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Total South Node Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio – Full Moon May 15th, 2022

USA, Canada, Central and South America Have Front Row Seat
By Daniel Giamario

The United States will have a perfect view of this weekend’s very long total Lunar Eclipse.  It occurs at 9:11PM PDT on Sunday night the 15th.  A wide swath of countries will have a front-row seat of totality: including Canada, Central and South America parts of Western Europe (not Ukraine, though), Western Africa, New Zealand and Antarctica.

This is a South Node (with an emphasis on the shadow of the past) Lunar Eclipse at 25Scorpio18.  It is a near central eclipse rated at 1.41magnitude (1.0 means enough of the Moon’s shadow can create totality).  For the full details on this eclipse and the eclipse seasons of 2022, see my article and related video blog. These resources also describe ways of using ceremony and other suggestions for engaging with South Node Lunar eclipses.

Here is some practical info for experiencing the eclipse.  The entirety of the eclipse including the partial and total phases lasts 5 hours and 18 minutes, with totality lasting one hour and 24minutes.  Virtually all of totality is seen in the continental USA, parts of Alaska, but only a partial in Hawaii.  Only a small area from around Seattle and North of there will not see full totality.  In the continental USA, Kansas City experiences the entire eclipse, with the center of totality happening at 11:11PM Sunday night.  All of the US East of there, as well as a good portion of Eastern Canada and most of Mexico experiences the entire 5 hours and 18 minutes of the eclipse.  Mexico City’s center of totality happens at 11:28PM Sunday evening.

In New York, exact totality is at 12:11AM Monday morning.  In Phoenix, mid-point of totality is 9:11PM Sunday, with the Moon rising still in its partial phase.  In San Francisco, mid-totality also at 9:11PM, and with the partial phase rising.  Should you desire exact information about your location, check this great website

Several other items of interest include that this eclipse is amplified by the Sun’s square with Saturn, exact at 11:49AM PDT on Sunday morning.  This square has the Sun at 24Taurus54 and Saturn at 24Aquarius54, thus Saturn will nearly exactly square the Eclipse degrees.  Saturn squares the nodal axis itself, as well as with the two remaining 2022 eclipse degrees and nodal axis, further amplifying the past “karma’’ that is being revealed at this time.

Additionally, the South Node, the primary agent producing the eclipse circumstances, is exactly conjunct the star named Unulkahai, a red star which is the “heart” of the snake, in the constellation Serpens,  held by the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler, that is also a representation of Asclepius.  The South node is 22Scorpio31 and Unulkahai (“snake-heart”) is 22Scorpio07.  Asclepius, among so many other things, was a mythic healer who could bring people back from the dead, and was an exponent of using dreams to obtain the necessary clues for healing.  This entire eclipse season finds the South Node with Unulkahai.

It is hard to conceive of a more powerful context for ceremony to envision a better outcome for the USA and the rest of global humanity.  But as Steiner, Rudhyar, and Jung have warned us, the shadow must also be addressed.  Let us also ask for whatever healing dreams that we require at this time.

Meet Our Recent Graduate, Amy Campbell Topham

On March 2nd, 2022 the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held a graduation ceremony for 6 students who each completed all the required coursework to achieve their foundational level of certification as a Shamanic Astrologer.

This is Amy Campbell Topham’s  personal statement:

I had my first Shamanic Astrology reading from Erik Roth in 2015, during my Pluto square Pluto transit. Hearing that what I was going through was normal and that it wouldn’t last forever is what helped me feel secure enough to finally surrender and experience the positive empowerment that this initiation was bringing into my life. But that was only the beginning of how I was transformed! Instead of looking through the very limited perspective of my sun sign (Aries), suddenly I had access to my whole self. Right away, I knew I needed to learn more so I could help others find the healing and self-love that I had discovered. Learning Shamanic Astrology gave me the language and the container I needed to feel confident expressing the cosmic insights that are channeled through me. Consciously participating in my planetary initiations has given me a deeper understanding of how Spirit flows through my everyday life. As a trail guide to the wild within, I want to inspire others to reclaim their inherent magic and embody the most authentic version of themselves.

Contact Amy for reading at or visit her website here

Amy currently lives in Oregon.

Mercury Stations Retrograde May 10, 2022

FACEBOOK May 10, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus


For the second time this year, on May 10th at 4°51’ Gemini, Mercury is stationing retrograde, between the Pleiades and the star Aldebaran.  This happens on the day Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Aries for the first time since 2010-11.

In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, when Mercury stations retrograde, it means it is reaching Synthesis and Metamorphic phase of its journey in the sky.  It has traveled through several other signs to reach Gemini.  This current Mercury cycle began on February 3rd when Mercury last stationed direct in the sign of Capricorn and it will end in the sign of Taurus on June 3rd.

Mercury Retrograde is not anything to fear or worry about in our lives.  In the case of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, it invites a very different form of thinking and helps to summon imagination to the front.  It is “out of bounds” kind of mentality where anything goes.

