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The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius…What? Again?

By Daniel Giamario

That is the title of this month’s NEW MOON Vlog-cast**.

I previewed this month’s Vlog-cast with a Facebook post last Tuesday that I will share here now, in case you haven’t seen it. I am also including in this article some additional interesting information about the “Age of Aquarius” issue. And then, near the end of the video, speculation on what was the identity of the “Christmas Star”.

There have been, these past weeks, numerous articles and presentations concerning the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on the December Solstice.  A great deal of what I have seen includes a large amount of misinformation.  This is a large subject which is why we shall do an entire VLOG on this next week. Read More

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations From The Founder: New Book Recommendation Nov 2020

By Daniel Giamario

Author Stephen JenkinsonEvery so often I love to share about books that I have been strongly influenced by.  During this plandemic time, I have much gratitude to have a safe and comfortable residence with a compatible partner, and be well supplied with year’s worth of supplies, all in anticipation of the extraordinary events of 2020.  I have also been fortunate to have my usual number of clients and friends to share with, albeit, virtually.  We are now in our 33rd week of lock-down/lock-step here in the Philippines.  Consequently, I have had lots of time for reading, researching and reflecting.  This month, I will share about the author Stephen Jenkinson and two of his fabulous books.  Read More

Past, Present, and Future Mystery Schools of Life

(Archetypal Signs)

Content Verses Essence

Emulating the Merlin at the Turning of the Ages

New Moon Vlogs October and November 2020

Compiled by Mary Kern from the work of Daniel Giamario with enhancements from Cayelin Castell and *Mary Kern
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Ramblings, Reflections, and Ruminations of the founder, Daniel Giamario – Oct. 2020

As we near the end of the year of tumultuous change, the year that the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School had attempted to prepare us for, as far back as the “Preparing for 2020” Summit at the end of 2017, unknown potentialities and possibilities are now emerging. Read More

Past, Present and Future Mystery Schools

New Moon October 17, 2020
by Daniel Giamario

“Emulating the Merlin at the Turning of the Ages”

A VLOG with Daniel Giamario and Mary Kern — First of a new regular offering from SAMS

The mythical and archetypal personage known as the Merlin has been my primary guide and inspiration throughout my life. Along with the other essential characters in this perennial tale: Arthur, the Priestesses of Avalon, and the Round Table; this ancient storyline will resurface in world history whenever it becomes necessary. For example: NOW!
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