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An Investigation Of The Astrological Chart Of The United States: 2021-2025

Part 3 of 4 by Daniel Giamario


Introduction and an embarrassing admission

I have been working extensively on the chart of the United States for maybe six months now, in monthly “ramblings” newsletter posts, a number of FaceBook posts, as well as seminars and vlogcasts.  I have covered the quadruple eclipse pathways, the Chiron return, the Pluto return, as well as important Jupiter, Saturn and Lunar Node transits.  I have even been mentioning the US natal Neptune square to Mars.  But through email exchanges with Greg Knell, who has become a marvelous researcher in related areas of inquiry, out of nowhere, I realized that I had totally not seen that the United States is in its Neptune opposition!  I just had not noticed!  Very humbling indeed!  This part three will hopefully remedy this situation.  I will weave this currently happening second Neptune opposition to the natal US Neptune into the larger scenario that I have been developing.  And I think you will agree that it’s as important as any of the other factors so far presented.

The Neptune Factor

I believe that the natal square of Neptune to the US Mars is one of the most important elements of the US chart.  Neptune is 22Virgo25 in the 10th house, and Mars is 21Gemini22 in the 7th.  Using the windows of initiation that we use with the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ applied to a natal chart, here is a complete accounting of cycles of 2021-2022 related to this US natal square.  The window of initiation lasts from March 3, 2021—December 4, 2022. Read More

The Vision Quest Full Moon Approaches – Actually, We Get Two!

The Aquarius Full Moon of 2021 will soon be upon us. The exact Full Moon is 7:37PM PDT on this coming Friday evening, at 1Aquarius26. The Moon will look full from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. The Aquarius Full Moon can, in fact, occur anytime from July 22-August 22 each year. This year, we actually get two of them, as the Moon is full also on Sunday August 22nd at 5:02AM PDT at 29Aquarius37. This is often, mistakenly, called a “Blue Moon”. This situation is rather rare, occurring most recently in 1983, 2002, 2013, and now. The next time this happens is 2032. But why “Vision Quest” Full Moon?
The Aquarius Full Moon has acquired a pretty special significance since I received my visions in the early 1980’s and has been a part of the lore and traditions of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ ever since. After a vision quest death and rebirth experience on Mount Shasta that happened to me in 1981, I became caught up in the Mount Shasta mythos. Each year from 1981, continuing on to 1989, I took groups to the mountain for sacred ceremony, and to apply more and more of the insights and transmissions received there, that have become the evolving Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, and that have inspired the vision for our school. I often went there over the next 15 years doing solo retreats. Many groups and many individuals were spending time camping on the mountain during those years, and I learned quite a lot. One thing that I learned from the local Shasta tradition was that the Aquarius Full Moon was the “Vision Quest Moon”, so I always scheduled my groups and my solo times on Shasta around the time of the Aquarian Full Moon. At that time the workshops that I conducted were called: “The Astrological Vision Quest”.
Whether you are able to go to Mount Shasta or not, the days upcoming around these Full Moons are so very much the perfect time for your visioning, either solo or with a group. I very much recommend that you prioritize this in your life, as best you can. Take the time, as it’s even more important in these accelerated times of change and uncertainty. Certainly, the most important thing you can do is be open to get guidance, as to discovering and clarifying your life purpose intentions, and your “place on the wheel”. Depending on your personal cycles, you can get downloads from “spirit”, as if your future self is reaching back to get your attention. Failing that, at the very least you can get clear guidance as to what to let go of, and to stop doing: to create space.
Remember to utilize the essence of Aquarius for this. This can include contacting your highest objective witness, the high witness, or the “I” behind your ordinary “I.” This is sometimes called the Atman within the Brahman. From a shamanic perspective, this would be the “eagle” of your consciousness, being able to see the very widest view, and with freedom and a non-judgmental perspective. You can add to that, the transmission of the resonantly energetic polarity of the Leo Sun. This can mean committing to your sovereign and autonomous self, with the uniquely Aquarian contribution of truly being yourself, or as it has been said: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!”
Aiding your “quest” will be the continuing presence of Venus and Mars in Leo, still within 10degrees of each other in the evening sky. Also you can possibly notice that Mercury has now separated more than 15degrees from the sun, and is now in the morning sky in its Hermetic evening star phase in the sign of Cancer. Meanwhile Jupiter and Saturn dominate the whole of the night sky as they approach their oppositions to the Sun, bright, and guiding our way. I truly hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity. And since there are two Aquarius Full Moons this year, you can imagine two bookends of an entire month-long “vision quest” portal that can be seen as a larger context. If you miss this coming Full Moon for your ceremony, you will have another chance next month!
~by Daniel Giamario

See Your Birth Chart In The Sky – Beginner’s Corner – July 2021

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan
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See Your Birth Chart In The Sky

At the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School we are all about the sky and communing with the planets and stars. That is part of what makes Shamanic Astrology shamanic, going directly to the sky for personal one on one teaching and learning.

