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A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages – Revised

A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages

by Daniel Giamario, article edited by Cayelin K Castell, and revised by Giamario in January 2022.

Author’s note: The original form of this article appeared in the second edition of the The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, edited by Cayelin K Castell*. The essence of this information, developed in the late 1980s, has been a regular part of my classes and workshops for years. For me, the original spark igniting this investigation came from a wonderful essay written by Robert Hand in Essays On Astrology (and elsewhere) concerning the movement of the solstice and equinox points into new constellations. Hand’s essay was inspired by C. G. Jung’s treatment of the same subject in his book, The Aion.

Over the years, my experiential and ceremonial work with the night sky, as well as teaching the night sky to others, crystallized the workability of these ideas. In those days, over thirty years ago, very few in the astrological community were interested in this subject. The only other person I knew of, who was aware of the solstice galactic alignments, was constellational astrologer Raymond Mardyks, whose fine work can be accessed as an example of other directions this same data can lead to.

In the late 1980’s, I began corresponding with European master astronomer Jean Meuss, via a recommendation from astronomer-publisher Guy Ottewell, concerning the precisely calculated dates of entry, into different constellations, of the solstices and equinox coordinates. I sent a communication to Meuss in 1991 asking him to calculate the exact date of the winter (December) solstice alignment with the intersection of the galactic plane and the plane of the solar system. He responded with May, 1998. I have been sharing this date in my talks and workshops ever since. Jean Meuss references the May, 1998 date in his book Mathematical Astronomy Morsels.

Now, in 2022, the greater part of the Astrological community still largely ignores the perspectives offered here.  There are significant exceptions, however, such as Gemini Brett and Linea Van Horn.  Also, with few exceptions these observations are ignored by most astronomers.  I have found that ceremonially oriented persons, often with indigenous backgrounds, can more easily understand it.  As the Turning of the Ages continues to accelerate, many more people, from many different backgrounds, will surely become aware of this larger calendric frame of reference. I suspect this awareness and understanding has occurred at other times in history, then was forgotten for a time, and remembered again.

In any case, these insights are not necessarily original or new.  What is offered here is not dogma, but rather is intended to inspire speculation and imagination. This body of knowledge is, however, a organically growing foundational element of our school and the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.  The clues are all in the sky. All we need do is look and be open.  

  The topic of the Turning of the Ages will now be gaining greater emphasis in our school.  I felt it appropriate to go back here to an updated version of the article that started it all.

My latest research was recently presented at the Turning of the Ages seminar presented December 29th, 2021, which you can see here:2021 December Solstice Presentation.  A similar presentation takes place January 14th for the Tucson Astrologers Guild—LINK HERE.

Also included here is a new glossary of terms used in this article and forthcoming articles.

Where Solstice and Equinox points are currently, graphic by Cayelin Castell

The Turning of the Ages going beyond the Age of Aquarius
At the end of the millennium, whilst entering the year 2000, there was, and continues to be, much speculation about the so-called “end times.” Catastrophes, apocalypses, various end points of cultural calendars, as well as world renewal and oncoming Golden Ages are common themes. In an astrological context this is often referred to as the beginning of the “Aquarian Age”.

Since the late 1890’s, literally scores of scenarios have been developed claiming conclusive dating for the beginning of this Aquarian Age.(*2) The question of when the Aquarian Age actually begins is a highly interesting field of inquiry, and worthy of several entire books.  Included as part of this topic is the general misunderstanding that the “Age of Aquarius”, generally referring to the sign of Aquarius and its usual meaning, actually should refer to the constellation of the Water-Bearer, with a really different image and meaning. We have many videos and articles, over the years, on this subject.  However, I prefer to now investigate a larger context, raising questions and issues that should render the timing of the “Aquarian Age” moot.  I believe experiential shamanic methodology demonstrates that humanity is within the time-frame of the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year cycle (and 1997-1998 was the center point).

The Tilt and the Wobble
The longest cycle in the natural world that can be apprehended by the human senses, in a single lifetime, is the 26,000 year cycle marked by the precession of the equinoxes and solstices.(*3) This phenomenon is caused by the interaction of the twenty-three-and-a-half degree tilt of the Earth’s axis (creating the seasons) and the wobble of the Earth’s axis (causing entirely different stars to mark “North” over the 26,000 year cycle, among other things). The interaction of the tilt and wobble of the Earth’s axis causes the solstice and equinox points to move backwards or precess one degree every seventy-two years through the zodiac.

