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Aries New Moon – April 2021

The New Moon in Aries is on April 11/12.
Not only the Moon is close to the Sun this time, though 4 other planets as well!
All in Aries and all moving forward. This is full power!
Aries is full power.
The Moon is not only close to the Sun, though also the planets Venus and Mercury, which are more often close to the Sun than anything else. Also Chiron, the centaur asteroid, and if we include that: then we must include Eris, a dwarf planet waiting there as well.
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Eris in Aries all moving forward right now.
What a way to start anew!
As you set your new moon intentions: Know that there is a power packed punch of planets backing your decisions.
That’s in addition to the fact that Aries is the sign most aligned with full commitment, full power, full output towards a mission or purpose.
The New Moon in Aries is a great time to start anew with full force.
What are you committed to?
What’s worth fighting for?
What can you put your energy into fully?
It’s time to go all in.
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Ramblings, Reflections, and Ruminations From Daniel Giamario – April 2021

Ramblings, Reflections, and Ruminations From Daniel Giamario


This month, I have chosen to focus on the United States Horoscope from this year, 2021, through 2025. Back in 2017 when I helped create the SAMS summit: “Preparing for 2020”, the majority of the attention was on the greater global cycles.  It was really obvious that something extraordinary would happen in 2020. During those presentations, as well as in a variety of seminars, vlogcasts, and Facebook posts, in the last few years, I have weighed in on certain important features of the US chart.  This article will attempt to give a more comprehensive account of what’s next.  As best as I can, I will use the “Three Worlds Approach”. While there are a variety of different charts used by other astrologers for the United States, I continue to value the Dane Rudhyar rectification of the July 4, 1776 as the most useful and valuable when using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.

2021:  Three Major Cycles

  1. TRANSITING SATURN CONJUNCT US SOUTH NODE at 6Aquarius35:  from Feb.3, 2021–Oct.11, 2021.  

This transit can only occur once every 29.5 years and as all Saturn transits, lasts about 9 months.  Like all Saturn initiations, it’s a teaching of how to grow, change and evolve via limitations and boundaries.  I like to think of it like a referendum on the past history and responsibilities of the US. The lineage of the US is the Gemini job in the Aquarius tribe. This is strongly related to the original intent/dream of the founders: freedom, egalitarianism, a belief in intellect and rationality, and sovereignty and autonomy (not to be confused with democracy). The inquiry revolves around the Aquarian shadow issues I have been writing and speaking about for 4 years now. Is it Saturn controlling Aquarius, in a top down way, or is it prompting a look at authentic Aquarius and the original ideals?

  1. TRANSITING LUNAR NODES CONJUNCT the US DSC/ASC Axis of 13Sagittarius10/13Gemini10:  Dec.26, 2020—June 26, 2021.

This transit can only occur once every 19 years (or 9 and a half years if alignment is North node with ASC).  The transit time-frame is generally about 6 months, 3 months on either side of the March 26 exact point. I have found this transit to be one of the most beneficial transits possible on individual charts. It aligns universal intent with individual intent. With clients, I sometimes say that it’s when the “future” self reaches back to get our attention. In this case, with the US, the “future” point is the North Node aligned with the US DSC at 13Gemini10. This is the US looking for friends, allies and collaborators. I have always felt that the strong Gemini element in the US chart (including Mars and Uranus) is part of its shadow. The US is infamous for using and often selling out its friends and partners. But here there could be a chance to change the road it’s on.  Let’s hope for an awakening here.

  1. TRANSITING JUPITER CONJUNCT THE US MOON at 27Aquarius12 from April 16, 2021—December 12,2021.

This transit occurs about every 12 years. This cycle of initiation specifically applies to the US Moon, and highlights the entire lineage storyline as seen with the Saturn conjunction to the South Node referenced above. Generally, the intent of a Jupiterian initiation is to expand and activate its target. Expanding an Aquarian Moon can at its best create a soul retrieval of the original intent for the US in having an Aquarian Moon in the first place. This could include a greater ability to see an objective and expanded view of our history, and to honestly address whether the ideals of the “Enlightenment” have been met. The downside of this can be cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, light polarization, and what can be called “toxic positivity”. There is much that can be seen as hopeful about having the nodal alignment be immediately followed by this Jupiter activation.