It’s easy to get caught up in astrology charts and lose sight of this all-important bigger picture – the sky! Becoming myopic in our learning and understanding, we quickly reduce the vast three-dimensions (and beyond) of the cosmos down to a little two-dimensional piece of paper or an image on our computer or phone app.

Today’s Beginner’s Corner is a reminder to see the charts in the sky. Start with your own birth chart. All those glyphs and lines are simply a representation of the sky at the moment of your birth. The sky is truly what astrology is all about. Yes, your Sun is in Aquarius, but that’s because THE Sun was in the seasonal sign of Aquarius when you were born. Your Mars is in Libra because Mars, the planet in the sky, was in Libra. We want to always remember the real live planets in our astrological explorations, not just what Mars in Libra or Sun in Aquarius means for us. It is so much bigger than that. We are so much more than that!

Learn to see your chart in the sky

What did the sky look like when you were born? You can get a clue from your birth chart, but a way to get a better visual is through using a free astronomy software program, called Stellarium. You can get it here: for FREE. Looking at the time of your birth, in the sky, is a powerful tool that connects you much more deeply to your birth chart and opens endless doors of deeper exploration.

Looking at my birth chart below you can see I was born when both Venus and Mars were in the Underworld, hidden from view in the beams of the Sun. Looking at the Stellarium image you can’t even see Mars and Venus, right? That’s because they’re hidden behind the light of the Sun. That is a visual and visceral image that deepens my previously intellectual understanding of those planets being in the Underworld.

I was born just after the Summer Solstice and you can see the Sun has just moved beyond Orion’s hand, where the Summer Solstice occurs. Again, it’s something we can’t see with our eyes due to the Sun’s brightness, but I can feel the connection to that point in the sky when I see it in the astronomy software. Even more importantly, it leads me into earnest discovery of what that means for me.












Now, go check our your own chart in the sky!

Look into the stars in prominent places at your birth. Regulus, the heart of the Lion constellation is exactly on the eastern horizon at my birth, right at my Ascendant. There are some powerful teachings for me in that and you can’t see that on my birth chart. Jupiter is just under the horizon, ready to rise next, so that is obviously adding some Jupiter expansive juice to this heart of the Lion messages.

I encourage you to do your own explorations. It is incredibly moving to see your chart in the sky, which is exactly what your chart is all about. Go back and forth between your chart and the astronomy image. Dive deeper into those constellations and stars around the highlights of your chart. Research the stories around those. I promise you will gaining a more profound understanding of why you are here. I start all of my readings using Stellarium, so we can see the moment of my client’s births. It always brings an aha moment. The sky reflects your intent for being here, not just the glyphs on a piece of paper. Let’s all remember that.

Send me your questions by emailing me your questions to and I’ll answer them next month.

Sheridan Semple

Cancer New Moon – July 2021

by Levi Banner

The New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, exact on July 10 at 1:16am UTC.

This is a special one for your connections, both in community and in relationships.

The emotional sign of Cancer roots down like a new seed at this lunar cycle. As you make your own New Moon intentions and create a ceremony to invoke your desires, I suggest you include Cancerian concerns and qualities for the best results. Then as you tune in with this water sign during the lunation, you’ll more easily feed and nourish these seeds into a delicious fruition.

Cancer is the sign of community, family, tribe and building connections for the long term.

To be in a deeply connected heart space and truly care for loved ones are Cancerian qualities. Cancer is a mother archetype, or father, someone that takes care of, nurtures and responds to the need for nourishment. Like a mother to their child, a teacher to their student, or a counselor to their client.

Though any person with enough Cancer energy has to learn that one has to care of themselves before taking care of others. You cannot give what you do not have so if you are not feeling fully one hundred percent, then you cannot truly give your all.

This new moon you might ask yourself: How can I full up my own cup? What seeds can I take responsibility for and fully care for? Who are my kin? How can I deepen my connection to community? Where is home? Where is it safe to just be me?

Now is a time to fill up your own cup so much that it is overflowing and you can then give from this overabundance spilling over the sides.

Now is a time to gather in community, care for each other and show up with compassion. We are facd with knowing who are kin truly is. Who we hold dear and feel safe around. With so much division on the planet right now this seems amplified more than ever before.

Another shadow version of Cancer is only loving those close to you. Keeping things clandestine with your own clan isn’t the most open way to love.

Especially now as we are witnessing and experiencing an opportunity for a much wider range of connection to our fellow humans on global scale. Ideally at this point we can expand our range of love and see each other all as one human family.

We are all in this together.

Cancer loves to feel needed and contribute to projects in a way that supports the outcome.

Cancer looks to nourish a seed until it’s full expression. To support a seed to fruition. To contribute in a way that aids growth.

This New Moon is about these things in your intimate family and friend life and also on a more grand scale. Each relationship is a part of a family, each family is a part of a community, each community is a part of this one human family, the human species is a part of the whole earth. Let’s all make our caring contribution to the greater whole.