Astrological Ages
There is a huge amount of literature concerning the so-called astrological ages, their connection synchronistically to history, and their remarkable relationship to esoteric and occult mystery schools.  Personally, I consider that the western scientific view (also held by some astrologers) contending that the precession of the equinoxes and solstices was unknown before Hipparchus is pretentious and oblivious to the obvious.  It is on par with the belief that no culture, prior to the age of western science, had any awareness of the eighteen to nineteen year Lunar Standstill Cycles.

Within the last ten years, scores of ancient sites, throughout the world, are now known to have as their basis in the extremes of the Moon’s orbit.(*4) This defied the previously held notion that these people couldn’t possibly have known about the 19 year cycle of the Moon. The next Lunar Standstill season has already begun, and peaks in 2024-2025.

Even if no one knew about the precession of the equinoxes and solstices prior to 300 BC, it still serves as a valid basis for the investigation at hand, a shamanic investigation of The Turning of the Ages.

The Platonic Year or 26,000 Great Year
The Neo-Platonists compared an entire 26,000 year cycle to one year, and referred to it as a “Platonic Year” or the “Great Year”.  This analogy is extremely useful.  Just as one year has twelve months and four seasons, a Platonic Year also has twelve months and four seasons.  However, one month in a Platonic Year is 2160 years long and each season is 6480 years long.  These figures are arrived at using simple math, but where do we start the Platonic Year or the 26,000 year cycle?  What establishes the boundaries for beginning and ending the Platonic Year?

This is identical to the problem of where to begin a circle.  In this case the circle can be represented with the plane of the solar system, or the ecliptic, marked by the constellations of the zodiac as a background.  The best way to begin a circle is to cut through the circle from the outside.  For example, Aries, 0 Aries, is the first sign of the zodiac (or circle), because conventionally it is the first thirty degrees following the March equinox.  Therefore it is the March equinox that cuts the circle of the zodiac to begin a standard solar year.

However, where do we begin marking the beginning and ending of the entire 26,000 year cycle?  Is there something else we can use to begin the circle relative to an entire Platonic year?  If so, this issue of where to begin and end the greater cycle could be resolved.  This also means that the smaller issue of where to begin and end one of the Platonic months (i.e. Aquarius) becomes considerably less significant.

A Shamanic Approach to the Night Sky
A mytho-shamanistic approach to astrology involves the direct observation of the night sky, connecting with natural phenomena using the human senses.  It is not based on an abstract, complicated computer-generated solution to a problem.  In the night sky, there is one very clear and even dramatic phenomenon that cuts the circle of the zodiac – the plane of the Milky Way!

Graphic created by Cayelin Castell

The plane of our galaxy cuts the zodiac/ecliptic belt at about a sixty-six degree angle in the region of the zodiacal constellations of the Archer and Scorpion (aka Sagittarius and Scorpius).  The Milky Way intersects the zodiac near the center of the galaxy in an extremely rich and thick field of stars.  Looking out towards deep space in the opposite direction, another intersection takes place in the vacinity of the constellations of the Twins and the Bull (aka Gemini and Taurus) where the Milky Way is barely noticeable.  The phenomenon of precession does not change these intersection points.  The Milky Way’s fixed star relationship to the zodiacal constellations creates a visible framework far grander, and much longer lasting than even the 26,000 year precessional cycle.

Where Does the Circle (Cycle) Begin?

Graphic by Cayelin Castell

We have now established what intersects the circle, thus establishing a wider context, however, a timer is still required to determine the end and the beginning of the 26,000 year cycle.  The majority of the world’s cultures have chosen the solstice or equinox points within a solar year to determine the beginning of a new year.

The only exceptions to this are locations on the planet, that are closer to the equator, where the seasons are similar, and not much difference is noticed between solstice time and equinox time.

These cultures, such as the Hawaiian and Egyptian, chose the rising of a star or constellation (i.e. the Pleiades or the star Sirius), and then calibrate the event with a new Moon to mark a new solar year.  Most cultures, however, have chosen either the March equinox, December solstice, September equinox, or occasionally the June solstice as the new year’s starting point. For example, our modern western secular calendar, beginning January 1, originally began near the December solstice.  Meanwhile, both astrologers and astronomers today begin their coordinate and calendric systems with the March *(Vernal) equinox.

