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Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

FACEBOOK POST June 22, 2022

Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus
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A day after the June Solstice, the Moon transits through the sign of Aries with encounters of Chiron, then of Mars.  Mars and Chiron are only five degrees apart, zodiacally, in the sky and the Moon is the “fastest” planetary body across the sky, in terms of apparent movement.  Astrologically and symbolically, this is a time of self-healing our wounds.

The Moon can move 12-15 degrees across the sky in a 24-hour period of time, so it can be an excellent navigational guide for stargazers when the Moon meets in conjunction with stars and other planetary bodies.  In the case of the Mars and Chiron conjunctions with the Moon, only Mars is visible (and slowly brightening).  However, if one knows the time when the Moon crosses the area of the sky where Chiron is, then one can “see” the conjunction.

Astrologically, the lunar conjunctions of Mars and Chiron activate the Aries archetype through Mars and Chiron.  I’ve talked extensively about this in videos and Facebook posts.  I would point to my video about Chiron in Aries for a deeper discussion about the wounding and healing that is needed during this transit.

Mars symbolizes the archetypal masculine principle in shamanic astrology while Chiron represents the wounds and fractures that we are here to heal.  When we see the tragedies of humanity unfold, one powerful element of those tragedies is the core wounding from the masculine (in relation to the patriarchal expectations and projections).  One of those wounds is in not giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable in ourselves and truly feel what is coming up for us instead of covering it up, ignoring it and simply repressing it, in order to appear “strong” to the world around us.

Being “strong” may seem good at first, but over time more and more feelings are repressed, resulting in a variety of unconscious wounding and repressions of others externally because in order to be secure in an image of being “strong”.   Aries is a sign/archetype that thrives in its strength of mission and purpose, but it has been used in a way that nearly only supports strength without recognition that vulnerability is ALSO a strength.

The repression of our feelings over the long term does real harm not only to ourselves but to many others around us as well.  Chiron has teach us how we can heal ourselves by revealing our vulnerabilities and wounds.  Chiron can help us in the cleansing of the toxins within that relate to the identification with the wounds and grieve what no longer belongs within.

On this day, June 22nd, we can all explore what we have unconsciously or otherwise repressed in ourselves in order to integrate it back into our lives in a healthy manner that doesn’t perpetuate wounding around us or within ourselves.  We all have the capacity to face those wounds and to promote healing and wholeness inside and helping others do the same outside.


Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon Alert and Mars Conjunct Chiron

By Daniel Giamario


Following up on the powerful Super Perigee Full Moon yesterday, at 23Sagittarius25, the second closest Full Moon of the year, let’s tune in again to the Out-Of Bounds (OOB) Moon.  The Full Moon being near the December Solstice degree (and Galactic Center) was more than 2 and a half degrees south of the Ecliptic (-25S58).

All through 2022, ever increasing each month, and leading up to 2024, the Moon is becoming increasingly out-of-bounds (OOB) every time the Moon is near the Solstice degrees: Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These situations happen twice every lunation.  Great examples of this happen this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the Moon in late Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius     -25S58    South declination      Sun +23N28 North declination

Wednesday: Moon in Capricorn       -26S55    South declination      Sun +23N19 North declination

Thursday: Moon in Capricorn            -25nS49   South declination     Sun +23N21 North declination

The ecliptic has a maximum declination of 23.26degrees at this present time.  I consider that anytime the OOB Moon is more than two degrees beyond 23.26, we can become aware of the OOB Moon phenomena.  When 3 degrees beyond or more, taking notice is essential.  This is true on this Wednesday.  The next extreme OOB Moon, which will be near the Cancer Solstice zone, will be June 27-29.

An interesting side note for these three days, beyond the OOB phenomena, is that there is a nearly 50 degree difference between Moon and Sun at sunrise and sunset, from an observational perspective.  This is indeed an unusual situation.  For example, the Sun will rise more than 23 degrees north of due east, and the Moon will rise almost 27 degrees south of due east.

What meaning can be proposed?  Think of Mercury retrograde on steroids for 2-3 days.  Relative to the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, be prepared for totally beyond the bounds of normalcy circumstances.  Expect unexpected, and even un-thought of possibilities.  Maverick and even bizarre events can be expected.  It’s best to be at the front of the wave, not at the effect.  Those with prominent planetary placements in Sagittarius and Capricorn are on the front lines now.  Be one who either anticipates, or even creates out of the box experiences.  This situation is even more powerful, if you have the Moon in these signs.  Most profound of all would be for those of you with these Moon positions born near the years of 1931, 1950, 1969, 1987 and 2006.  This includes those with Moons in Gemini or Cancer (the other Solstice).  You will have been born with an extreme OOB Moon.  Your basic nature usually implies a character that is unique and not capable of being assimilated into the mainstream of consensus reality.