2022-2023:  Two Major Cycles

  1. TRANSITING SATURN CONJUNCT US MOON at 27Aquarius12 from June 4th, 2022—February 12, 2023.

This transit occurs about every 30 years. This initiation, specifically applies to the US Moon, and the lineage storyline of the US, as referenced above with the Saturn conjunction to the South Node.  Saturn teaches us how to grow, change, and evolve via limitations and boundaries. I feel that it’s yet another testing ground as to whether the US has “right use” of its Aquarius Moon (and the entire Gemini job in the Aquarius tribe storyline). At its worst, this is yet another possible example of a “top down” attempt by Saturn to control the ideals of Aquarius. This is connected to the “shadow” of Aquarius, including the totalitarianism of collectivism, highjacking of the egalitarian freedom ideals, for the “greater good”, and the belief in trans-humanism, artificial Intelligence,  and democracy becoming the rule of the majority. These tendencies are very different from the ideals of “The Enlightenment” that inspired the founding fathers and revolutionaries that created the United States. At its best, paired with the earlier Saturn transit of the South Node, facts and truth could become important again, and objective reality could inspire a change in course that can remember the original ideals of freedom, liberty, and individuality. How the US responds to this Saturn transit will go a long way towards determining how these next two cycles will be experienced.

  1. UNITED STATES PLUTO RETURN at 27Capricorn32  from January 22, 2022–October 11, 2023

In most eyes, including mine, this is the Big One. A Pluto return can only occur every 248 years.  At best, in certain generations, a person can conceivably experience a Pluto opposition, but never a return.  But a country can, and that is about to happen with the United States. Natally, Pluto is opposing Mercury retrograde in Cancer and squaring Chiron. Also of note is that the US has the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all in Cancer, in the 8th house.

 In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, Plutonian (and Chironic) initiations are seen as “underworld” or lower world initiations. Pluto’s job is to compost what is dead, decayed and spent. All that needs composting will be composted. And out of that will emerge new growth, new life, a re-birth, or even a renaissance. When applied globally, and not only to the United States, these final few years of Pluto in Capricorn can easily symbolize the death throes of patriarchy, hierarchical controls, and rotten bureaucratic systems. Out of this can come a new and re-animated version of the “circle of grandmothers” and Council of Elders that are dedicated to honoring the remaining wisdom of the past, all the way back to our matrilineal gatherer/hunter roots, as well as conceiving the necessary new ways for caring about the many generations to come. This must involve composting the notion, of the Kali Yuga, that humans have dominion over the earth and its plants and animals. This is leading to the 6th Mass Extinction. Instead what can be possible is a reanimation of a shamanic and animistic awareness that humans are part of the web of life. Without that, humans are alien to their own planet.


  1. UNITED STATES CHIRON RETURN at 20Aries08  from April 2024-February 2025

Chiron returns happen about every 50 years, making this the 5th Chiron return for the United States. As indicated above, the Chiron placement on the US chart is connected to Pluto, as well as the Cancerian placements of the Sun and Mercury. Chiron returns seem to have two primary functions: 1) For indicating where a specific wounding or fracture point is located, and 2) to serve as a teacher to help digest the wound and transform it into an elixir, a medicine. The sense I get is that this highlights one of the three main challenges of the US chart. In this case, it’s the shadow side of Cancer itself, meaning provincialism, clannishness, and a disinterest in other cultures, other than its own. This manifests as the blindness of the belief in American exceptionalism, in utter disregard of the objective evidence. This also includes a sentimental Cancerian attachment to notions of our past that actually never existed. And I cannot fail to mention a failure to acknowledge the imperialistic actions, disguised as being humanitarian and exporting democracy. Here is also a connection to the Saturn transits through Aquarius, that revealed another of the shadow elements of the US chart, as explained above. This Chiron return adds on to the implications of the Pluto return. It’s hard to not see this as a deep reckoning and referendum on the original intent and promise of the American project.


