanic Astrology Practitioner you will have a solid foundation and the necessary tools to begin to help others explore their unique soul journey as revealed through the natal chart and the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. Attaining this designation prepares you to confidently add this paradigm to your existing practice, or start your own Shamanic Astrology practice.
  • Team Building: This paradigm is extremely useful when used for team building and assessing the innate skills and mindset of individuals within a team. This allows for team members’ contributions and expertise to be best utilized for achieving the goals and intentions of the team.
  • Additional Possibilities: It may also provide you with unexpected opportunities that you haven’t thought of, for example, doing interviews, talks, or collaborations where you get to bring the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ to the collaboration.

Required Courses for Foundational Certification either in person or online:

Note: when you sign up for more than one of these courses you will enjoy a special tuition rate at this link.

Additional Requirements for Foundational Certification:

  • Be a current member of the School and maintain membership at Bronze level or higher
  • Pass the exams for the above courses
  • Sign the licensing agreement and send it to our Managing Director
  • Commit to upholding the Code of Conduct
  • In person graduation is NOT required but highly recommended as they are powerful and fun. Currently there are some opportunities for online graduation for foundational certification. Ask your mentor for further information. At this time circa 2019 graduations have happened both ways.
  • There is a certification fee to join this program. $125 for SAMS members (Bronze or Higher)
  • Those seeking Foundational Certification as a counselor, coach, psychologist, helper, or healer, who is integrating the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm into an existing practice or simply desiring to do Shamanic Astrology sessions for others, you must submit at least 4 sessions (could be up to three 15 to 30 minute mini-sessions with one full session or some other combination) where you are using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. These sessions would also include a feedback form from the person who received the session.
  • Have a certified Shamanic Astrology Mentor: See list of current mentors HERE. Mentoring runs $100 per hour. Currently a minimum of 4 mentoring sessions are required to go over exams, code of ethics, licensing agreement and the practicum sessions you have done. There may be additions to this policy in the future.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to update your knowledge and skills by attending special weekend seminars, online classes, and/or longer in-person events that are offered annually, specifically geared toward updating skills as a counselor or teacher, in this organically evolving paradigm.

Special Case GED: if you have NOT taken all the classes, but have the blessing of the Founders, and can demonstrate mastery of the material by passing the exams along with submission of 4 recorded sessions with feedback forms (see above for more about session requirements) this acts as the equivalent of a GED (General Education Development)

Register for this certification program.

Level Two: Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer

With completion of the Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology, an individual may continue their experiential work with Shamanic Astrology through further study, individualized projects, supervision/mentoring, in-person gatherings, and developing a deeply personal relationship with the magical mysteries of land and sky.

The full practice of Shamanic Astrology is the embodiment of the type of learning and initiation experienced in the ancient esoteric mystery schools. In the old traditions, the teachings were secret, accessible only for a chosen few. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School acknowledges that Great Mystery, perceived as the one reality: As Above, So Below cannot ever be fully known or owned. It can only be approached, with reverence and humility.

Our way of approach is through the process of initiation. When a student of Shamanic Astrology is ready and has completed all the prerequisites, they are invited to become initiated and fully certified. Initiations are optimally conducted in-person, during Shamanic Astrology gatherings, by way of sacred ceremony on the land.

This level of certification as a Shamanic Astrologer includes 50% mastery of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm and 50% mastery of our relationship with Earth and Sky because this is indeed, a Mystery School NOT ‘secret’ teachings (as in the past). A Mystery School in this context is:

  • the recognition that there is a Great Mystery, that can only be approached, not owned or ever fully known.
  • approaching these mysteries through the process of Initiation. These initiations are best when in-person, with other initiates, with Land and Sky, and in Sacred Ceremony.
  • why basic trainings and initiations are required.

Benefits of becoming a Full Initiated Shamanic Astrologer
With completion of the Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology, an individual may continue personal work with Shamanic Astrology deepening their relationship with:

  • Direct Experience with Land and Sky: Their own path of initiation with the astrological and cosmological movements and mysteries as revealed through first-hand interaction with the night sky and the planetary, stellar, and seasonal energies, as well as with sacred sites and hierophanies, so that an intuitive and reciprocal relationship is developed to receive direct guidance from the archetypal energies that emanate from the stars, planets, seasons and cycles through a living connection with Earth and Sky
  • Deepening Your Practice with Soul to Soul Relationships: Their own natal chart and the charts of others through exposure, reflection, analysis, learning through one-to-one dialogue, and participation in individual/group mentoring with a Shamanic Astrology Mentor
  • Deepening your Personal Work: Discover your own pathway of inner work toward self-transformation and personal individuation/integration
  • Commitment to Being A Change Agent: Their own commitment to the process of world transformation through the practice of Shamanic Astrology with others, including the inherent responsibilities and ethics
  • Willingness to Undergo Personal Initiation: developing personal readiness to step into the role of becoming a fully initiated Shamanic Astrologer

Additional Required Classes to become a Fully Initiated Shamanic Astrologer offered both in person and online (Night Sky does also require a weekend event with the online component). Includes all the required Courses listed above for Foundational Certification AND:

Venus Pyramid at Tula in Central Mexico

Venus Pyramid at Tula in Central Mexico

  • Practicum – Counseling Techniques and How to Deal with Challenges, Building Your Practice, and Ethics  (in-person and soon to be online)

Other Requirements:

  • Pass a final exam for both the Cosmology and Synodic cycles courses
  • Ongoing Mentoring with a qualified Shamanic Astrology Mentor
  • Maintain School Membership at Bronze Level or Higher to keep active certification status
  • Work with Land and Sky
     1) Create and work with a Heirophony (a stone circle or other site for at least one year)
     2) Do an all-night astrological vision quest under the stars
  • Complete a graduation project (Thesis) Consult with your Mentor to create a suitable project or use one of these:
    • Do original research that adds to the existing body of knowledge – write a thesis
    • Create a Study Guide for one or several of the courses or update existing ones
    • Create a research project on any of the planetary cycles
    • Create a project that helps to further market the school
    • Create a project that helps to further our existing programs
    • Propose additional programs that fit with the brand of the School
    • Create a Course that blends Shamanic Astrology with another perspective – yoga, healing/energy work, etc.
  • Continuing education credits online or in person. The exact requirements are still in process but for now to maintain certification attend an online or in-person course designed to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™

Register for this certification program.

Honorary Degrees

Occassionally the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School will offer an honorary certification for those who have served the school in a significant way or have demonstrated skill but have not fulfilled all the requirements. This is most likely the case in the higher degrees where the training program is still being developed. Honorary Teaching Degrees are not licensed to teach Shamanic Astrology for certification. However, they are likely to have taught classes outside of the Certification Program.

To date only two honorary degrees have been awarded.

Plus find out more at these links: OverviewCurriculum, Registration, Testimonials, Video Testimonials