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Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan – September 2021

Use Astrology to Become More YOU

We all want to know why we’re here, who we really are, what’s our purpose, and what are we meant to be doing. Right? That’s often a big part of what draws us to astrology in the first place. We’re trying to make sense of our lives, our experiences. We’ve got big questions and we’re searching for big answers.

Some of us even come to astrology looking for psychic answers. We want to find out what’s going to happen in our lives and when. Should we do this or is doing that better. We approach our sessions as if astrologers are clairvoyant and have a magical connection to other realms of knowledge we don’t. 

Shamanic Astrology isn’t predictive and won’t tell you what is going to happen and when. We don’t pretend to know what Great Mystery has in store for us. Our special sauce is using astrology to help you become more YOU! That’s what really gets us excited. We look to the sky to better understand you and your unique path. 

Your birth chart holds the clues to your Soul’s intention.

The precise alignment of our Solar System at your first breath is the outward energy you chose to birth yourself into. Where the planets were in relationship to one another and the archetypes they were present within shows us what you came here to learn about, experience and explore. This is your Soul’s intention for this lifetime that you are living right now.

 Use astrology to mine the gold that is you! No one else has your exact birth chart, born under the same sky, at the same time, in the same place. Not even your identical twin.  You actually are a special snowflake, so live it. Your birth chart is the map to discovering those reasons. Astrology is the language used to decipher that mystery.

Still unclear why you’re here?

Before you put undue stress and pressure on yourself, know that this unfolding is a process. A lifetime process, so you’re only job is to keep getting clearer and clearer as you go. None of us will ever arrive at a perfect moment where we have all the answers. Hopefully, we will all be evolving right up to our very last breath. But, continuing to study your birth chart and the transits you go through teach you everything you need to know for that evolutionary process.

Your natal chart is the starting place. What are the predominant archetypes you are learning about this go round? Start there. Then, once you’ve got a feel for the archetypes playing the leading roles in your life, begin to understand their significance within the planets held by those signs. Is Libra big on your chart. Learn about Libra first. Then, what does it means to have both your Venus and Mars in Libra. Look at your personal planets first: Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. These are the lesson plans of your life.

Next, look at the outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond. Which of them are in a dynamic aspect (conjunct, square or opposite) with your personal planets. These outer planets are your guides and teachers for the above lesson plans. How have they guided your experiences that make up you? How do they guide you into expressing more of you? Initiation cycles aren’t always easy, but the intent is to clear away more of the muck that isn’t you.

Finally, look at the transit cycles you are currently experiencing. These are your current life teachers and initiation cycles. The more you understand, the more you can interact consciously with what you are trying to learn. It doesn’t necessarily make it all easy breezy, but it sure helps to feel like you’re steering the ship of your own life. Knowing where you’re going and the intent behind it makes all the difference between feeling like a victim and feeling like a student of your own life.

It’s a process, so be patient and allow yourself the space to blossom into you

Like learning a new language, it’s a process. It takes time and simple tuning into… you! It’s not rocket science and you don’t need a genius IQ to get there. You just need a willingness, a desire, and taking the time to feel into yourself. If things don’t feel right in your life, go deeper. There’s always a silver lining, even if it’s hidden behind a huge storm cloud. 

It’s all about unraveling the mystery that is you. It’s about learning those lessons and bringing yourself more and more into alignment with your Soul’s vibration. You’re always walking on your path, but does it feel right? Do you feel in alignment with your higher self and purpose? If not, then dive more deeply into your chart to get the clues as to where your Soul wants to go. That is always the solution to feeling better. 

Astrology is here to help you, step by step, see the path in front of you and learn more about yourself, your true nature, who you are and what you’ve come here to be and do. You may not like the path always, but it’s yours, so don’t fight it. Keep going. It’s an uncovering process that takes a lifetime, your lifetime. You got this or you wouldn’t be here.

