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Jane Anthony

My passion and intrigue for Shamanic Astrology began in Bali in 2019 when I was introduced to it through Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork trainings with Levi Banner. The world dramatically slowing down in 2020 offered me an opportunity to fully dive into the material and I graduated with my Foundational Certification as Shamanic Astrology Counsellor in May 2021. I feel so fortunate to have had a tribe of Bali based Shamanic Astrology students to study alongside, especially as we navigated the rapidly changing world and dove deeper into personal introspection at this time. Graduating together, on a Bali seaside cliff under a full lunar eclipse, was a defining moment I will never forget.
I have also recently joined the SAMS Outreach team to guide a refresh of the curriculum and supporting materials for the online courses. As a Mystery School, content has evolved over time and technology has moved on so refreshing these offerings is perfectly timed alongside a brand and website update. I am deeply passionate about making the teachings of Daniel & the school widely accessible and am honoured to be a part of this team.
My alchemy of Capricorn (Moon), Scorpio (Venus) and Sagittarius (Asc, Mars, Mercury) makes for a uniquely grounded pragmatic approach to a deeply passionate search for truth and meaning within the Shamanic Astrology mysteries- a journey that has only just begun.
Jane Anthony
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali

Jonna Karjunen

My name is Jonna Karjunen, I am originally from Finland and since late 2019 I have been based in Bali, where I had my first Shamanic Astrology reading, or a proper personal astrology reading in general, with Kat whom I had the honour of graduating with recently.
Kat was speaking about me and my life with words that resonated in such a deep way and validated so many aspects of myself that I hadn’t had a conscious connection with before. I felt like my journey had meaning and purpose after having been lost for quite some time, having left my job, my burnouts, my addictions and my life in Finland but not knowing what I was going to do next. I felt like I was not at the effect of myself anymore and found a way to work with all these different aspects of myself that I had formed a new relationship with during and after that reading.
The energies that I had felt and followed in my life were introduced in a new, more conscious, celebratory and ceremonial way and I felt like I was truly seen and understood. I was initiated in a way I didn’t even realise at the time and my new, deeper relationship with myself and my journey with Shamanic Astrology had only just begun.
I am cancer moon and I had the Leo job, I am a Sag rising with a new job of Aquarius, Venus in Libra and Mars is Leo and there is a fair amount of Uranus and Pluto aspects along with a dash of Saturn and Scorpio comes in with my MC, Mercury and Sun. With this cocktail (and all the rest of the spices to it that I am not listing here) I continue to dive deeper into the great mystery and I am looking forward to learning more, more, more, climbing higher, connecting with the planets and all you beautiful people sharing this path with me. I LO-VE sharing about, talking about, thinking about and connecting with Astrology, bringing it to the world and with each reading expanding and learning more and more.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry used to be my dream school, but I found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School instead. I am feeling inspired, exited and super grateful to be here now, with you all, co-creating the future of SAMS at this evolutionary time, at the turning of the ages, so we all can level up and bring this magic to the world that I feel desperately needs it.
Jonna Karjunen
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali

Pia Gurgel

Pia Gurgel just graduated among seven other Shamanic Astrology students and is now newly certified as a foundational Shamanic Astrology Counselor. At the age of 32, this is an exciting time for her with Saturn and Jupiter cycles happening in addition to her Inner Sacred Marriage which she vowed to in a ceremony Levi Banner and some of her fellow students were holding recently.
Pia discovered astrology during a time filled with a lot of transformation and transition on her life, and fell in love with the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm when she was training with Levi in Bali for Yoga and Shamanic Breathwork in 2019. She has continued to study with him mostly online while being in Germany before finally returning to Bali in May 2021- just in time to graduate under the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!
What she is fascinated by the most in the paradigm is the interweaving of archetypes and psychology while bringing in Shamanic elements and acknowledging the Great Mystery. As a Sagittarius Moon and Rising, Pia has found a way to find a deeper truth and meaning in life through the school. She is very grateful and humbled about all the personal insights she’s received and is more than excited to dive further into the material.
She believes that Shamanic Astrology has been one of the most powerful tools and that the teachings have greatly enhanced her understanding and the compassion she’s having for herself, for whatever life is bringing up for her and for others. She offers individual readings and also includes Shamanic Astrology in her work as a Life Coach since it’s her true passion to work with people over an extended period of time to support them on their personal quest of self-exploration in a deeper and more meaningful way.
Pia-Rebecca Gurgel
Located in Germany/Bali
Certified in 2021