There is another factor to be aware of in these coming days:  Mars conjuncts Chiron at 7:17AM PDT on Wednesday, at 15Aries56.  Let’s intend that these OOB Moons aid Chiron for the necessary healing of patriarchal Aries, so that an elder wisdom can be discovered.

Full Moon at the Galactic Center

The Full Moon this month takes place on June 14th at 23°25’ Sagittarius, very close to the Galactic Center, which rests between the Scorpion and Archer constellations. The Earth is roughly between the Sun and Moon, each of which appear at opposite sides of the sky. The Sun is nearing the opposite of the Galactic Center, the Galactic Edge (or extreme) and about a week from the Solstice point.

This Full Moon helps us dive into the deep waters of the skyscape, the billowing star clouds and densest population of stars. It reflects the light of the Sun in Gemini in its own quest beyond our duality as the Moon’s placement activates the quest for a higher or greater truth in Sagittarius.

At the same time of this Full Moon, Mars is moving into a conjunction with Chiron in Aries, Mercury will have just moved back into the sign of Gemini and Venus with Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Combined, this shows a promise or intent for an opportunity to grieve (and gather the needed medicine) what was lost through destructive missions, an opening to the pleasures and treasures novel change and invoke one’s creative imagination to see beyond where we may be fixed.

The Full Moon activates this fiery archetype of Sagittarius. Its essence is the ongoing journey itself for meaning and truth. It is not to stop at one specific truth, but to be open to the unfoldment of the truth through the journey. This can be paved by actual roads, trails and pathways we travel along, including the inner ones in the subconscious and astral realm. The journey itself can be its own tangible, precious thing for the Sagittarian archetype, learning, exploring, and reaching out past the horizon into ever new territory.

Gateways could be opened during this Full Moon, to welcome the truth wherever it may come from and whatever it results in. Heavily inspired and drawn from the wisdom of Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar, Lynda Hill’s book, The Sabian Oracle, shares about each degree of the zodiac corresponding to an image or symbol. For this Sagittarius Full Moon at 23°25’, we add one to come up with the symbol of 24 Sagittarius. This gives us the image of “A Bluebird, a sign of good luck and happiness, is standing at the door of the house”.

The keywords of 24 Sagittarius and hence, this phase of the Moon are, “Calmness and rewards. Promise of happiness. Love and happiness available by acknowledging its presence. Real estate. House boundaries. Reminders of joy. Cottages and picket fences. Waiting for invitations to enter. Omens of good luck. Front doors and back doors.” (pg 264)

The meaning of all of this I intuit is something of new breath of life appearing on wings of potential. Have we locked ourselves in or are we waking up to a longing beyond the door? The blue color of the bird can symbolize the sky and seemingly infinite vastness to explore. Sagittarius wants to hop onto the trail or cosmic pathway beyond where it is. And the bluebird could be a messenger delivering an open-ended message that invites us to enter a new phase of ourselves.

The Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius, a mere four degrees from the Full Moon (the center of the great Galactic Bulge with its billions of stars) has been seen in a variety of ancient cultures as a “golden gate” where souls travel to after departing the Earth. They go to their next life to be rebirthed in the mysteries of the supermassive black hole residing there, where time and physics tend to break down into the unknown. This acts as a backdrop of this Full Moon.

In addition, the Scorpion constellation, a guardian of the Galactic Center, with its outstretched tail and stingers sitting below the Full Moon can help us pierce the mysteries if we surrender the mind and ego to experience the limitless of what could, perhaps, be co-created with Great Mystery and each other.

On the other side of the Galactic Center is the Archer constellation, whose arrow roughly points to that center. Bordered by the tip of the Scorpion’s tail and the Archer’s arrow, we can draw in imagery of creation as the Galactic Center region gives birth to innumerable stars in the fire that resides there.

The Full Moon activates all of this plus the Sagittarian quest for meaning. It is a great longing for humanity to find meaning and purpose on the planet. We are in relationship with all that is and we have a deep desire to know what that means for us personally and at times for humanity. It could be this Moon that offers us a little hope to light the way, revealing the shadow and the treasures that await discovery.

The Full Moon is an important marker this year but is also at the same time is small part of the much, much larger wave of cycles of planets this decade and more that guide humanity. Sagittarius is an archetype that can show us the way ahead and the territory we can yet to encounter. It lights the way ahead in the cradle of the Milky Way.