Sheridan Semple


Archetypes in the Sky and on the Earth – Beginner’s Corner August 2021

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan

Archetypes in the Sky and on the Earth

These two Aquarian Full Moons in a row have me visioning more deeply into what I do and what I bring to the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. Many of you new to Shamanic Astrology have probably wondered, at some point, does the “shamanic” part refer to plant medicines? For most Shamanic Astrologers it doesn’t, but for me it does. I came to SAMS as a Holistic Health Practitioner well versed in plant spirit medicine specifically. Plus, with a Virgo Moon and Virgo Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant, Earth medicine is my jam!

What does any of this have to do with you and your delving into your chart through Shamanic Astrology? Well, I’ll tell you 😊… the archetypes aren’t solely in the sky. They are here within you. “As above, so below” is one of our truths at SAMS, as is “as within, so without”. These powerful statements help us to understand the archetypal energies are everywhere, in the sky, in our bodies, and on the earth.

See the Archetypes on the Earth

Your birthday anchors you into a seasonal time of the Sun. If you just had a birthday, you’re a Leo. If your birthday is next week, you’re a Virgo. That’s your Sun sign, of course. Your Sun sign fixes you into a certain season of the earthly cycles. It places you around a Solstice or Equinox, or around a cross-quarter holi-day. The Householder signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra) kick off the Solstices and Equinoxes. The Self Exploration signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) settle us squarely in the Cross-Quarter days. The In Service to Spirit signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) carry us into the next Solstice or Equinox.

You were born into a certain timing of the seasonal cycle of the Earth and the Sky. The Sun is in the same part of the Sky, with the same constellations and stars every year. (Note: this changes slowly over time with the precessional cycle.) The Earth is also in the same season. As astrology enthusiasts we tend to look up at the Sky, but it is equally powerful to look down and around at the Earth to better understand your personal Sun archetype. And, ALL of the archetypes as well. What does the energy feel like at different times of the year? What is the temperature like? What plants are growing? Are they sprouting, fruiting, seeding? What are the birds or animals doing? Increase your awareness and understanding of yourself through the energy that the earth is experiencing as well. This isn’t hemisphere specific. It’s you and your surroundings specific. It’s tuning you more deeply into your ancestral roots, when your life was intimately intertwined with the Earth and the Sky.

Discover the Archetypal energy wherever you live

For example, I’m in Colorado, in the northern hemisphere, where Leo season marks the middle of summer. It’s hot. The Sun is high in the Sky. The land is turning beige and brown, from the heat. But, I can feel the coming Fall Equinox in the cooler nights. Lush golden flowers and shrubs are blooming, such as Rabbit Brush (pictured in image) Goldenrod, and Gumweed. All very heart opening plants. Very Leo types of plants that support loving yourself more deeply. 

Nearer the equator, Ylang Ylang trees are blooming. Another self-love powerhouse of a plant spirit. It has these golden yellow blooms that smell of the tropics, sensual and sultry. Ylang Ylang is used for anything to do with the heart physically, emotionally and spiritually. It helps us stay with our emotional healing and brings us into profounder states of self-love.

In the southern hemisphere, Leo season anchors in winter, but like Aquarius season here in the northern hemisphere, you can feel the hints of spring. Depending upon how far south you live, you may even have the first bulbs starting to come up, such as golden daffodils, reaching for the lengthening daylight Sun. Again, opening your heart, bringing light within. One could even see the growing light as being more Leo in the southern hemisphere than the northern where the light is lessening. It’s all about your perspective and what you see and feel when you walk outside.

Get in touch with your surroundings and let the Earth teach you more about yourself, the archetypes in your chart and the path you are walking in this lifetime. What does Leo season feel like to you? Virgo season starts in a few days, how does that feel different? What does the Earth teach you about Virgo? What’s blooming or turning to seed? What are the trees doing? The animals? The birds? How do you feel? It’s your experience, so you can’t get this wrong. There is no one right answer, just your growing connection to yourself through the Earth and Sky around you. This is really what Shamanic Astrology is all about.

For a deeper dive into how the archetypes work in both hemispheres – and so much more  – check out “Further Adventures of Shamanic Astrology, episode 12” with Daniel Giamario and Gemini Brett here: I highly recommend this video!

