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Lunar and Solar Eclipse seasons are times of potent celestial energy and so they evoke creative spirit to witness, take in, write and study the patterns of remarkable events. SAMS covers the eclipse seasons and over the years we have written articles on them, primarily by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.

Total South Node Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio – Full Moon May 15th, 2022

USA, Canada, Central and South America Have Front Row Seat
By Daniel Giamario

The United States will have a perfect view of this weekend’s very long total Lunar Eclipse.  It occurs at 9:11PM PDT on Sunday night the 15th.  A wide swath of countries will have a front-row seat of totality: including Canada, Central and South America parts of Western Europe (not Ukraine, though), Western Africa, New Zealand and Antarctica.

This is a South Node (with an emphasis on the shadow of the past) Lunar Eclipse at 25Scorpio18.  It is a near central eclipse rated at 1.41magnitude (1.0 means enough of the Moon’s shadow can create totality).  For the full details on this eclipse and the eclipse seasons of 2022, see my article and related video blog. These resources also describe ways of using ceremony and other suggestions for engaging with South Node Lunar eclipses.

Here is some practical info for experiencing the eclipse.  The entirety of the eclipse including the partial and total phases lasts 5 hours and 18 minutes, with totality lasting one hour and 24minutes.  Virtually all of totality is seen in the continental USA, parts of Alaska, but only a partial in Hawaii.  Only a small area from around Seattle and North of there will not see full totality.  In the continental USA, Kansas City experiences the entire eclipse, with the center of totality happening at 11:11PM Sunday night.  All of the US East of there, as well as a good portion of Eastern Canada and most of Mexico experiences the entire 5 hours and 18 minutes of the eclipse.  Mexico City’s center of totality happens at 11:28PM Sunday evening.

In New York, exact totality is at 12:11AM Monday morning.  In Phoenix, mid-point of totality is 9:11PM Sunday, with the Moon rising still in its partial phase.  In San Francisco, mid-totality also at 9:11PM, and with the partial phase rising.  Should you desire exact information about your location, check this great website

Several other items of interest include that this eclipse is amplified by the Sun’s square with Saturn, exact at 11:49AM PDT on Sunday morning.  This square has the Sun at 24Taurus54 and Saturn at 24Aquarius54, thus Saturn will nearly exactly square the Eclipse degrees.  Saturn squares the nodal axis itself, as well as with the two remaining 2022 eclipse degrees and nodal axis, further amplifying the past “karma’’ that is being revealed at this time.

Additionally, the South Node, the primary agent producing the eclipse circumstances, is exactly conjunct the star named Unulkahai, a red star which is the “heart” of the snake, in the constellation Serpens,  held by the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler, that is also a representation of Asclepius.  The South node is 22Scorpio31 and Unulkahai (“snake-heart”) is 22Scorpio07.  Asclepius, among so many other things, was a mythic healer who could bring people back from the dead, and was an exponent of using dreams to obtain the necessary clues for healing.  This entire eclipse season finds the South Node with Unulkahai.

It is hard to conceive of a more powerful context for ceremony to envision a better outcome for the USA and the rest of global humanity.  But as Steiner, Rudhyar, and Jung have warned us, the shadow must also be addressed.  Let us also ask for whatever healing dreams that we require at this time.

Jupiter Enters Aries and More – May 9th, 2022


By Daniel Giamario

On Tuesday May 10th at 4:22PM PDT, Jupiter will enter Aries.  This is just an initial thrust into Aries, lasting until October 27, 2022, when Jupiter retrogrades back the last few degrees of Pisces.  On December 20th, Jupiter returns to Aries, continuing there until May 16th, 2023.  This pattern is quite similar to 2010-2011 when Jupiter entered Aries June 10 until September 9th, 2010, then briefly retrograding back into the later degrees of Pisces, before a longer stretch in Aries from Jan.22nd-June 4th, 2011.

Much attention has been placed on the recent conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces last month, seeding a period of 166 years.  However, in many ways, the events this May featuring the sign of Aries may be even more significant for this current year.  Venus has recently entered Aries (May 2nd).  Mars will soon enter Aries on May 24th, closely followed by the strong conjunction of Mars with Jupiter on May 29th at 3Aries19.  Mars into Aries is an important signpost in the 26 month synodic over-story of Mars.  This over-story just happens to be featuring the sign of Aries, the sign that Mars occupied at his opposition back in October 2020.  It was way back in March 19, 2020 when Mars last conjoined Jupiter (22 Capricorn), well before the current synod.  We can remember well what was happening in March of 2020!

