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Pluto Conjunct USA Pluto, Number Two, Plus More Out-of-Bounds Moons

By Daniel Giamario

By now most know that the US is in the midst of its Pluto Return.  The next threshold event is now upon us.  The first conjunction was February 20th and the third and final exact conjunction will occur at the end of the year on December 28th.  On Monday, July 11th, 2022, at 3:35PM PDT, the second exact Pluto conjunction happens at 27:32:57Capricorn.  This second exact Pluto conjunction stands apart from the two other exact Pluto conjunctions with some maverick features.  First, like Pluto in the US chart in 1776 the US Pluto was also retrograde.  Another interesting factor is that this conjunction on Monday is with an extreme Out-Of-Bounds (OOB) Moon (at 23Sagittarius32), with the Moon at 26S01 declination, more than two and a half degrees OOB.  The other two conjunctions do not have an OOB Moon.  Therefore, this July 11 event has two maverick features, Retrograde and OOB Moon.  Quite frankly, most anything is possible, with much greatly hidden.  It will be quite difficult to have any confidence in what is real or what in the outside world can be trusted.  What is clear, though, is the main theme: Can the USA honestly look at its shadow?  Can the USA own up to its abandonment of the dreams and visions of the Founders?  And, will there be the required courage to compost that which is obsolete and destructive, so as to make space for a rebirth and renaissance?

This Monday-Wednesday contains the next of the bi-monthly extreme Out-of-Bounds Moons.  The greatest extreme will be around 2:00PM PDT on Tuesday the 12th.  The Moon at 7Capricorn35 will be 26S55 declination, a full three and a half degrees beyond the ecliptic.  By 2024, this will stretch out beyond 28 degrees.  I have felt that beyond two and a half degrees to be noticeable and significant.  Key words for OOB Moons can include eccentricity, extreme uniqueness, seeing beyond the boundaries of “normal” Capricorn and Sagittarius (or Gemini and Cancer at the North declination Solstice Moons), and a high resistance to being assimilated.  Here is some data for the next three days:

Monday the 11th      at 7:00am PDT:       25S13    18Sagittarius03

Tuesday the 12th       at 7:00am PDT:      26S49    3Capricorn09

Wednesday the 13th at 7:00am PDT      26S25    18Capricorn24

Last, but not least, is the Full Moon at 11:38AM PDT on the July 13th at 21Capricorn21.  The Moon will still be significantly OOB at 26S06 declination.  Adding to the importance of this Full Moon time is that this is the closest perigee Moon of the year, known by many as a Super-Moon.  Adding this all up, the intensity of these factors suggests great possibilities of breakthroughs at this time.  This kind of Full Moon, OOB and Super Moon can bring to light a great deal that is in the shadows, should one have the courage to look.


JULY 4, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

For many reasons that I have shared elsewhere, I prefer Dane Rudhyars’s rectification of the US chart.  Here is the data that I use (from Rudhyar): July 4, 1776 5:13:55PM  Philadelphia, PA.  Although Solar Returns are not one of my top tier techniques, I have included here the USA Solar Return Chart on her 246th Birthday for reference.  What I have emphasized for a number of years now, is the Pluto Return and the second Neptune Opposition, with the fifth Chiron Return soon to follow in 2024. Of note to not overlook is the second exact Pluto conjunction on July 11th at 27Capricorn32. Coming soon this Fall is the US Progressed New Moon.

Something else has recently captured my attention.  Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is now at 14Cancer07 longitude by precession.   The US Sun is 13Cancer19.  The destiny of the US is intrinsically linked with this most important star, with her birth at their union.  Though certainly beyond the scope of a FaceBook post, it’s pretty clear to most researchers how much the Egyptian mysteries influenced the US Founding Fathers.  Across the globe, certain areas of the heavens have been dominant as symbols of great civilizations: particularly Sirius and the stars of the Pleiades.  Egypt and Africa seem to favor Sirius.   Australia, Meso-America, Polynesia and ancient America have favored the Pleiades.  This is something to ponder.   The heliacal rise of Sirius (so important to Egypt) now occurs in US latitudes August 9-11th.  This begins the so-called “dog days”.