The solstice and equinox points can also be used as the timer for the wider 26,000 year framework.  These points can be used to determine the astrological age, or Platonic Month, the Platonic Season, as well as the Platonic Year, as they precess at approximately one degree every seventy-two years.

It’s the arrival of the solstice and equinox points at the intersection of the plane of Milky Way and zodiac that clearly determine the Platonic Seasons, which occur about every 6480 years.  But what Platonic Season determines the end and beginning point of the entire Platonic Year?  How do we determine the more important intersection points?  Of the four seasonal points, is it the solstices or equinoxes points that may have precedence?

Galactic Center
The intersection between the Sagittarius/Scorpius constellations is visually impressive, and is also the area of the “Galactic Center.”(*5)  If the Sun is central to the solar system, galactic center is like the central Sun that all the stars of the galaxy circuit around about every 250,000 years.  When the equinox or solstice points are aligned with this intersection, the Sun rises at galactic center on certain dates – occurring about every 6480 years marking a change of Platonic Seasons.  It’s happening now, and using one degree equals 72 years, we suggest the zone of 1962-2034 as a great Turning of the Ages.

Why 1998 was so Significant

The Solar Gates Equinoxes and Solstices

According to the calculations of Astronomer Jean Meuss,(*6) famous for calculating stellar occultations and so many other things, the December Solstice coordinate exactly reached the intersection of the plane of the Milky Way with the zodiacal plane in May of 1998.  This is the only time in the 26,000 year precessional cycle that the December Solstice (Winter Solstice in North America) is exactly aligned with this cross.

The Sumerian/Babylonian civilizations chose a spring equinox calendar and modern astrologers and astronomers still use it.  There are two possible reasons for this choice.  For one thing, around 4000 BC, the equinoxes were in alignment with the Milky Way/Zodiac intersection where the Solstices are now located.  This was one whole Platonic season ago – about 6500 years ago. This cosmic frame of reference had an equinox priority then.

Secondly, during the third millennium BC, the March equinox formed precise alignments with the royal star Aldebaran and then with the Pleiades.  The rising Sun at the March equinox was conjunct the Pleiades during the very same years that the Sun rose at the June solstice with the royal star Regulus.  Recent research has suggested that the famous Mayan Long Count was backdated to begin with the heliacal rise of the Pleiades at the March equinox.  It is easy to imagine this was quite impressive and worthy of creating a new calendar!  So, at that time, the Sun rising near Galactic Center was also at the September equinox, and that was overshadowed by the dramatic celestial events occurring in the constellations of the Twins and the Bull (a.k.a. Gemini and Taurus).

Many cultures have considered the December solstice to be the time of greatest density, the deepest descent of spirit into matter, the longest night, and then the return, or rebirth, of the Sun.  It is the esoteric turning of the year.  The December solstice, not coincidentally, was chosen by the current world culture (through its secular calendar) to be the most important of the four calendar turning points, to mark the turning of a solar year.

We can imagine then that the December solstice has higher calendric priority (in this case, more than the equinoxes) for marking the end and beginning of an entire Platonic (Great) year, because of the primacy the shamanic and traditional cultures give to the December Solstice.  However, this can and should create a great stimulating debate on this issue.

Is it the Turning of the Great Year or a Seasonal Shift?
At the very least, we know humanity is at a seasonal shift.  If now isn’t the end and beginning of the Platonic year, then at the very least, it is the “mirror image” of what happened 12,500-13,000 years ago, when the December solstice was at the galactic edge.  This marked the time when the vernal (March) equinox was entering the constellation of the Lion (represented by the Sphinx of Giza), facing due east as silent witness to those historical events).  Today, the great sphinx is witness to the March equinox Sun rising with the constellation of the Water-bearer, (not the sign of Aquarius).

In my travels to Peru, Bolivia, and Scotland, I have had impressive direct experiences of numerous ancient monuments built to capture the precise rising and/or setting of the December Solstice Sun.  It is as if these monuments were built with this time in mind. For only now, (and the mirror image time 12,500-13,000 years ago) can the rising and setting Sun be experienced at the solstice, Milky Way, and zodiacal intersection, that is one of the two crosses.