When taking into account the larger global story, including the bottoming out of Kali Yuga, the end and beginning of a 25,920 year precessional cycle, the possible end and beginning of 12 precessional cycles, the great mutation of Jupiter/Saturn and the Fourth Turning of the US, Europe, and even China, it’s quite hard to ignore that something truly extraordinary is taking place.  (SEE GLOBAL UPDATE)Whilst this may seem ‘negative’ to some, rather it’s truly a Three Worlds Approach:

  1. Upper World:  The Universe is unfolding as it should. All is well. Gaia and Great Mystery are orchestrating all this and it is impossible to completely know the intent. If we can see and experience all that is happening from a healthy expression of objective awareness, high witness, and cosmic overview, it can be possible to hold a non evaluative and non judgmental stance. This includes knowing who we really are as sovereign and autonomous sparks of divinity, Atman within the Brahman. Toxic positivity and light polarization is not useful, and only polarizes the darkness.
  2. Middle World: This requires a courageous ability to be willing to look directly into the reality of the world situation; the amazing possibilities of transforming the world, as well as the reality of the evil that can exist in Kali Yuga, and at any great “Turning of the Ages”. It has never been more important to find your place on the wheel, know your archetype, and to show up with your contribution. Be willing to question what it really means to be “human” and that maybe trans-humanism and human 2.0 is not actually what we want. Very possibly it’s “devolution” and not a version of linear “progress”.
  3. Lower World: I believe that it is important to include the possibility that the 6th mass extinction is natural and inevitable.  Composting, and the reality that Autumn and Winter, naturally follow Spring and Summer. Surrender, and the expectable chaos, is completely natural. Here we find the linkage with the Upper World approach. It is critical that we connect with the essence of who we really are, far beyond our knowledge, resumes and peak experiences. And that our frail ego identities are transitory and not of any actual truth or substance. And yet, we have a part to play.

Lastly, the role of a Shamanic Astrologer is to communicate with Great Mystery, to try our best to connect with universal intent, and to play our part in the reciprocal relationship between Great Mystery and an awakened and co-creative human. We inform the “Mystery” as much as it communicates with us.  For me, my prayer is that the expectable “suffering” will be as minimal as possible, while also knowing that we are not ultimately controlling the outcome, or the prime reason for any of it.

In PART TWO, I will explore the remarkable additional meanings potentially inherent in the synodic cycles of Venus, Mars, and Mercury; as well as a closer look at the implications of the “Fourth Turning” for the United States, Europe and China.

For further background see the 2020 seminars, the December Solstice 2020 seminars, and my vlogcasts about the Age of Aquarius and the Jupiter/Saturn “great mutation”

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan

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Archetypes and Signs

Shamanic Astrology is archetypally driven. We see the signs, such as Libra or Scorpio, as an archetypal energy. What does that mean? What are archetypes? What do they have to do with you and your chart? That’s what I’m diving into today.

What is an Archetype? defines archetype in two ways: 

  1. the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or based; a model or first form; prototype.
  2. (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern or thought, image, etc. universally present in individual psyches.

In Shamanic Astrology we are more interested in the Jungian definition, but the first one works too. An archetype is the original pattern or prototype of an energy we all have in our unconscious. It’s a power that speaks to us inside, beyond conscious comprehension, yet we still know and understand it. Common examples include: the hero, the sage, the lover. Images and feelings immediately come to mind when you read those, right? That’s an archetype. 

We may all get a different feelings or images, but that is due to cultural teachings and overlays placed on top of the pure archetypal essence. The same happens with the signs or archetypes, but we’ll come to that later. For now, we just need to understand that there are universal symbols and spirits that speak to our Souls. We understand these energies whether we are conscious of them or not.

In Shamanic Astrology we see the twelve signs of the zodiac, as archetypes, a dozen energies we know and experience internally, often completely unconsciously. There were certain archetypal energies present when you were born, based on where the planets in the solar system were in relationship to you. Your birth chart is the map of these archetypes and these powers. It shows us the archetypes you already know or are newly learning about and exploring as part of your Soul’s evolution in this lifetime. Pretty cool huh?

