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Pluto Conjunct USA Pluto, Number Two, Plus More Out-of-Bounds Moons

By Daniel Giamario

By now most know that the US is in the midst of its Pluto Return.  The next threshold event is now upon us.  The first conjunction was February 20th and the third and final exact conjunction will occur at the end of the year on December 28th.  On Monday, July 11th, 2022, at 3:35PM PDT, the second exact Pluto conjunction happens at 27:32:57Capricorn.  This second exact Pluto conjunction stands apart from the two other exact Pluto conjunctions with some maverick features.  First, like Pluto in the US chart in 1776 the US Pluto was also retrograde.  Another interesting factor is that this conjunction on Monday is with an extreme Out-Of-Bounds (OOB) Moon (at 23Sagittarius32), with the Moon at 26S01 declination, more than two and a half degrees OOB.  The other two conjunctions do not have an OOB Moon.  Therefore, this July 11 event has two maverick features, Retrograde and OOB Moon.  Quite frankly, most anything is possible, with much greatly hidden.  It will be quite difficult to have any confidence in what is real or what in the outside world can be trusted.  What is clear, though, is the main theme: Can the USA honestly look at its shadow?  Can the USA own up to its abandonment of the dreams and visions of the Founders?  And, will there be the required courage to compost that which is obsolete and destructive, so as to make space for a rebirth and renaissance?

This Monday-Wednesday contains the next of the bi-monthly extreme Out-of-Bounds Moons.  The greatest extreme will be around 2:00PM PDT on Tuesday the 12th.  The Moon at 7Capricorn35 will be 26S55 declination, a full three and a half degrees beyond the ecliptic.  By 2024, this will stretch out beyond 28 degrees.  I have felt that beyond two and a half degrees to be noticeable and significant.  Key words for OOB Moons can include eccentricity, extreme uniqueness, seeing beyond the boundaries of “normal” Capricorn and Sagittarius (or Gemini and Cancer at the North declination Solstice Moons), and a high resistance to being assimilated.  Here is some data for the next three days:

Monday the 11th      at 7:00am PDT:       25S13    18Sagittarius03

Tuesday the 12th       at 7:00am PDT:      26S49    3Capricorn09

Wednesday the 13th at 7:00am PDT      26S25    18Capricorn24

Last, but not least, is the Full Moon at 11:38AM PDT on the July 13th at 21Capricorn21.  The Moon will still be significantly OOB at 26S06 declination.  Adding to the importance of this Full Moon time is that this is the closest perigee Moon of the year, known by many as a Super-Moon.  Adding this all up, the intensity of these factors suggests great possibilities of breakthroughs at this time.  This kind of Full Moon, OOB and Super Moon can bring to light a great deal that is in the shadows, should one have the courage to look.

Vesta Stations Retrograde July 8, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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The only asteroid we can see with the naked eye, Vesta, stations retrograde on July 8th at 6°53’ Pisces.  Vesta is a symbol of our sacred hearth within, the sign/archetype which is nurtured and held in sacred trust in ourselves.  The astrological house also matters to expression to one’s natal Vesta position.  The retrograde point of Vesta takes place about every 16-17 months and signals the ending of its synodic cycle until it reaches opposition with the Sun, which comes up August 22nd.

The Earth has caught up with Vesta, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter and is one of the most massive asteroids and is nearly large enough to be a small planet.  Vesta is in the sign of Pisces, a sign that opens the heart and spirit to the great ocean of the cosmos, loving and between the middle world and the celestial realm.

Pisces is an archetype of the Empath and Healer, transcending the attachments of the complexities of the middle world life.  Pisces is of service to the humanity, the divine and beyond.  As an archetype, it is at home in the dream world, merging with feelings in totality, taking other forms as it takes on the feelings of others.

Pisces is made for transitory states with those forms and dreams and not to stay locked into a feeling or become addicted to it.  Its service can help others by its recognition and understanding of the feelings of others and how much power those can hold, reaching into the deepest fractures and wounds of the psyche and heart to help guide a person to heal.

Vesta’s role with Pisces is to assist us in opening our hearts to be of sacred service without bias.  It is also in recognizing the healer and empath within ourselves, nurturing it as a strength rather than some perceived weakness.  When we get out of our head and into our heart, we can realize and learn on a significantly different level of knowledge that goes beyond the Western mechanistic paradigm.  It can free ourselves into the oneness with the divine itself.