I propose that all shamanically and experientially oriented individuals prepare for participating in conscious ceremony and festivals, especially during the December  solstices from 1962 to 2034(*7) celebrating the end and beginning of a galactic great “year”.  The rising or setting Sun at the December solstice is a marvelous opportunity to receive a transmission of galactic intelligence directly from galactic center, for dreaming and co-creating the next great age.  This cross is known by many as the Golden Gate.  The arrow of the Archer, the stinger of the Scorpion, and the thyrsus/spear of the centaur constellation all point to this gate.  It’s an exit point, a place of composting, of dissolution and of ascension.  At the same time, at the June Solstice is the other cross, known often as the Silver Gate, seen as an entrance point, as souls enter at the Galactic Edge.

Glossary of Terms:

AEON (or Eon):  Possibly the most appropriate term for this inquiry as it was used by Jung in his late writings (the book “Aion”) and this “god” having major astrological implications.  It refers to the zeitgeist of an astrological “age”.  Dane Rudhyar refers to “Eonic” consciousness in this context.  The etymology comes from notions of age, a vital force, or a long period of time.  Check out “Age” further down.  Aeon or Eon has often been used synonymously to refer to any particular span of time.  Significantly,  it is always less than the age of the manifest Universe itself.

EPOCH:  Has a fixed suggested starting point in time, with some world changing event.  Its etymology suggests a point marking the start of a new period of time.  This is like BCE,  AD, or BC, with reference often to a suggested birth of Christ.

ERA:  This refers to what follows the beginning of an Epoch, such as the “Christian era”.  Refer back to Epoch.

AGE:  This is like Era, but more general, not necessarily needing a fixed starting point.  It is often seen with expressions like “Victorian Age” or “Tudor Age”.  Of course, this is quite connected to the commonly used expressions in astrology like the “Age of Aquarius”.  As I have written and shared about so often, there are scores and scores of suggested starting dates (epoch) for this age.  Our school and this presentation can hopefully resolve this issue.

GREAT YEAR:   A Great Year is one entire precessional cycle, or 12 ages as one year….sometimes it’s called “The 26,000 year year. Each astrological age is one of 12 months in a year.

Other Important Words Often Used:

SAGA:  This is a long story, usually from oral tradition.  Our school uses this with reference to the long interactions of Venus, Mercury, and Mars, and various “stories” that can be applied to their dance.

SAECULUM:  An ancient Etruscan concept, later incorporated by the Romans, and others.  Originally it was meant to refer to the oldest living elder at any given time, usually seen as about 90 years.  Later on it was used to sometimes mean 100 years or a century, or almost any somewhat long period of time.  It was also used to refer to the fact that four entire generations would turn over within one saeculum.  This understanding is expounded in the essential book: “The Fourth Turning”.  It also has greatly contributed to our school’s understanding and teachings regarding the shamanic timeline cycles, and four seasons of life.

MAYAN LONG COUNT:  5,125 years.  Said to begin in 3114 BCE, but that is controversial.  The long count was said to end Dec.21st, 2012, and that also is controversial.  Recent research suggests that the Mayans backdated this start date (an epoch) to the year that the Pleiades conjoined the Vernal Equinox.  Five of these Long Counts nearly equal the current accepted length of a precessional cycle.  See the Last entries.

KALPA:  This is a concept from the Indian sub-continent that usually describes the very largest views of creation and dissolution.  As with the Yuga understandings following, it can refer to really long time frames, or somewhat shorter time-frames.  There are many competing opinions.  Some current teachers believe that we are now at the end and beginning of an entire Kalpa.

YUGA:  This is a concept from the Indian sub-continent, and can be applied to really long periods of time, or as recent research and scholarship has established, can be synchronized with the precessional cycle.  Like the Kalpa, there are many competing opinions.  This is discussed in these presentations.

FOUR SUNS or FIVE SUNS:  Within the Mayan,  Aztec, and Incan world views, they perceive either five or four Suns.  This refers to four or five different periods of creation and destruction, and then a complete rebirth.  I favor the five sun approach, as it so elegantly corresponds with the recent Yuga scholarship, as well as the precessional cycle.  This is discussed in these presentations.

THE PRECESSIONAL CYCLE:  Currently calculated as 25, 920 years (or sometimes 25,772 or 25,800), this is the great cycle produced by the wobble of the Earth, in space; that creates the phenomenon of different North stars, over time, as well as the creation of new “ages”.  This is also the most important astronomical factor that illustrates how every constellation will align with every astrological “sign”, over the course of 26, 000 years.  There is an emerging view that this precessional cycle is not constant, and can vary over time.  Sri Yukteswar, in the late 1800’s, based on the research at that time, believed the cycle to be 24,000 years.  Hipparchus, the alleged “discoverer” of precession once thought it oscillated back and forth in a much shorter time, and then later, 30,000 years was suggested.