A few other items of interest.  Mars enters Taurus 11:04PM PDT on the 4th.  This begins a most momentous ingress in this final portion of the elder wisdom phase of the current Mars Aries synodic overstory.  Please refer to my recent Solstice Seminar that includes lots of info about the Mars/Uranus/North Node alignment and the triggers with the 2022 eclipses: You can also see my US chart research here:

Last but not least, as of this week, the rare and amazing 5 planet morning star alignment will come to a close.  There will not be anything like this until 2040, with all 5 visible planets arrayed in their natural order.  As of July 3rd, Mercury has reached his guardian of the threshold phase and by July 8th, will disappear into the celestial underworld assuming his psychopomp identity.


Meet Our Recent Graduate: Sachie Yasuda

Hello. my name is Sachie.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Daniel and SAMS for changing my life from struggling with my health for more than 20 years to becoming completely healthy – healthiest in my entire life – and receiving the privilege of becoming the first Shamanic Astrology practitioner in Japan as well as working as a full-time astrology counselor and teacher!

I also would like to thank Erik Roth, my mentor, in my journey through the Shamanic Astrology. Without him, his preciseness and efficient teaching, I wouldn’t have made it (Timeline course was a tough one for me)!

Also, I’d like to thank Roy Purcell, the artist who drew the arts for Shamanic Astrology Divination cards. His arts were great inspiration for me and helped to publicize Shamanic Astrology here.

I had bipolar disorder from the age of 17 till 37 (without being diagnosed) and struggled with poor physical health because of it for a long time. Then the symptoms disappeared instantly as if by magic when I started living according to my current life purpose [Capricorn rising] explained by Shamanic Astrology, and giving up on holding on to my past life theme [Leo school and Taurus job]). I’ve been healthy and the healthiest in my whole life since I started giving readings using Shamanic Astrology in the Spring of 2021, which I am soooo thankful!

Then around the Fall of 2021, I started integrating Shamanic Astrology with I-Ching hexagram of Human Design (which is a relatively new system given to humanity in 1987 through Alan Robert Krakower, synthesizing Astrology, I-Ching, and Chakra System) which I started learning in 2014.

It was a very interesting Journey integrating Shamanic Astrology’s 12 zodiac signs and I-Ching 64 hexagrams. I discovered many new aspects of 64 hexagrams through the lens of 12 signs and many new aspects of 12 signs through the lens of 64 hexagrams! (I also created 64 I-Ching Astrology cards which kind of came to me like a download around last Winter😊)

I believe that because Shamanic Astrology’s interpretations of 12 signs are primal and describe the essence that is at the center of the universe, connecting with the 64 hexagrams to them was possible. I don’t think it’s possible with any other astrology interpretations. (Well, I tried to learn other types of astrology in the past but they didn’t “click” with me and couldn’t understand them! But Shamanic Astrology resonated with me so much and understanding came easily!)

It continued to evolve and now has become what I call Soul Mission Re-connection (SMR) integrating Shamanic Astrology and I-Ching using 12 God kingdoms and 64 God messengers (totem animals). I have been doing Soul Mission Re-connection readings since the beginning of this year and started teaching it in Japan last month since I like teaching a lot (Capricorn rising!).

In my view, it is clear that Shamanic Astrology and Human Design (HD) are both for the turning of the ages – for future generations (in HD terms, for nine-chakra beings instead of the old, seven-chakra beings).

I so very much appreciate Daniel for warm support for my creative project. Again, I am forever thankful for Daniel and SAMS for saving and bringing joy back to my life.

I am also thankful for my engineer husband who creates astrology report generating programs for me. Without him, all of these things were absolutely impossible!

I hope that I will continue to be able to bring more love and peace to this world by doing what I love.

My website is in Japanese but you can contact me through emails in English.

(My business name is SEiLA.)

Website (Japanese):



In Memoriam:  Sao (Ronald Long)   Jan.5, 1947—June 27,2022

By Daniel Giamario

On Tuesday, the 28th, I received the extremely sad news that my dear friend, Sao, had passed.  It seems that so many are leaving now.  Sao had been battling leukemia for a good number of years now, and had it seemingly licked on a number of occasions and it was in remission.  Apparently he relapsed and had been in the hospital for the last few weeks.  I last spoke with him about a month ago, and his condition had significantly shifted.  Sao’s two sons had driven out to California to get him from the hospital and drove him to his son Alafia’s house near Phoenix.  He passed over a few hours later surrounded by family and other loved ones.  Should you desire to help his family with funeral and memorial expenses, here is a link to their Go Fund Me campaign:

Sao was one of the very first to be fully certified in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.  I will never forget the first event that he attended, which was in Sedona, way back in the 1990s.  Sao was always a bit skeptical about Sedona New Agey type groups and he was afraid that this was one of them!  But when he walked in I was playing some really sublime jazz music, which opened his heart and blew his mind!  Over the years we bonded deeply with regards to jazz, and a mutual love of Dane Rudhyar.   As a Capricorn/Gemini combo with both a strong Uranian and Plutonian emphasis, Sao had a truly unique way of sharing Shamanic Astrology, which he did for many thousands over the years.  His dedication to the school and the paradigm was absolute.   Sao was the first to be honored as “Wise Elder” on our website.  He will be greatly missed by so many, and I will totally miss his friendship and the camaraderie that we shared.

In Sao’s final years he fulfilled so many of his life purpose themes.  He established close loving relationships with his sons and was there for his mother when she passed over.  His was a life well lived and the fourth nodal return was apparently as good an exit point as any.  Sao loved his Gemini Moon and I found it entirely appropriate that he exited with the Moon and Mercury conjunct in Gemini!

Sao, you can now hang with Coltrane, Miles, Bird, and Albert Ayler…..I will look forward to joining you a bit further down the road as we join in that great jazz combo we were always meant to be in together.  You can also now hang out with Rudhyar.  You will be greatly missed.   Love and Magic always.

Sao’s birth and death data:

Jan. 5, 1947   11:58am  Louisville, KY

June 27, 2022   1:38am   Phoenix, AZ

Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon Alert and Mars Conjunct Chiron

By Daniel Giamario


Following up on the powerful Super Perigee Full Moon yesterday, at 23Sagittarius25, the second closest Full Moon of the year, let’s tune in again to the Out-Of Bounds (OOB) Moon.  The Full Moon being near the December Solstice degree (and Galactic Center) was more than 2 and a half degrees south of the Ecliptic (-25S58).

All through 2022, ever increasing each month, and leading up to 2024, the Moon is becoming increasingly out-of-bounds (OOB) every time the Moon is near the Solstice degrees: Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These situations happen twice every lunation.  Great examples of this happen this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the Moon in late Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius     -25S58    South declination      Sun +23N28 North declination

Wednesday: Moon in Capricorn       -26S55    South declination      Sun +23N19 North declination

Thursday: Moon in Capricorn            -25nS49   South declination     Sun +23N21 North declination

The ecliptic has a maximum declination of 23.26degrees at this present time.  I consider that anytime the OOB Moon is more than two degrees beyond 23.26, we can become aware of the OOB Moon phenomena.  When 3 degrees beyond or more, taking notice is essential.  This is true on this Wednesday.  The next extreme OOB Moon, which will be near the Cancer Solstice zone, will be June 27-29.

An interesting side note for these three days, beyond the OOB phenomena, is that there is a nearly 50 degree difference between Moon and Sun at sunrise and sunset, from an observational perspective.  This is indeed an unusual situation.  For example, the Sun will rise more than 23 degrees north of due east, and the Moon will rise almost 27 degrees south of due east.

What meaning can be proposed?  Think of Mercury retrograde on steroids for 2-3 days.  Relative to the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, be prepared for totally beyond the bounds of normalcy circumstances.  Expect unexpected, and even un-thought of possibilities.  Maverick and even bizarre events can be expected.  It’s best to be at the front of the wave, not at the effect.  Those with prominent planetary placements in Sagittarius and Capricorn are on the front lines now.  Be one who either anticipates, or even creates out of the box experiences.  This situation is even more powerful, if you have the Moon in these signs.  Most profound of all would be for those of you with these Moon positions born near the years of 1931, 1950, 1969, 1987 and 2006.  This includes those with Moons in Gemini or Cancer (the other Solstice).  You will have been born with an extreme OOB Moon.  Your basic nature usually implies a character that is unique and not capable of being assimilated into the mainstream of consensus reality.

There is another factor to be aware of in these coming days:  Mars conjuncts Chiron at 7:17AM PDT on Wednesday, at 15Aries56.  Let’s intend that these OOB Moons aid Chiron for the necessary healing of patriarchal Aries, so that an elder wisdom can be discovered.