Requirements and Degrees

How Does One Become a Shamanic Astrologer?  Can you take the Courses without getting Certified?  What are the Steps?  Where and How does one take the Courses?

The First Step is to decide what you want to do with the astrological material you wish to learn?  What is your goal?  Are you just curious or specifically want to incorporate the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ into a healing practice?  Do you want to become a Shamanic Astrologer?

After introducing yourself to Shamanic Astrology™, it is then best to look at what programs are offered here at SAMS.  We currently have 2 major programs:

  • An Associate Program
  • Certification Program

While one doesn’t have to enter a specific program to learn the material (especially if you are desiring to do personal growth or simply learn out of curiosity), all programs and learning this body of knowledge starts with taking our foundational intensive/course, called “A Map of Life and Archetypal Journey of the Soul“, aka “Script & Archetypes and Basic Chart Analysis“.  As of now, this course is only currently offered online right here.

The Map of Life online course is a launching point to the full slate of other online and in-person courses/intensives that are required for the Associate and Certification Programs.  But The Map of Life course is also the major entry into the body of knowledge known as the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

The Shamanic Astrology™ (SA) Certification Program supports individuals who are wanting to deepen their personal relationship with these mysteries, and qualifies those with a serious intent to practice Shamanic Astrology™.

There are now seven degrees or levels of certification available plus an Associate Program. Completion of these degrees can be applied to counseling, astronomy, as well as self-help, spiritual and helping and healing practices.

To obtain a specified degree, a person must complete the listed requirements.  Some of these courses are now available online with more being added each year. Be sure to visit our events page to find out what courses are available.

Also note that the ongoing teleclass series do not count toward certification but they are a great way to learn more about the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

More information at these links: Overview, Curriculum, Registration, Testimonials, Video Testimonials

To register and pay for the certification program please click here.

Shamanic Astrology™ Associate (Designed especially for those incorporating this work into their existing practice or are working toward Full Certification)

The Associate Program is designed for people only interested in doing very basic readings or simply having a simplified understanding of Shamanic Astrology™.  This program does not guarantee that you will become a certified Shamanic Astrologer of any degree. Being a Shamanic Astrology Associate can be likened to being Level Zero (below) the certification levels 1-7.

The Seven Degrees are as follows:

  1. Shamanic Astrology Counselor with an emphasis on Chart Analysis
  2. Shamanic Astrology Cosmologist with an emphasis on the Night Sky
  3. Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer
  4. Shamanic Astrology Mentor
  5. Shamanic Astrology Cosmology Teacher
  6. Shamanic Astrology Counseling Teacher
  7. Master Shamanic Astrologer/Master Teacher

1st Degree – Shamanic Astrology Counselor with emphasis on Chart Analysis

To complete certification in this Degree there are seven courses and currently at least one of these courses must be through an in-person class. Other requirements are listed below:

Classes:SAMS Logo

Other Requirements:

  • Mentoring from a Qualified Shamanic Astrology Mentor. Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are the current mentors available with a formal mentoring training program being launched scheduled to be launched in 2018.
  • Pass a Final Exam
  • Practicum of 15 readings with feedback


2nd Degree – Shamanic Astrology Cosmologist with emphasis on Night Sky Analysis

To be certified in this Degree, a person must take three classes. At least one class must be in person. In addition, there are other requirements beyond just taking the classes. Those requirements and classes are listed below:

Venus Pyramid at Tula in Central Mexico

Venus Pyramid at Tula in Central Mexico


  • Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Intensive a.k.a the Synodic Cycles of Mercury, Venus and Mars (In Person or Online)
  • Turning of the Ages Cosmology Night Sky Intensive (In Person)
  • Ceremonial and Initiatory Event at a Sacred Site – a Cosmogram or Heirophony (In Person)

Other Requirements:

  • Work with a Heirophony (a stone circle or other site for one year)
  • Pass a Final Exam
  • Do an All-Night Vision Quest under the Stars


3rd Degree – Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer

This Degree is a combination of the first two Degrees. This degree represents the original certification of a Shamanic Astrologer with added requirements. To be certified in this Degree, a person must take complete the requirements below:


Other Requirements:

  • Mentoring from a Qualified Shamanic Astrology Mentor
  • Pass all Final Exams (from 1st and 2nd degree)
  • Practicum of 15 readings with feedback
  • Must Complete Graduation Project (Thesis)
  • Work with a Heirophany (a stone circle or a site you create for one year)
  • Do an All-Night Vision Quest under the Stars


4th Degree – Shamanic Astrology Mentor

This degree is intended to facilitate a person who desires to mentor those training to be astrologers, counselors and other individuals. This degree represents an expanded original certification. To be certified in this Degree, a person must fulfill the other requirements of the Certified Shamanic Astrologer Degree PLUS take Mentor Training (in development)


  • Engage in Mentor Training from SAMS (coming soon)
  • Complete the courses and pass all the Exams for the previous Degrees


5th Degree – Shamanic Astrology Cosmology Teacher

This degree is intended to facilitate a person who wants to teach the Turning of the Ages, astronomy, archeoastronomy, sacred sites like heirophanies and cosmograms. To be certified in this Degree, a person must be certified as a Shamanic Astrology Mentor and take all of the classes/intensives and other requirements associated with the previous degrees.IMG_7563