GALACTIC ALIGNMENT:  Proposed by Raymond Mardyks in the 1980’s and popularized by the books of John Major Jenkins, this refers to the truly significant alignment of the solstices and equinoxes with the intersection of the plane of the galaxy and the plane of the solar system.  This can occur 4 times in a 26, 000 year precessional cycle. The very first presaging of this was in the book “Hamlet’s Mill”, from 1969.

THE TURNING OF THE AGES:  Originated from Daniel Giamario in the 1980’s, this is another term somewhat similar to the Galactic Alignment.  Our school suggests a time period from 1962-2034, as the current Turning of the Ages, when the December Solstice Sun is located at the intersection of the Galactic plane and the plane of the Solar System.  Giamario consulted Jean Meuss in the 1990’s to have him calculate the exact date of the intersection, which was  determined to be May, 1998.

COSMIC YEAR: 225-250 million years; the amount of time for our solar system to go around the Galactic Center



*1. The Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario with Cayelin K Castell

*2. Some of the more interesting proposals are:

  • 1962 AD The great conjunction of planets in Aquarius
  • 2012 AD The movement of the star Regulus into the sign of Virgo (from Dane Rudhyar)
  • 2376 AD Vernal Equinox enters the constellation of Aquarius as defined by the sidereal zodiac of Fagan and Bradley

If we use the tropical zodiac to create twelve equal ages, then each age is about 2160 years long. If we date the beginning of the Piscean age at approximately 100 BC, then the current time is very near the entry into the next constellation of Aquarius. If we use the constellational boundaries of Ptolemy, the vernal equinox will not reach Aquarius until after 2600 AD.

*3. Various numbers of years have been given for this cycle. The number of years is probably not entirely stable and may oscillate a bit over time. Dane Rudhyar uses 25,868 years because that is used in Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. Charles Jayne uses 25,694 years. Most popular literature currently uses 25,920 years. My personal favorite exact figure is 25,800 years used by many astronomers such as Guy Ottewell. To simplify, I use the rounded figure of 26,000 years for the cycle.

*4. Chimey Rock, Colorado, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Callanish, Scotland and many others

*5. The precise location of Galactic Center, currently at about 27 degrees Sagittarius, lies below the ecliptic and thus below and to the right of the intersection of the Milky Way and zodiacal constellations. But it’s pretty close.

*6. From a personal correspondence

*7. These could be the exact ceremonial timings, but note that the greater festival is at least a 72 year window lasting from 1962 to 2034.

Suggested Bibliography for Research on The Turning Of The Ages:

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This Wonder of Solstice Full Moons

By Daniel Giamario

Full Moons that appear at or near a Solstice often had tremendous significance to ancient Earth/Sky peoples, in, among other places, the American Southwest.  It was one of the many ways to synchronize Solar ceremonials with Lunar ceremonials.  In ancient Egypt, the synchronization was between the closest tiny crescent new Moon with the March equinox to mark a new year, and even to have a sense as to the star of a whole new age.

This month’s Full Moon, happening at 8:36PM PST, on Saturday December 18th, is at 27Gemini29, less than 3 days from the exact December Solstice.  This certainly qualifies as one of these ceremonial synchronizations.  And there are many additional interesting features of this Full Moon.

This year the exact placement of Galactic Center is 27Sagittarius09.  The Sun will be at 27Sagittarius29!  The Moon, in opposition, will be also a mere 20 minutes from the exact Galactic Edge (what astronomers call quite inelegantly the “galactic anti-center”.  This has major implications as we shall see.

Does this happen like this very often?  To find out, it’s important to be aware of two remarkable features of the Moon’s cycles.  One is the Moon’s Metonic cycle; wherein the Moon will return to nearly the same place every 19 years.  Following is a tabulation of the closest Full Moons to the December Solstice:

December 19, 2002 27Gemini42    December 19, 2021 27Gemini29   December 18, 2040 27Gemini11

December 22, 1999   0Cancer25     December 22, 2018 0Cancer49      December 22, 2037 1Cancer02

December 21, 2010   29Gemini21   December 20, 2029 29Gemini21   December 20, 2048 29Gemini03

You will notice the 19 year pattern.  I think all of these qualify as Sun/Moon ceremonial synchronizations.  But there is more, far more.  The Sun, physically from our perception, never actually crosses in front of Galactic Center that lies somewhat below the ecliptic.  The Turning of the Ages coordinates, that I use, value 0Capricorn/Cancer as the key, as that is where the Sun is located in a seasonal change in the 26,000 year precessional cycle.  SAMS reckons 1962-2034 as the time-frame of the seasonal change we are in the midst of.  Thus 27 Sagittarius/27 Gemini are as important as Full Moons nearer to the 0Capricorn/Cancer Solstice points.  But, amazingly, the Moon, sometimes, does cross over Galactic Center and the Galactic Edge!