Venus in Aries is a yearly event and Mars in Aries only happens every 2-3 years.  Jupiter in Aries happens about every 12 years.  All three (along with Saturn in Aquarius) remain in good view high up in the Morning Sky throughout May.  For over 2000 years Mars has been strongly associated with the sign of Aries.  Whatever Jupiter aligns with, it expands and amplifies, for good or ill.  What is at stake here?

Mars and Aries have been associated with war and masculinity for over 2000 years.  What we need to remember is that this represents a patriarchal view, and hopefully not their true essence.  Within the more recent understanding, the portents of these Aries placements can be quite foreboding, in light of current world events, as the United States hegemon seems hell bent on all out war.  May 9 has figured prominently in recent events related to the current Ukraine situation: May 9, 1945 was Germanys surrender in Moscow, and May 9, 1955 was when Germany entered NATO.  However, concepts like professional armies, domination, state-sponsored terror, and toxic masculinity are actually more recent developments when looking at the 300,000 years of Homo Sapiens on the planet.  As Shamanic Astrologers, our intention is to perceive Mars and Aries differently.  We can see both as protectors of the Earth, her people, and especially their culture, families and children.  Beyond even that, as protectors of the anima mundi (the world soul) and the cosmic order itself.  We can also conceive of an Aries (for both men and women) where men refuse to uphold toxic patriarchal masculinity, or where women do not consciously or unconsciously support it.

May the expansion and amplification provided by Jupiter achieve that better outcome, as there is much at stake for all of global humanity and the Earth herself.

For further information see the Aries Video Blog here

Aries, Mercury and Uranus Spotlighted at the Beltane Cross Quarter

FACEBOOK   MAY 2, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

In May, there will be quite a large energetic shift to the astrological Mystery School of Aries.  Later this month, both Jupiter (May 10th), and Mars (May 24th), will ingress Aries.  Their conjunction in the morning sky happens May 29th.  We will have lots more to say about this over the next weeks.  Leading the way is the entrance of Venus into Aries Monday, May 2nd at 9:10AM PDT.  Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will continue to dominate the morning sky all month.

Also on May 2nd, at 8:05AM PDT, it may be possible to see a really slim crescent Moon with Mercury at 2Gemini10, in the evening sky just after sunset, 20degrees clear of the Sun. This pair is conjunct the Pleiades.  Quite remarkable is that on May 29th, the Moon will again conjoin Mercury in the morning sky, just then rising from the interior Underworld, joining the other four visible planets.  From that time onwards, for at least until July 3rd, all five are together in the morning sky.  I am unsure when writing this when the last time this happened, but it’s not very often.  This is a bonanza for those of us that like to commune with them easily with the naked eye.

Another feature of these coming days, and amplifying the Solar Eclipse seed point, is the yearly conjunction of the Sun with Uranus.  This happens at 12:22AM PDT the morning of May 5th at 14Taurus47.  This also directs our attention to the final Saturn square Uranus alignment coming up in September/October.

Not to be forgotten is that we are in the middle of the Beltane/May Day cross-quarter season.  Exact astronomical Beltane is May 4/5 when the Sun is exactly 15degrees Taurus, midway between the March Equinox and the June Solstice.  A full discussion of Beltane is beyond the scope of this post.  However, how I see it, it’s an organic, in the body, time to celebrate the fecundity of the Earth, and the renewal of all that lives and grows.  It’s also a time for honoring the creation with fire.  Synchronistically, I just heard that the Festival of Fire at the sacred hill of Uisneach in central Ireland is happening again this year.  I had the opportunity to go in 2012, and had a wonderful experience. The ancient tradition had been revived in 2009, and after a two year hiatus is on again, May 7th.  What ancient way of celebration can you participate in to aid in the renewal of the Earth; and help reanimate ways of recreating Prime Earth?

The Morning Sky Gets Even More Amazing! April 25, 2022



By Daniel Giamario

The Morning sky continues to draw our attention.  This is such a special opportunity for all astrologers who love the night sky.  As the Moon will traverse the latter degrees of Aquarius and enters Pisces Monday morning, we will get to see on three consecutive mornings quite a rare and spectacular display of planetary magic.

Moon conjunct Saturn leads the way.  The exact conjunction is 4:33PM PDT at 23Aquarius55.  Monday morning before dawn, the Moon will be about 5 degrees South, below Saturn.