A Rare Morning Sky and Heliocentric Neptune

By Daniel Giamario


Today’s beautiful morning sky alignment,  containing all five visible planets, has something unusual and extraordinary about it.  Namely, all five planets are in their natural order: Mercury—Venus—Mars—Jupiter—Saturn.  The last time this alignment happened was in December 2004; now, nearly 20 years later, the gap is visibly smaller between Mercury and Saturn.  We will have to wait until 2040 to see this ordered arrangement once more in the morning sky.

The entire lineup is separated by only 91degrees.  This is now their tightest grouping, visible in just over a quarter of the sky.

Saturn     25Aquarius15     magnitude +0.8   near the tail of the Goatfish

Jupiter     04Aries34           magnitude -2.3     under Pegasus and above Cetus

Mars         09Aries07          magnitude +0.7     under Pegasus and above Cetus

Venus       10Taurus26        magnitude -3.9     near Hamal in the Ram

Mercury   26Taurus27        magnitude +1.0    conjunct Algol and approaching the Pleiades

You will have a chance to witness this all of June, with the waning crescent Moon joining them, beginning with Saturn on June 18th, and ending with Mercury on June 27th.  By then, the grouping will stretch out to cover over 130 degrees.  These days early this week are the closest grouping, just over a quarter of the sky.  Take advantage, if you can, this week to view this spectacle in the sky.

Jupiter’s heliocentric conjunction with Neptune

I have recently speculated that the April 12th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 23Pisces58 was the “seed point” for the next 166 years, relative to the expansion of Neptune in its home sign: CLICK HERE Over the course of my 52 years of astrological practice I have seldom been much interested in heliocentric charts (a chart with the Sun at the center).  However, the heliocentric chart of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction has rekindled an interest, since it turns out that Monday June 6th is the exact conjunction at 23Pisces24.  I am sensing that global outer planet configurations are worthy of a heliocentric inquiry, encompassing the entire solar system.  Therefore, even though Jupiter is now well beyond its conjunction with Neptune that took place back on April 12th, and will not return to 23Pisces for another 12 years, this heliocentric conjunction, at the same 23rd degree, indicates that most everything else in 2022 is held in the larger context of this greatly expanded Neptune in Pisces time-frame.

This is good news, considering all the really intense middle world and underworld activations that are currently taking place.  I believe this provides an easier access to the celestial transmissions from the spiritual realms that are now available to those who open to them.  For myself, I invite the guidance and support of the Guardian Host of the Emerald Order that upholds and aligns with the Law of One.


Mars-Jupiter Conjunction May 29, 2022

FACEBOOK POST May 29, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

Link to my astrology page:

Mars-Jupiter Conjunction May 29, 2022

Mars conjuncts Jupiter 03°19’ Aries on May 29th.  This conjunction is taking place just before the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th, perhaps a pre-echo of the 7-month journey Mars will take in Gemini beginning in late August.  Jupiter is continuing to move away from Neptune in Pisces, which was a big part of that month’s theme.  It will be a beautiful early-morning conjunction to behold in the sky in the parade of planets at that time of day.

The last time Mars and Jupiter got together, they were joined by Pluto and Saturn and it was in March, 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This pair gets together about every two years and Mars can bring decisive action into any environment it enters into.  Mars entered Aries on the 24th and this is a natural/resonate sign for Mars, which symbolizes the masculine principle archetype.

In the larger Mars cycle, this is considered Phase 5 of a 26-month long cycle and the last phase before an incubation of the Gemini archetype in late August, setting up a big transit there.

Aries is an archetype that was traditionally seen as the “warrior”, an instinctual, willful and ruggedly independent in any person.  Aries is a defender of the cause, mission and purpose and is “all-in” to the mission.  In this combination of Mars and Jupiter, the Aries archetypal expression is expanded, amplified and taken to a new level.  It can help with opportunities to really “move the energy” in life and get things accomplished.  But at the same time, this could increase a counterweight against the moving energy.

Reading this, if you were born with any personal points/planets in the early degrees of Aries, you are in a Jupiter initiation (transit/cycle) and Mars is one of the highlights of this initiation.  Mars, as a strong activator itself, could add more power and restlessness in the initiation as well as out in humanity in general.

Humanity has been experiencing a rapid shift in the Turning of an Age and the masculine is no exception to this.  As the masculine consciousness evolves (within all of us), there is also the resistance and attachment to what was once thought as “normal” in the world, especially with violence.  This is an opportunity to see a healthier and more mature Aries masculine show up, one that works constructively and is helpful in support of humanity and the Earth, rather than as a destroyer.