On the planet today, there seems to be a great deficit of empathy and compassion, especially with the increase in mass shootings and deepening divisions, splitting communities and cultures apart.  There is an overflowing amount of fear and psychic wounding all around us.  The fears and wounds come from that separation with the oneness and of seeing others that remind us of our own wounds.  These can create powerful knots of energy in our psyche called complexes, which can act out unconsciously and create more wounds and spread fears.

Reaching within our hearts and learning to accept the gifts of healing through empathy and compassion, without judgment, then we can begin our own healing journey.  Vesta in Pisces can help make it a sacred process and to understand our own patterns and relationship to the divine.

Vesta’s retrograde journey takes it back into the sign of Aquarius on August 21st, just one day before the asteroid’s opposition with the Sun and start of a new synodic cycle. Vesta will spend a total of three months in retrograde until October 5th when it stations direct at 22°58’ Aquarius, then move back into Pisces on November 20th.

We can include the sign of Aquarius in a merging with Pisces during this retrograde period and start of a new synodic cycle.  Both Aquarius and Pisces are signs with strong resonance with the celestial or upper realm.  Aquarius connects to the upper realm through its expansion of consciousness, the mind and desire for objective reality and cosmic perspective.  Pisces connects through its desire for oneness between the heart and the divine and to be of universal service to all without egoic bias.

With Aquarius and Pisces, Vesta encourages us to co-create sacred space (temple, grove, garden, etc) inclusive of empathy, conscious change, compassion, service, and objective reality.  It is about manifesting the healthy qualities of each of these archetypal energies for the higher benefit of all.

Vesta’s retrograde pattern in the sky also contributes to the intent of this transit.  The area of the sky that Vesta is in is currently below the ecliptic and between the Goat-Fish and Water-Bearer constellations.  It stations retrograde around the knees and water droplets (going into the cosmic waters and Earth), then retrogrades back over in late September and October below the tail of the Goat-Fish.

This is a transitionary region of the sky.  Vesta will be helping us as it crosses back and forth over it. Vesta will activate and access the wisdom of the ancient stories and our own natural human abilities to adapt and adjust to the great turning of a new age, that has been in the works for decades now.

As we recognize Vesta stationing retrograde on July 8, we can open our hearts and consciousness to greater levels of compassion and healing.  We can give to others in a healthy way and be of service in the world.  Vesta is assisting us in these sacred innate gifts we possess and it is emphasized during the retrograde period.

Mars in Taurus July 5, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Mars in Taurus July 4/5th

The red planet Mars enters the sign of Taurus at 11:04 pm PDT July 4th / 2:04 am PDT July 5th.  The entry of Mars in Taurus also crosses over the point where it was on January 6, 2021 in the moments of the insurrection at the US Capitol building.  In its synodic cycle, Mars is nearing the end of its 5th phase and final maturation of the sign of Aries, which began back on October 13, 2020 (last Sun-Mars opposition) encapsulating much of the energy we are experiencing with Mars and the masculine today.

The transition from the end of Aries into Taurus is a pivotal one for other reasons as it marks the beginning of runup to Mars’ conjunction with the Moon’s North Node and the planet Uranus on August 1st – a relatively rare alignment that is the closest in over one thousand years.

Taurus is about receiving the physical pleasures and comforts in life.  Its essence is sensual, artistic and personal.  It is about living the “good life” in abundance with one’s self, especially with the five basic senses.  In today’s world, Taurus is also about the conveniences of those pleasures, being just a few clicks away to obtain nearly anything.  Many things in the West are almost too convenient with our relationship to Earth paying heavy price.

Mars in Taurus is an opportunity for action in a balancing act with our relationship with conveniences and pleasures while also taking steps in fully engaging with Earth’s gardens and the bounties it provides without excess.  It’s in knowing how much provides the pleasure to savor without discomfort or pain in ourselves.  It’s in checking in with ourselves and appreciating the gifts we are already blessed with.

Mars is an active force in transit, connecting us to the masculine principle archetype that permeates the 12 signs or zodiacal archetypes the planet expresses itself through.  However, Mars is most closely resonate with the sign of Aries as an instinctual actional energy, but that does not mean that ONLY Mars is that description in Shamanic Astrology.

In the early morning sky, Mars is visible at +0.4 and slowly brightening over the coming months.  It’s orange-red light reflects out to us above a special star that marks the “knot” of water trails from the leaping Fish Constellation.  This is Alrescha, a magnitude 4 star and the most well-known of the stars (and Alpha star) in this constellation.  Below Alrescha are the cosmic waters and Cetus the whale or leviathan (constellation).