Sheridan Semple


See Your Birth Chart In The Sky – Beginner’s Corner – July 2021

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan
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See Your Birth Chart In The Sky

At the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School we are all about the sky and communing with the planets and stars. That is part of what makes Shamanic Astrology shamanic, going directly to the sky for personal one on one teaching and learning.

It’s easy to get caught up in astrology charts and lose sight of this all-important bigger picture – the sky! Becoming myopic in our learning and understanding, we quickly reduce the vast three-dimensions (and beyond) of the cosmos down to a little two-dimensional piece of paper or an image on our computer or phone app.

Today’s Beginner’s Corner is a reminder to see the charts in the sky. Start with your own birth chart. All those glyphs and lines are simply a representation of the sky at the moment of your birth. The sky is truly what astrology is all about. Yes, your Sun is in Aquarius, but that’s because THE Sun was in the seasonal sign of Aquarius when you were born. Your Mars is in Libra because Mars, the planet in the sky, was in Libra. We want to always remember the real live planets in our astrological explorations, not just what Mars in Libra or Sun in Aquarius means for us. It is so much bigger than that. We are so much more than that!

Learn to see your chart in the sky

What did the sky look like when you were born? You can get a clue from your birth chart, but a way to get a better visual is through using a free astronomy software program, called Stellarium. You can get it here: for FREE. Looking at the time of your birth, in the sky, is a powerful tool that connects you much more deeply to your birth chart and opens endless doors of deeper exploration.

Looking at my birth chart below you can see I was born when both Venus and Mars were in the Underworld, hidden from view in the beams of the Sun. Looking at the Stellarium image you can’t even see Mars and Venus, right? That’s because they’re hidden behind the light of the Sun. That is a visual and visceral image that deepens my previously intellectual understanding of those planets being in the Underworld.

I was born just after the Summer Solstice and you can see the Sun has just moved beyond Orion’s hand, where the Summer Solstice occurs. Again, it’s something we can’t see with our eyes due to the Sun’s brightness, but I can feel the connection to that point in the sky when I see it in the astronomy software. Even more importantly, it leads me into earnest discovery of what that means for me.












Now, go check our your own chart in the sky!

Look into the stars in prominent places at your birth. Regulus, the heart of the Lion constellation is exactly on the eastern horizon at my birth, right at my Ascendant. There are some powerful teachings for me in that and you can’t see that on my birth chart. Jupiter is just under the horizon, ready to rise next, so that is obviously adding some Jupiter expansive juice to this heart of the Lion messages.

I encourage you to do your own explorations. It is incredibly moving to see your chart in the sky, which is exactly what your chart is all about. Go back and forth between your chart and the astronomy image. Dive deeper into those constellations and stars around the highlights of your chart. Research the stories around those. I promise you will gaining a more profound understanding of why you are here. I start all of my readings using Stellarium, so we can see the moment of my client’s births. It always brings an aha moment. The sky reflects your intent for being here, not just the glyphs on a piece of paper. Let’s all remember that.

Send me your questions by emailing me your questions to and I’ll answer them next month.

Sheridan Semple

Drill Down Deep into Your Chart using Shamanic Astrology’s Unique 144 Storylines Perspective

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan

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If your Moon is your lineage and your Ascendant your current life purpose, is it enough to know these two archetypes? Does that give you all the information you need to understand where you have come from and where you are going? Daniel Giamario, the founder of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, says no. He takes these two important archetypal energies on your chart and drills down much deeper. He takes the possible twelve signs or archetypes and squares them (very astrological 😉) thus creating 144 Storylines that are so unique and so key to Shamanic Astrology. Think of it as twelve majors in the twelve schools of life. 12 x 12 = 144.

What are the 144 Storylines?

Let us start with the Moon, the beginning. There are twelve signs of the Zodiac that the Moon could have occupied at the time of your birth. The Moon moves quickly through the sky, changing signs every 2.5 days on average. That’s a pretty tight knit group. It is not like the Sun that traverses each sign for 30 days, give or take. It is a smaller group that shares your individual Moon sign. In Shamanic Astrology, we are the most interested in the aspects of your chart that are so uniquely yours. For example, we don’t put much attention on what sign your Pluto is in because Pluto will stay in that sign for an average of 20 years. That is a generational archetype and does not tell us a lot about your personal path.