Requirements for 5th Degree Certification

  • Must have at least a 3rd degree certification
  • Must pass the Cosmology written exam
  • Apprentice teach (two or more courses) at official SAMS Cosmology events in conjunction with a founder or another certified 5th degree teacher. Skills will be evaluated as to your readiness to gain teaching certification. Applicant must demonstrate skills at teaching the night sky, as well as the basic cosmology class material.
  • Interview with a founder or another 5th degree teacher
  • A Project is also required. Can be one of the following:
    • Original research that adds to the existing body of knowledge
    • Creation of an additional, or expanded, or upgraded hierophany
    • Researching and personal experience with a new (to you) sacred site location that features land, sky and calendric significance
    • Discovery of a hierophany
    • Documenting currently existing land/sky hierophantic locations that are currently or have previously been used by SAMS. (Examples, Fish Lake Valley in Nevada, Faywood Hotsprings in New Mexico or other international sites like Callanish in Scotland or Portugal etc.)
    • Creating the Cosmology teacher manual (one time project) or later up-dating the existing one once its completed.

Additional Notes: Currently there is no application fee for the 5th degree though that may change in the future, however there is a tuition fee for student teaching. Some exceptions may apply. Previously qualified member discounts still apply. The applicant will not earn money for teaching official SAMS courses until successfully completing the 5th degree requirements.

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

    6th Degree – Shamanic Astrology Counseling Teacher

    This Degree is intended to facilitate a person who wants to teach the core material of Shamanic Astrology, including The Script & Archetypes, Sacred Marriage, Shamanic Timeline and Synodic Cycles of Mars, Venus and Mercury Intensives. To be certified in this Degree, a person must be certified as a Shamanic Astrology Mentor and take all of the classes/intensives and other requirements associated with the previous degrees.


    • Complete Teacher Training on Counseling
    • Complete the courses and pass all the  Final Exams for the previous Degrees
    • Complete the Shamanic Astrology Mentor Training


    7th Degree – Master Shamanic Astrologer/Master Teacher

    This Degree is intended to facilitate a person who wants to teach the entire paradigm of Shamanic Astrology, including counseling and cosmology. To be certified in this Degree, a person must beccertified in all the previous degrees having taken all of the classes/intensives and other requirements.IMG_8131


    • Complete Teacher Training on Cosmology
    • Complete Teacher Training on Counseling
    • Complete the courses and pass all Final Exams for the previous Degrees
    • Complete the Shamanic Astrology Mentor Training


    Certification Requirements (Summarized) 

    All Shamanic Astrology Certification Program requirements must be completed prior to Graduation. It is recommended that the entry level and advanced core curriculum be taken in the suggested order for clarity of understanding. Course descriptions, recommended and required prerequisites, as well as additional details are available in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Core Curriculum document in the drop down list at left.  See the events page for a current listing and details of classes offered.

    Shamanic Astrology Entry Level Core Curriculum:

    • The Script Material Chart Analysis Intensive: Mystery Schools, Archetypes, and Story Lines
    • The Planetary Cycles of Initiation and Shamanic Timeline Chart Analysis Intensive
    • The Turning of the Ages Cosmology Night Sky Intensive
    • The Cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury Night Sky Intensive

    Shamanic Astrology Advanced Core Curriculum:

    • Relationship and the Sacred Marriage Advanced Chart Analysis Intensive
    • Advanced Chart Analysis Intensive
    • Two Advanced Night Sky Intensives (these are actually a repeat of the beginning classes meaning you are attending a Cosmology and Synodic Cycles class again with additional opportunity for deepening this work by having individual mentoring with the facilitators during the Intensive. We have found that it is rare for anyone attending these classes to really “get it” the first time.)

    Additional Certification Requirements:

    • Experience of the initiatory rite of the Astrological Vision Quest
    • Consistently participate in mentored sessions throughout the certification process.
    • After having gained some experience with Shamanic Astrology chart analysis readings, a practicum of 15 sessions with feedback forms from the clients that will be provided.
    • Additionally, the participant is required to provide a recorded reading (with permission from the client) that will be reviewed  by someone in the Certified Master Shamanic Astrologer track. This is intended to provide an opportunity for mentoring and feedback.
    • Applicant must work regularly with an outdoor site for at least one year to gain a deeper understanding how the movement of the planets affect earth’s seasonal cycles.
    • Ideas for a Graduation Project demonstrating the Shamanic Astrology principles in a creative way or that somehow furthers the work of Shamanic Astrology will be discussed and guidance provided by your mentor. The project must be completed prior to graduation.
    • After establishing your mastery of the fundamentals of the Shamanic Astrology script material with your mentor, applicant must be prepared to pass an oral evaluation facilitated by the SA Teacher’s Council prior to graduation.
    • Graduates are required to maintain membership with the school to maintain their Certification Status. This includes a listing on the Shamanic Astrology website with your name, email and where you are from for a basic membership. Gold Membership includes a listing with your picture and link to your personal website.
    • A program for Continuing Education Credits on-line is also being developed. The exact requirements are still in process but Certified Shamanic Astrologers will be required to maintain their certification by attending an on-line or in person course designed to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm.

    Plus find out more at these links: OverviewCurriculum, Registration, Testimonials, Video Testimonials