You can read Levi’s full article here:


Rethinking the Increasing Polarization Between Men and Women Within Identity Politics

By Daniel Giamario

Since the early 1970’s, I have been an advocate for the Feminine and a major supporter of the efforts to expose the debacle of patriarchy.  The women’s movement of the early 1970’s, the introduction of the asteroid goddesses, and the re-mythologizing of astrology, all inspired my criticism of sun sign astrology, as being a monotheistic relic of patriarchy ,and  a semi-brainwash.  Instead, I have always felt the soul to be polytheistic, and that the Feminine is “First Principle”.  This subject is explored in my second book, Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm.  Furthermore, the 7th and 8th principle of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm elucidates this also:

Also, throughout the years I have always emphasized that the archetypal feminine is not the same as women, and that the archetypal masculine does not mean men.  These principles are foundational to the full spectrum of all the gender possibilities available to men and women, and essential to engage with the inner sacred marriage process as taught by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™.  The aim has always been to take us beyond the simplistic and limiting views, such as “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, which merely perpetuate cultural stereotypes.

At this point in the culture, most open-minded cultural creatives, and a growing number of mainstream folk, can readily perceive that patriarchy has been a seriously bad wrong turn for global humanity.  However, over the last four to five years particularly, what seems to be happening is increased polarization.  There is increased polarization in pretty much all areas of our lives, but especially between men and women.  

I have recently realized that I have been unwittingly supporting this polarization.  I have continuously been supportive of many “Goddess” oriented groups and forums.  Terms like “Divine Feminine”, “Sacred Feminine”, are extensively used.  For eight years, I have co-created a workshop/ adventure called Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine!  For example, often when looking at the Venus synodic cycle, the emphasis is often primarily at the Venus position for women.  This is despite the fact that the Venus cycle is equally about a man’s archetypally feminine side.  Men have not felt particularly welcome in this, mostly, company of women.  Meanwhile, it’s not hard to notice that it’s almost all women that attend the gatherings that Anyaa and I have co-created in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. And it’s certainly true that the majority of students in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ are women, which is equally true in my client base.  I certainly have no problem with groups designed to be for just women (or just men for that matter), but it’s not the aim of Shamanic Astrology to separate like this.  I also hope that more women will become interested in the Mars synodic cycle, and its implication for women.  I also fervently hope that the emphasis can more easily be directed at the “inner sacred marriage process”, which is the main theme of our third foundational on-line course, and that more men will feel welcome.

Another phenomenon that has happened five or six times over the last few years has really impacted me.  Dear friends and clients of mine, both men and women, have been greatly damaged through fake bots, lawsuits, and web postings that seem to stem from the excesses and fanaticism on the fringe of the “Me Too Movement”.  These victimized individuals are all good people, who have served the awakening of global humanity and who have been caught in a backlash.  

The problem is obviously the increasing polarization between men and women.  When considering questions of sex and gender: First and foremost, men and women are human beings.  We are all in this together.  And I now refuse to contribute to any further polarization.  For further information on this most important subject, please see my recent vlogcast on sex and gender here:

Whilst there are archetypal differences between the masculine and the feminine, it’s not about men and women.  I find so many women who are consciously or unconsciously supportive and complicit in the support of the patriarchy.  And there are strident and extreme “Me-Two” supporters who actually have stated that eliminating 90% of the male population would solve the problems that the Earth faces.  I suggest that they do more shadow work, and see their own inner patriarch.  In addition to this, it’s quite obvious to see that many prominent women leaders, in politics and corporations, are totally subservient to the patriarchy, and actively benefit from supporting it.  I could name names.  And there are many good men, who are open-hearted and awake, and quite supportive of the great project of co-creating a post-patriarchal world.

I take full responsibility for whatever I have done to increase the polarizations.  So here is one thing that we have decided to do.  Anyaa and I have decided to rename our program: Renaissance of the Sacred.  Full stop.  Interestingly, our vision statement still remains the same. But now hopefully, it will not contribute to any further polarization, or be subtly suggesting the superiority of women over men.  As I must always remind us, it’s not about men or women, but rather the “inversion” created by aberrant patriarchy and patrialinealism that has caused so much damage, and has been consciously or unconsciously been supported by both men and women.  We don’t need patriarchy, or matriarchy moving forward.  At this time, with great regret, these international adventures have been suspended until travel is an easier experience.

Furthermore, I commit to guide the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ on this foundation, with a much more equal balance between the Masculine and the Feminine, and with less use of “Goddess”, “Divine Feminine”, or “Sacred Feminine”.  The far greater story of our type of human, going back 300,000 years, was almost always gylanic, egalitarian, cooperative, and with an equal ranking between women and men.  This is, of course, disputed by the mainstream/establishment, promoting that “civilization” only started about 5500 years ago.  This is such a limited and stifling view, creating a mono-view that drives inquiry into conformity and cognitive dissonance.  As Gandhi once remarked when asked about “Western civilization”, he remarked: “that would be a good idea”.  Certainly this is a symptom of being at the bottom of the Kali Yuga.