If you have an Aries Moon, you have a level of expertise in the Aries archetype. You naturally know about your inner strength, your individual expression and feel centered when you have a committed path of action. If Aries is your ascendant or rising sign, then you are here to learn lessons that help you step into the Aries archetypal energy.

Each sign is an archetypal energy, not just some personality trait. It runs so much deeper than that and takes us back thousands of years in our ancestral heritage. Our mission is to simply do our best to step into the archetypal spirit we are here to investigate in this lifetime. The more we do that, the more we feel we are on our true path and experience more fulfillment in our lives. It is not always easy, but it ultimately feels good as we arrive there more and more. The trick is in discovering the true archetypal energy and not the current cultural overlay.

Archetypal Essence vs Cultural Overlay

This is a deep topic that can take us down many worm holes, so I’m going to explain the basics and keep this in our collective Beginner’s Corner language. Doesn’t all the astrology-speak in so much astrological writing frustrate you? It’s like legalese – if you’re new to the language you can easily get lost in esoteric and lofty ideas.

The gist is there is the true essence of the archetype that has existed for thousands of years, the original form or prototype (if we go back to the dictionary definition). After that comes the culture’s interpretation or biases overlaid on that original pure essence. We could instead say the culture’s misinterpretation. 

Let’s take the sage archetype example from above. The essence is wisdom, elderly, profound knowledge, been around the block. The current cultural overlay is old, crone, used up, out of touch, dispensable. We feel the beauty of the sage within us, but as a culture we do not value the elderly. How often over the past year have you heard, “Well, it’s just killing the elderly” like that’s ok or not a big deal? 

Getting into the astrological archetypes, let’s use Virgo as an example. Virgo’s archetypal essence is the earth priest or priestess in service to Gaia, sensing and showing us all the patterns of the sacred wheel of life in nature. The current cultural overlay is nitpicky, anal-retentively organized, great at being accountants. When did the druid become a CPA? I saw a post from my stepson once around his Virgo-ness, assuaging people of their fears that he won’t be coming over to organize their sock drawers. It’s funny, but demonstrates society’s misunderstanding around the deepest earth-connected archetype.

Certain archetypes or signs are in fashion in a culture and some are not. Take Pisces for instance. We love Pisces-type women who are healers, have compassion and hold space for our pain, even to their own energetic detriment. But, we run from Pisces men, saying they’re weak or overly emotional. This is all about cultural overlay and nothing to do with the incredible power of the archetype of Pisces. We need more men to step into their healing power, completely communed with Spirit in our world. Or the reverse, we love a stereotypical Aries man, grunting warriors who sacrifice themselves for our protection, but an Aries woman is just flat out a b*!&#. Again, cultural overlay on the beautiful protector archetype who is all in committed to a mission and purpose to make this world a better place. 

It is the archetypes we’re trying to embody, and ultimately heal from the cultural overlays. It feels like swimming upstream if the archetypes on your chart are out of the current fashion, but WOW when you embrace the essence of your archetype, you feel like you’re floating back home on the lazy river. It is the feeling of, “Oh, there I am!”

For more Information on your individual archetypal energy, check out The Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario with Cayelin Castell.

Sheridan Semple


Pisces New Moon – March 2021

The New Moon on March 13 is one part of a Pisces packed place in the sky!

A New Moon is always when the Moon passes by the Sun, therefore creating a new lunar cycle. A time of renewal for all of us as the Moon goes through the light of the Sun, recharging with insights to bring to the darker areas of the sky for a Full Moon two weeks later.

This time, the Moon not only passes the Sun, though also Neptune is merely 2 degrees away and Venus almost as close too!

Pisces is the energy that is being accented. What I suggest is that your New Moon rituals and intentions are punctuated with Pisces particularities.

In specific: Pisces is soft, caring, compassionate and empathetic energy. The archetype of a dreamer, healer, mystic or poet at union with the divine.

These are the usual energies of a Pisces New Moon and Neptune adds much more of the very same thing!

Neptune is an outer planet adding in like-a-teacher it’s influence to the new lunar cycle. Neptune teaches through fuzziness, dreaminess and intangibility. It shows us how to get into our heart and allow a healing to take place. Much like Pisces energy, Neptune adds-in or doubles the intentions set at this particular new cycle with even more Pisces potency.