Alrescha ties the ribbons or cord of the Fish as Mars ingresses into the earthy sign of Taurus and out of the watery Fish. Mars will continue through the sign of Taurus, transiting the constellation of the Ram and above Cetus and reaches the Bull Constellation before entering the sign of Gemini on August 20th, which begins a 7-month long journey through Gemini and months later, a new synodic cycle.



JULY 4, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

For many reasons that I have shared elsewhere, I prefer Dane Rudhyars’s rectification of the US chart.  Here is the data that I use (from Rudhyar): July 4, 1776 5:13:55PM  Philadelphia, PA.  Although Solar Returns are not one of my top tier techniques, I have included here the USA Solar Return Chart on her 246th Birthday for reference.  What I have emphasized for a number of years now, is the Pluto Return and the second Neptune Opposition, with the fifth Chiron Return soon to follow in 2024. Of note to not overlook is the second exact Pluto conjunction on July 11th at 27Capricorn32. Coming soon this Fall is the US Progressed New Moon.

Something else has recently captured my attention.  Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is now at 14Cancer07 longitude by precession.   The US Sun is 13Cancer19.  The destiny of the US is intrinsically linked with this most important star, with her birth at their union.  Though certainly beyond the scope of a FaceBook post, it’s pretty clear to most researchers how much the Egyptian mysteries influenced the US Founding Fathers.  Across the globe, certain areas of the heavens have been dominant as symbols of great civilizations: particularly Sirius and the stars of the Pleiades.  Egypt and Africa seem to favor Sirius.   Australia, Meso-America, Polynesia and ancient America have favored the Pleiades.  This is something to ponder.   The heliacal rise of Sirius (so important to Egypt) now occurs in US latitudes August 9-11th.  This begins the so-called “dog days”.

A few other items of interest.  Mars enters Taurus 11:04PM PDT on the 4th.  This begins a most momentous ingress in this final portion of the elder wisdom phase of the current Mars Aries synodic overstory.  Please refer to my recent Solstice Seminar that includes lots of info about the Mars/Uranus/North Node alignment and the triggers with the 2022 eclipses: You can also see my US chart research here:

Last but not least, as of this week, the rare and amazing 5 planet morning star alignment will come to a close.  There will not be anything like this until 2040, with all 5 visible planets arrayed in their natural order.  As of July 3rd, Mercury has reached his guardian of the threshold phase and by July 8th, will disappear into the celestial underworld assuming his psychopomp identity.


New Moon and Neptune Stations Retrograde

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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New Moon and Neptune Stations Retrograde June 28, 2022

Neptune stations retrograde at 25 deg 26′ Pisces on the same day at the New Moon at 7°22’ Cancer.  The emphasis of this retrograde period is about allowing ourselves to drift off and let go of the stresses in our lives.  We can open up to the great oneness of the cosmos/divine in ourselves intimately connecting with Source, including Gaia.

Check out the full details here:

On a third-dimensional level, this may feel unsteady as reality holds little weight from a Neptunian / Celestial perspective.  There is a sense of impermanence in our journey in that all things can end, leaving new roads to appear and repeating the cycle over and over again.

The non-linearness of Neptune is subtly amplified during its retrograde period.  This may be used to do dreamwork, spiritual journeying/questing, sabbaticals and intuitive and creative flows of imaginative expressions where the ego takes a backseat.  Time is not relevant for Neptune.

It can also open up to the illusions of some realities that may be more transitory.  Meaning, it could highlight what is not meant to be or is simply “wishful thinking” and cannot manifest in reality.

The New Moon in Cancer is near the Galactic Edge, meaning the opposite of the Galactic Center.  The Cancerian archetypal energy of the New Moon adds to Neptune’s station point the watery feelings or the heart.  This makes for a greater activation of nurturing, compassion and a focus upon our families.

It is a great time to sow the seeds of the future in the garden and in our lives, to nurture that which we want to see blossom in the years to come.  New Moons are fantastic times to begin fresh projects or begin a new phase of our lives or in business.  For the Cancer archetype, it is about bringing the feelings of giving through the heart and taking responsibility for what we do sow.

It is an investment and expression of the love we share beyond just our immediate family and into all of humanity.  The New Moon near that Galactic Edge can guide us to the Silver Gate that welcomes in new soul’s entering the galaxy and Earth.  This is the beginning of an emerging family extended past the boundaries we had set in place.