The Moon, on the other hand, is much more specific to you. But, that’s not enough for Shamanic Astrology. We want to drill down even farther into your Moon sign. We do that through looking at which house (HOUSE, not sign) your south node resides within. Take my Moon in Virgo for example. It tells us some important information about my past, my lineage, my natural area of expertise. We could hypothesize that I have been learning about Virgo for several lifetimes already. I’m definitely an Earth Priestess as I teach about plant spirit medicine, but wait… there’s more!

My south node is in my third house, the Gemini-resonate house. This means I had the Gemini job within my Virgo tribe. Yes, I am of the Virgo priests and priestesses, but I had a specific job within that group of knowledge and practices. I had the Gemini job because my south node (where I came from) is in my third house. This adds a levity and playfulness to a more serious Virgo Moon. I brought creativity to the other Priestesses. I was the storyteller and carried the messages. This is a very different role within my Moon clan, than if my south node was in the fourth house, the Cancer-resonate house. If that were the case, I would have been the mother and nurturer of the Virgo Priestesses, probably caring for the young initiates, helping them grow into their full power. Feel the significant differences this added layer brings to your understanding of your Moon sign?

What is your Moon sign? Which house is your south node in?

We could play this game all day. Aries Moon with the south node in the twelfth house: Aries Moon with the Pisces job. That changes the vibe of Aries considerably. This woman or man would be the empath and healer of the warrior group, the medic on the battlefield of defending cosmic order. That feels very different from the frontline fighter, doesn’t it? How about the Libra job (south node in the seventh house) in the Scorpio Moon clan? This person would get really juiced around personal relationships. They would find intensity and aliveness in the reflection of themselves by another person. Again, feel how different this makes someone’s Scorpio Moon from say the Cancer job above? It becomes so much more personal and so much more individualized.

144 Storylines applies to your Ascendant too!

Take your rising sign and look for your north node this time. The node of where you are headed in this lifetime. What HOUSE (not sign) does your north node live in? Hint, it will be exactly opposite of your south node. For example, my south node is in my third/Gemini house, so my north node lives in my ninth and Sagittarius-resonate house. That means I have the Sagittarius job in my rising sign of Leo. That is a fire job in a fire tribe – double fire, double intuitional realm that I’m learning about. If Leo is the new Mystery School I am attending in this lifetime, then I am drilling down into learning how to do the Sagittarius job within that school. I am learning self-love through exploration and adventure. I find the ultimate truth in my divinity and creatorship.

What’s your Ascendant? What house holds your north node?

Let us say your rising sign is in Cancer and your north node is in the second house, the Taurus house. You would be learning about the Taurus job in the Cancer Mystery School. You would be here to learn about finding deep sensual pleasure in the mothering process, in nurturing itself. How about if your Ascendant is in Aquarius and your north node in the tenth house? You would be learning how to do the Capricorn job in your new Aquarius tribe. That would bring a grounded aspect into your airy, high flying Aquarius perch. You might fly into the cosmos for discovering deeper consciousness and then come back to earth to teach us what you learned. See how this works?

When you take the twelve archetypes or Mystery Schools and then multiply them by the twelve houses either node can reside within, you get the 144 Storylines. This brings a precision into your life’s journey that is undeniable and often explains exactly what was missing in your previous understanding of your Moon and Ascendant. You might be a watery version of the fire. You might ground the air. And, visa versa of course. I find bringing in the 144 Storylines into readings with my clients leads to many aha moments in their understanding of themselves, their paths and why they are here. 

Remember you can ask me questions about this by emailing me at and I’ll answer them next month.

To learn more about the 144 Storylines directly from Daniel Giamario check out his upcoming June Solstice class on this topic, by clicking here. It’s free!

Sheridan Semple

What is the Difference between the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes?

Question from E from last Beginner’s Corner on Archetypes

What is the difference between the feminine and masculine archetypal energies? 

The more I have been studying the archetypes, the more rich and whole they seem, but also more alike. It is becoming more difficult to see the difference between them. Can you explain a little bit more. 