Neptune is most resonant with Pisces.

Neptune is an antidote for too much clarity.

It’s hard to plan these days. I’d love to travel, though you don’t know if you you’ll be stopped somewhere at a border or put in quarantine as the rules change so quickly.

If you think you know clearly where you are going, you might just be wrong.

Delusion, confusion, illusion. It’s time to just be. Be in our hearts.

by Levi Banner. You can read Levi’s full article here.

March Equinox Seminars Start Next Week

Friday March 19th-Wednesday March 24th, 2021             

Every year around the time of the March Equinox, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School ™ has celebrated this time of year with special events.  Often it has been in-person all-school gatherings and retreats.  Due to the continuing extraordinary global circumstances, we are offering five different Zoom seminars.  This worked out quite well last year at this time, and we hope that you can join in one or more of these offerings.


Friday March 19th, “GLOBAL UPDATE” with Daniel Giamario and Levi Banner

Leading off will be a GLOBAL UPDATE with SAMS Co-Founder, Daniel Giamario, and Levi Banner, a fully initiated certified Shamanic Astrologer, heading up school efforts in Bali.  These two, from completely different generations, will update us on the extraordinary astrological and historical cycles that global humanity is currently experiencing.  They will explore the larger 26,000 precessional cycle, its relationship with the Kali Yuga, the Jupiter/Saturn so-called “great mutation” in Aquarius, and the triple square of Saturn to Uranus, and the other most important cycles of 2021.  This follows up on the 2017 presentations in the SAMS produced summit “Preparing for 2020”, and several other presentations in 2020 and 2021.  Without much doubt, the times we are in include the most extraordinary set of circumstances for global humanity in 12,900 years, at least.  Click here for background information.

Saturday March 20th, “Sex and Gender in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™” with Daniel Giamario and SAMS President Mary Kern

Next up is evolving new material looking into sex and the ever-expanding gender roles in these deeply confusing times.  Also explored will be how this impacts relational concepts and choices.  Beyond identity politics, this will continue the long process that came into prominence in the early 1970’s, with the emergence of the most recent women’s movements and gay liberation.  They will demonstrate the revolutionary approach of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ for establishing a foundation to help with the current climate of divisions and separation.  Click here for recent background information 

Sunday March 21st, “Mars Focus with Erik Roth and Daniel Giamario”

The understanding of the synodic cycles of the inner planets comprises one of the five “crown jewels” of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.  Erik has worked extensively with Daniel over the years to explore and evolve our understanding of the Mars cycle.  This seminar will be an ‘everything Mars’ sharing, including the current Aries “overtone”, Mars cycles, and Mars returns.  They will also discuss the need for a new understanding of Aries, for men and women.  The implications of this for the Inner Sacred Marriage Process (another “crown jewel”) will be presented.  Lastly, the Mars cycle can be seen as a description of the archetypal human lifespan.  Click here for recent background information.

Tuesday March 23rd, “Mercury Focus with Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow”

This will be an “everything Mercury” presentation.  Mercury is often overlooked by many astrologers (even us sometimes!).  Daniel, with the help of Awen, the new treasurer and managing director of SAMS, will share quite unique understandings of the Mercury cycle.  We will also delve into the Aquarius, Gemini, and Libran Mercury overtones of 2021.  Also included will be a deep dive into Mercury retrogrades and Mercury returns.  Learn how all the mythic Mercury/Hermes/Iris roles can be found in the Mercury cycle.  This information has only previously been available in the SAMS Synodic Cycles Online Course.

Wednesday March 25th, “Venus Alchemy with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk”

Presented by SAMS co-founder Cayelin Castell and past SAMS president Tami Brunk, this will be a deep dive into the current underworld phase of the Venus cycle and the upcoming evening star phase of the Gemini overtone/meta-goddess.  She will rise from the underworld near the Pleiades and her first gate evening star gate occurs with the royal star Aldebaran, close to where she began her current journey in June of 2020.  Implications for men and the inner sacred marriage process will also be included. Click here for more information.

Click here for event registration and further information