Talis Jacobsen

My name is Talis Shai and I am from Canada, and have been living in Bali since the beginning of 2020. In Bali I was introduced to Shamanic Astrology by Levi Banner, and, since then, I was enchanted by it and wanted to learn everything I could. Which is what I did for the past year, immersing myself in the three foundational courses, doing countless ceremonies and spending as much time as possible with the night sky.
Shamanic Astrology came as a natural complement to something that I was already passionate about: Tarot Reading. Previous to coming to Bali, I had been working for years as a Tarot Reader in Sydney, Australia. Often my clients would ask me for astrological information in the sessions and, however, at the time, I only had a basic understanding of mainstream astrology and it never felt right. Learning about astrology was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, yet, most of the courses and schools I looked into felt too mainstream, half-cracked or superficial. This is why I was so thrilled to discover Shamanic Astrology, which offered me the depth, knowledge and spiritual connection to the earth and sky that I had been seeking.
I am an Aquarius Moon with the job in the Leo tribe; And, I am a Leo Rising with a job in the Aquarius Tribe. So, where I am coming from and where I am going to are linked and inverse each other. With the Aquarius moon, not surprisingly, I have felt often in my life like I am an outsider and that I don’t fully belong – yet, paradoxically have always felt this free-electron kind of expansive energy that I belong everywhere and have been able to create a life of diverse energies and experiences. I am confident that this astrology paradigm will help me to eventually embody the fullness of these archetypes – and others– ultimately helping to create more love and expansion of consciousness in this world – for myself, for others, for the planet.
Since I was a child spending summers in Northern Canada watching the Aurora Borealis in the sky amidst a tapestry of stars, I have been fascinated by the magic and mystery of the celestial dances. I am so excited to have had this initiation into this school at this very significant time in the Turning of the Ages. I am excited to now offer both Tarot and Astrology, and feel like I am now overflowing with more astrological knowledge than I could have imagined when I first felt inspired to learn about the stars and planets! I am filled with passion and inspiration to bring the message of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School into the minds and hearts of people all over the globe.
Talis Shai Jacobsen
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali
Phone/WA: +61 499 499 249

Florence Boissenin

My name is Florence Boissenin and I was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. My journey into astrology started on 1 January 1988, on the 2nd pass of my first Uranus square, almost to the day. I had been backpacking on the most Western island of Brittany but was forced to return to the mainland by an upcoming winter storm. It was New Year’s Eve and pouring rain.

I was hitchhiking and starting to resent the tricky situation my adventurous spirit had yet again gotten me into when a car that had just passed by stopped, drove back, and its driver asked if I needed help.

This man, who became a dear friend, turned out to be an astrologer, so the first thing he did the next day was to draw my chart. I don’t remember anything about the reading he gave me but when I got back home, I hung his drawing above my bed. In the weeks that followed, Neptune started appearing in my dreams.

It was really intriguing because the dreams were clearly connected to the drawing and it was as if Neptune was teaching me, showing me things about my chart. I talked to one of my teachers about it, who had an interest in astrology, and she recommended that I read a book by Liz Greene she lent me. I liked Liz Greene a lot, but still had no idea what was going on. In the next months of that year, I had the opportunity to look at many books on astrology, first at my friend’s in Brittany, and later in California, where it turned out that the stepmother of the friend I was staying at was also an astrologer.

My friend in Brittany had showed me how to calculate charts (since there were no computer programs available back then) and I was able to do so, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually read any of those books from the beginning to the end. All I did was gather bits and pieces of information from them to try and connect the dots and understand my chart better. So when some people I had met and told about this asked me to read their charts, I said I couldn’t. But they insisted and I tried.

To my surprise, they loved it and the next day people started lining up behind my door asking for readings. To this day, I do not know how I gave those readings, I can’t remember a thing I said, nor what method I used. This went on for a few years, first in California, then back in Switzerland. I was even asked to give a course at an adults’ evening school, and I did.

Surprisingly, perhaps, it did not elate me to be in that position. There was a part of me which was extremely reluctant, extremely aware of the fact I had no idea what I was doing, and I always felt that I had to be very careful. However, I could see that the readings were helpful for people, and I sensed that it was not right to refuse doing something that was helping, even if I had no clue why. I decided I would continue until the day this stream of clients stopped or I would feel I was not helping anymore.