The hold Mercury Retrograde has on our thinking that things or electronic technology won’t work or communication will break down more often is only partly true and usually due to our own perception of what is happening including the limits we’ve placed on ourselves.  What is important is that it helps us with creative thought, including solutions beyond what we would normally otherwise think about.  Creative thinking is gaining a perspective to a problem, challenge or other issue that may not be resolved by conventional means.  It can also help us in our own creative expressions as well.

Mercury is typically retrograde for about three weeks at a time, but this one is 24 days is length, which can happen on occasion.  Mercury retrogrades back into the sign of Taurus on May 22nd, just one day after it passes between the Earth and Sun (Mercury-Sun conjunction).  Then it reaches visibility again in the early morning sky on May 28th.

A feature of this Mercury station point are the stars of Aldebaran and the Pleiades star cluster, led by Alcyone.  Mercury stations nearly halfway between those stars.  This powerfully, magical area of the sky has held an allure to humanity for many thousands of years.

The Pleiades, in particular rivals that of the brightest star (after the Sun) Sirius with the greatest amount of stories written and shared across most of the continents and ancient cultures.  Mercury in this area of the sky, spending days there, will undoubtedly invoke those stories and perhaps help us forge new ones as we transition from one age to the next in this great Turning of the Ages.

Sun-Uranus Conjunction May 5, 2022

FACEBOOK May 5, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

Our annual Sun-Uranus conjunction takes place on the 5th of May at 14°47’ Taurus.  Aside from solar eclipses, any conjunctions with the Sun are not visible to the naked eye.  The conjunctions take place nearly every calendar year and shift about 4-5 days and hence 4-5 degrees forward each successive year.

Uranus’ time in Taurus (since 2018) has helped us understand our relationship to conveniences, comforts, and pleasures in our lives.  Astrologically, Uranus helps bring about sudden, unexpected breakthroughs, changes and generally helping humanity to an expanded level of perspective through its role as a “change agent”.

In the “upset and overturn” from the pandemic and the ripples this event sent through all areas of society, we’ve experienced an addiction here in the Western World of getting almost anything delivered to us without having to leave our home within hours or a few days.  And yet even with the near-instant procurement of materials, food and most other things, companies are trying to come with ways to deliver it even faster.

But Uranus is still in the 2nd year of squaring Saturn in Aquarius, and this leads to a greater understanding about what is being sacrificed for those conveniences.  At the most fundamental level, it is Earth that is in a crisis and being sacrificed for convenience.  However, Taurus is deeply connected to Earth as an archetype where at its essence is about the flowers, fruits and pleasures of being on the Earth.  In a way, Uranus and Saturn are reminding us of our intimate relationship to Mother Earth.

The Sun conjunction of Uranus activates the Uranian and Taurus qualities more acutely as described above.  We can utilize this time to question what is truly needed and what is not needed in our lives.  In addition, to prepare for more unexpected disruption about our conveniences and creature comforts.  Sustainability is a key factor and asking ourselves what can we do to sustain the beauty, comforts and pleasures of the world?

Aries, Mercury and Uranus Spotlighted at the Beltane Cross Quarter

FACEBOOK   MAY 2, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

In May, there will be quite a large energetic shift to the astrological Mystery School of Aries.  Later this month, both Jupiter (May 10th), and Mars (May 24th), will ingress Aries.  Their conjunction in the morning sky happens May 29th.  We will have lots more to say about this over the next weeks.  Leading the way is the entrance of Venus into Aries Monday, May 2nd at 9:10AM PDT.  Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will continue to dominate the morning sky all month.

Also on May 2nd, at 8:05AM PDT, it may be possible to see a really slim crescent Moon with Mercury at 2Gemini10, in the evening sky just after sunset, 20degrees clear of the Sun. This pair is conjunct the Pleiades.  Quite remarkable is that on May 29th, the Moon will again conjoin Mercury in the morning sky, just then rising from the interior Underworld, joining the other four visible planets.  From that time onwards, for at least until July 3rd, all five are together in the morning sky.  I am unsure when writing this when the last time this happened, but it’s not very often.  This is a bonanza for those of us that like to commune with them easily with the naked eye.

Another feature of these coming days, and amplifying the Solar Eclipse seed point, is the yearly conjunction of the Sun with Uranus.  This happens at 12:22AM PDT the morning of May 5th at 14Taurus47.  This also directs our attention to the final Saturn square Uranus alignment coming up in September/October.

Not to be forgotten is that we are in the middle of the Beltane/May Day cross-quarter season.  Exact astronomical Beltane is May 4/5 when the Sun is exactly 15degrees Taurus, midway between the March Equinox and the June Solstice.  A full discussion of Beltane is beyond the scope of this post.  However, how I see it, it’s an organic, in the body, time to celebrate the fecundity of the Earth, and the renewal of all that lives and grows.  It’s also a time for honoring the creation with fire.  Synchronistically, I just heard that the Festival of Fire at the sacred hill of Uisneach in central Ireland is happening again this year.  I had the opportunity to go in 2012, and had a wonderful experience. The ancient tradition had been revived in 2009, and after a two year hiatus is on again, May 7th.  What ancient way of celebration can you participate in to aid in the renewal of the Earth; and help reanimate ways of recreating Prime Earth?