Thanks for having this space to clear our doubts. Blessings, E

The Archetypes Beginner’s Corner article is here, if you missed it or want a reminder.

What is the Difference between the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes?

Great question E! It has made me think and dive into this topic more deeply. At first, I wondered if masculine and feminine are even archetypes? There are many archetypes that fall into masculine or feminine energies, such as the crone, maiden, grandfather. There are certainly ones that cross into both, such as warrior, mystic, shaman. But, are feminine and masculine archetypes themselves?

Then, I went back to the definition of archetypes from 

  1. (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern or thought, image, etc. universally present in individual psyches.

I would definitely count feminine and masculine in this definition, both the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, as well as the patriarchal overlays on these energies that we have all been subjected to for the past several thousands of years. This is just like the essence vs. current cultural content that I wrote about last month, where we project present day misunderstandings onto the original essence of the astrological archetypes. We definitely do this with the feminine and the masculine – big time!

I think the best way to approach this topic is to think about the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol.

Yin, the black half, is the feminine energy. Yang, the white, is the masculine energy. With our vast patriarchal overlays on the masculine and feminine, I find it easier to ponder the energies in terms of Yin and Yang, as I don’t have the same charges around these words. The latter help me get to the essence more easily.

Traditionally in Chinese medicine and religion, Yin is receptive, dark, negative (in polarity, not disagreement – even here we start to see our societal projections rise up) and Yang is active, light, positive (again in polarity, think electricity, not better). Right away we can see these definitions challenge our views, such as light is better than dark, positive is better than negative. Neither of these statements is true. They are just new age concepts that most of us have fallen victim too. As patriarchy took hold we turned our backs on the Sacred Feminine (and really the Sacred Masculine) and banished the dark aspect of the Goddess. Darkness became unsafe. We ran from the all-important shamanic death and rebirth cycles. Luckily, we have Shamanic Astrology to bring us back into the beauty of the darkness, where so much of the juice lies, in the underworld! 

I believe the concepts of the energies of the feminine and masculine taught in the Yin Yang symbol give us the best understanding of the immense powers of these two primordial archetypes. It is just in our judgements that we think one is good or better than the other. We need both, always. And, we are not limited by our gender to be one or the other. We are both, always. It is a complicated topic for sure. Look at how we subjugate women in our society and in the backlash to that how we are so down on men equating them erroneously with the patriarchy. Or, try this on… substitute Black for dark and white for light and see how quickly we subscribe to racist ideas. Yet, when we look at the Yin Yang symbol we see beauty in its wholeness. We find life by dealing with our shadow. We grow and find ourselves more deeply in a Pluto cycle. Light polarization is just another way to support the patriarchy and racism if you really get down to it.

We need both for balance

We need both for balance and that brings us back to the archetypes. I love how the Yin Yang symbol has small dots of the other energy present within each half, showing there is not a clear-cut difference. It isn’t linear; It’s a circle where each contains parts of the other. Just like the systems of the body, you can not truly separate any one out from the others. They are completely intertwined and connected to each other, within the whole. Just as E has posited in her question. Following one thread, say the feminine or Yin circles us right into the masculine or Yang, which then circles us right back into the Yin, continuously, forever. They are two sides of the same coin. Just like women and men can both be Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius or Aries. We are both at the same time in our wholeness. Yet, each can be experienced individually.

For example, we just moved out of yang energized Aries into yin energized Taurus. You can feel the shift, right? I experience it as moving from activity and doing into being and receiving. For some of us on a more masculine or evolutionary journey, shown within our charts, Aries season might feel better to us. For others on a feminine or involutionary journey, Taurus might be a welcomed respite. The point being we are complex creatures, with layered paths and experiences that challenge our perceptions of the archetypes as we search to find the essence of the energies within and without.

These are just my musings on E’s question, by no means the definitive answer or truth. What are your thoughts on the topic? Comment below. Send me your questions or thoughts for next time at the email above. Until then, sending you wholeness and love in your explorations of who you are.

Here are two additional resources from Daniel Giamario which discuss gender and sex specifically: Spring Equinox course and Daniel’s Sex and Gender vlogcast.

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Sheridan Semple