I acted with great care and integrity but nonetheless remained very uncomfortable, so at one point I decided I had to get some sort of ‘official’, ‘proper’ training. Back then, there weren’t too many options available to me in Europe. I couldn’t travel to London to learn at Liz Greene’s school (which I would have done, otherwise, since I liked her Jungian psychoanalytical approach) but there was a school in Zurich, the Huber school.

I went there for an introductory weekend and at one point Mrs Huber, the founder of the school, glanced at my chart. This old lady, whose wrinkles – believe it or not –  formed a Neptune glyph between her eyebrows, at first looked puzzled, then shook her head and handed me back my chart saying: You don’t need this training. 

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, trying in good faith to figure out what to do with this astrology business which had ‘fallen on my head’, and the only person I knew of who could have given me some ‘legitimacy’ and peace of mind was refusing to teach me. So I asked her: What am I supposed to do, if it’s not what you do? She simply said: I have no idea. This is when I gave up on learning about astrology the ‘normal’ way.

I later did find someone who seemed to be able to tell me more and for a few years practised something different which is called ‘Shet’, an ancient Celtic word which means ‘knowledge of the forces of the planets’. This was more like channelling short messages from planets, stars and constellations to help people with the issues they were currently working on. But at one point I felt it was not right for me to continue, so I stopped using astrology professionally and only kept track of my personal transits and those of the people close to me, all the while still remaining curious about understanding my own chart better.

At the very beginning of my Chiron Return, I was ‘grounded’ by illness and realized that my life had to change or I would not survive. This is when the idea of doing astrology professionally came back to me and I decided to give it another go. I studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London (which could now be done via the Internet) and passed their Certificate but realized that this kind of work was making me ill because it is much too intellectual and it depletes me of my life force. So I tried other approaches and this is how I came across Gemini Brett, who mentioned Shamanic Astrology and talked about Virgo during a session I did with him in a way which really intrigued me. Curiosity about the Virgo Mystery School led me to take all the online SAMS courses.

The Universe helped me by throwing in the Covid lockdown, which gave me time for this which I was not supposed to have. When I looked at the cover of the Handbook, I couldn’t believe it: Here was the Callanish stone circle I had visited the summer before, where I had received such a powerful transmission: The stones greeted me into their Sacred Circle and called me one of their own. I remembered the pledge I had made in that circle long ago to return to the Light.

To me the stones felt like Living Beings, and they bowed in respect as I took leave. For a reason I cannot explain, it had felt then like I may never be able to return and be with them, so I had said farewell, but they have been accompanying me ever since and knowing of their presence I feel I am never alone. 

Finally, in May 2021, I was blessed with being part of the beautiful certification ceremony we did online and have been immensely grateful ever since for being a part of the SAMS community. For yet another reason I cannot explain, on this long journey which has been mysterious from the beginning, and I suppose will remain so to the end, it really feels like this is a kind of astrology and a group of astrologers I can call home.

This is why I say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart to Daniel, to Cayelin and to all of you who make up SAMS, not least for giving me a chance to tell my story and for listening to the end. 

Florence, certified in 2021, based in Switzerland 

P.S.: For those who might be curious, I have the Taurus Job in the Aquarian Tribe and yes, I have been desperately trying to land on this planet. Venus at 29° Leo was conjunct Regulus when I was born on the eighth day of the eighth month (the famous Lion’s Gate which is NOT such a big deal, apparently, as we read in a recent newsletter).

And, as you will have gathered by now, I have been trying to figure out what the heck my Sacred Work is, like any other Virgo Rising person, except that in my case it’s even more of a headache since I have Jupiter in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant, so that no extra hint can be gleaned from the ‘Dharma planet’… except that Sacred the Work must be, and that I did not land on Gaia by chance: There clearly is a Pattern to it all. However, as you certainly can guess from the story, Neptune has been making the whole thing completely fuzzy (yet oh so magical): I am an honorary Piscean who has no planets in Pisces but Sun-Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo in the 12th house, with Neptune squaring all of them except Mars (which it trines)… so at some point I WILL achieve radical, radiant Self-Love and Sovereignty, but there have been many delays…