Mars, now well past his conjunction with Saturn, exactly conjoins the Moon on Monday at 5:51PM PDT at 8Pisces14.  Before dawn on Tuesday morning, the Moon can also be found south and below Mars.

The Fourth Chakra gate of the current Venus/Capricorn morning star over-story has the exact conjunction on Tuesday at 9:50PM PDT at 23Pisces47.  For those in North America, Wednesday morning before dawn finds the Moon just below and to the left of bright Venus.  This opens the month long portal of the Heart chakra initiation for the Sacred Feminine, for both women and men, as she descends into the Underworld (around September 16th).  Notice how close the Pisces degree is to the recent Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of April 12th (23Pisces58), which I have recently spoken and written about and can be watched here  . This is a heart opening initiatory process, with the emphasis on having the blocks to an open heart removed as much as possible.  It also presages the upcoming and even more spectacular conjunction of Venus with Jupiter on Saturday at 2:14pm PDT at 27Pisces57.  This is just mere hours before the Solar Eclipse.  Venus and Jupiter will be within one half a degree of each other, and will seem almost touching.

Lastly is the Moon’s encounter with a rapidly rising Jupiter.  It’s exact at 4:07AM PDT on Wednesday morning at 27Pisces16.  Jupiter will be about 2 degrees just above the Moon.  This is yet another emphasis on the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, and reminds us of the eminent Venus/Jupiter conjunction.  This overall alignment also includes the conjunction of Venus with Neptune, which my colleague, Erik Roth, will be writing about.

This is quite a remarkable sequence of alignments, and not to be missed.  Whilst Neptune can be often a confusing and deceptive initiator, and in light of the increasing intensity and challenges globally now, I suggest using these three mornings to receive guidance and celestial healing from the Ananda Love of the One Reality.  May we be held in her embrace, and in surrender to Divine Providence and Mercy.  Set your intention to be with the Moon and Planets these next few mornings.

MONDAY OBSERVATIONS – April 18th, 2022


By Daniel Giamario

The morning sky continues to be amazing!  Don’t miss it.  Highest up is Saturn at 23Aquarius26, followed with about a 9-degree separation by Mars at 2Pisces08.  Next is Venus, just recently moving beyond its 10-degree orb with Mars, at 13Pisces26.  A rapidly rising Jupiter is now only 12 degrees from Venus at 25Pisces10.  This beautifully presages the gorgeous Venus/Jupiter conjunction on April 30th, the day of a Solar Eclipse.  These planets are like a string of gems in the morning sky, in a rare configuration.  The brightest is, of course, Venus at magnitude -4.22, followed by Jupiter at -2.07.  Saturn at 0.82 is slightly brighter than Mars shining at 0.99.  See if you can detect any difference, other than the difference in their color.

In the evening sky, Mercury, our other visible planet, should be starting to be seen, now rising in a quite good evening apparition.  Mercury is now shining at magnitude -1.14 at 13Taurus48.  It’s worth noting that at 9:51 PM PDT on Sunday night, Mercury conjoins Uranus at 13Taurus48.  Mercury is now a good 16 degrees from the Sun, having just exited its second Guardian of the Threshold phase, and now into its full Hermetic expression in the current Capricorn synodic over-story.  Since the inception of this synod, on Feb.3rd, Mercury has incorporated Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and now Taurus into its comprehensive function of perception, cognition, and communication for global humanity.  This Hermetic phase will last until May 10, 2022.  This conjunction with Uranus brings it into alignment with the ongoing global Saturn square with Uranus.  Unusual, unexpected, and unpredictable insights powered by synchronicity are quite available just now.  Be willing to think out of the box, somewhat unusual for Taurus, nonetheless.   More about the Mercury over-story can be found here:

Last but not least is the exact square of the Sun with Pluto (a quadrature), at 8:14 AM PDT on Monday, at 28Capricorn33.  I have always allocated a three-day window to experience the intent of these categories of aspects.  The intent of Plutonian dynamic aspects is to reveal the hidden, and expose the shadow.  I often refer to this is as composting, composting all that needs composting.  This global aspect also reminds us of the ongoing United States Pluto Return.  The 246-248 year shadow material of the United States is being revealed to the world.  Can the required awareness be found to take some responsibility for this?  Our signature ThreeWorldsApproach is strongly recommended.  Denial of the shadow, personally and collectively, only compounds the challenges of these times: the convergence of at least five different time-lines in the Great Turning of the Ages.

You can always refer to the package of resources on the US chart, Pluto, and the upcoming eclipses here: