Shamanic Astrology Readings

With Certified Shamanic Astrologers

Please click on the person’s name to go to their website or email. This is a list of all the currently active Certified Shamanic Astrologers (and those currently taking the training) who are doing readings.

Please Note: The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School makes every effort to list its graduates each year. The listing below is of active certified Shamanic Astrologers (and those in training) that not only have supported the school, but have continued their membership (and education) with SAMS.  Well over 50 people have completed the Shamanic Astrology curriculum and have graduated. However, some of those graduates have either gone in a different direction and/or have not maintained their certification and kept up with the evolution of this work.

In the event that someone is claiming to be a Shamanic Astrologer through the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and is not listed here, please contact Erik Roth,, our Managing Director.  Currently, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is the only school that teaches this unique version of astrology.

If you are interested in learning more check out this link  What does a Shamanic Astrology Reading Cover?

Daniel Giamario2010 April C and D 00888

Shamanic Astrology Master Teacher, Speaker and Writer
Founder and Executive Director Of SAMS
Based in the Philippines
Phone: None


Cayelin K Castell, Co-founder and Creative Director of SAMS

Co-founded certification program in 1997
and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School in 2002
520-744-6923 (Arizona)
520-822-8272 (cell phone)


Peter KleinPeter Klein

Business Coach, Independent Consultant
Certified in Shamanic Astrology in 2007
Based in Tucson, Arizona and Oconomowoc, WI
Cell Phone: 928-274-0907



IMG_7820Tami Brunk – Shamanic Astrologer

Certified by SAMS in 2010
Based in Albuquerque, NM
Cell : (505) 948-7621



IMG_7823Erik M Roth – Shamanic Astrologer

Managing Director of SAMS since 2012
Certified by SAMS in 2011
Based in Portland, Oregon
cell:  971-404-7117



Danau new online picDanau  (aka Sao)
Wise Elder – Lives in Bali, Indonesia
Certified in 2006
Skype: sao.astrology
Cell Phone: +62 813 5339 0441



Gael Chilson
certified in 1999
HC 70 Box 3500, Sahuarita, AZ 85629



Anyaa McAndrewAnyaa McAndrew MA, LPC, NCC

Certified in 1998
Western North Carolina



john dumas

John Dumas

Musician, Shamanic Astrologer – Certified in 2003
Sedona, Arizona





Matthew James, Shamanic Astrologer and Massage Therapist

Certified by SAMS in 2013

Based in Silver City, NM, Phone: 928-451-1489



Chere RoseChere Rose

Certified in 2006
Sedona, Arizona
Phone/cell: 928-274-6610
Skype: 928-852-0660



Jo Garceau
Certified in 2005
Vancouver, Washington
cell:  971-645-8099



Leslie Harris – Certified in 2004
Certified Shamanic Astrologer
Shamanic Healing Arts Practitioner & USUI Reiki Master Teacher
Body of Spirit
25500 SE Stark Street, Suite 202 Gresham, OR 97030



Cathey Baier Photo

 Cathey Baier – Certified in Shamanic Astrology in 2011

Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
Offices in Manhattan, NY and Jersey City, NJ
Cell : (917) 806-0214



Teri Bybee Photo

 Teri Bybee – Certified Shamanic Astrologer in 2006

Based in Lenexa, Kansas
Phone: 913.219.6788


In training to be Shamanic Astrologers:

if you are in training to be certified or a current SAMS member and want to be listed send an email to