For this remarkable feature of the cycles of the Moon, we need to know about the Lunar Standstill.  Although this was hugely important to the ancient Earth/Sky peoples, this phenomenon was not even recognized by us moderns, until 1969.  Alexander Thom was most responsible for this.  Modern astrologers refer to this as merely as an out-of-bounds Moon.  The extreme Outer Lunar Standstill is usually termed the major lunar standstill.  This is when the Moon swings more than 5 degrees outside the boundaries of the Sun’s path, known as the ecliptic.  This occurred in 1969, 1987, 2005-6, and will take place again in 2024-2025.  Already the Moon is way out-of-bounds, beyond the ecliptic, when the Moon is near the Solstice points (Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn).  This Full Moon is 26.15 degrees North of the ecliptic, nearly 3 degrees.  Any child that is born between 2021-2028 with the Moon in any of these signs, will have an out-of bounds Moon.  This is also true if you have one of those Moons and are born near 1950, 1969, 1987, 2006, or 2024-2025.  As we get closer to 2024-2025, the Moon will actually cross directly over the Galactic Center at the Southern extreme when in late Sagittarius or early Capricorn.  The absolute maximum extreme Outer Lunar Standstill will occur March 7, 2025, 28.42 North Latitude, more than 5 degrees beyond the ecliptic.  When near the June Solstice, the Moon does pass directly over Galactic Center.

What is the significance and practical application of all this?  This is the fourth and last time within the time-frame of the Turning of the Ages (1969, 1987, 2006, and now coming soon).  Considering the immense importance that the lunar standstill had for our fore-bearers; as witnessed by the numerous megalithic monuments across the world that ceremonialize it, it feels important it be aware of this.  This adds an even larger lens, and an additional framework, for having an understanding of just how important the times we are living are in.  The even greater changes may still be to come, as the Kali Yuga bottoms out, and the Fourth Turning is upon us.  On a personal level, if you are an out-of-bounds Moon person, you will clearly be on the front lines of global transformation, with the ability to see beyond the mainstream deceptions, and in a totally maverick and unique way, be able to pierce the veil of illusion and deception.  You may be able to participate in dreaming and then intending the next cycle.  For those without this feature, be aware that, in the past, lunar standstills were the time of the gathering of the tribes, the greatest ceremonies, the sharing of stories, and the periodic reanimation and revitalization of the world.

Be sure to go out and with be this Full Moon.  And remember that the Moon is exactly at the Galactic Edge, the place where so very many cultures perceived as where souls and new creation enters.  This is the Silver Gate.  And then, being aware that the Sun, is “on the cross’, at the Galactic Center, the Golden Gate, where that which needs to be composted, gets composted, or concurrently, where entrance into a new 5D reality can take pace.  One additional thing to take notice of, should you watch the Moonrise or Moonset: the place where the Moon rises or sets will be far to the North of where you will see the Sun rise or set, this can be quite surprising and really unique.

This Full Moon will be at the Northern extreme (late Gemini).  Interestingly, Chimney Rock, in Southern Colorado, a Chaco Canyon outlier, was built specifically to ceremonialize this Northern extreme.  This became evident in 1987 when archaeoastronomers finally realized that the extreme Northern Moon at the standstill season passed through the rock chimneys. Before that, most of them arrogantly assumed that the Native Americans could not have known of this!  I was there to witness this amazing event in 2006.  I invite anyone near Chimney Rock, to go at this Full Moon and see if the Moon is far enough out-of-bounds now, to go between the chimneys.  It sure will be at 2024-2025 nearest to December Solstice Full Moon.

I will be writing a lot more about this over the next year, in preparation for this most important punctuation point in the unfolding great Turning of the Ages.  Meanwhile, please consider joining us for our Solstice presentations:  CLICK HERE

In Fond Memory of Toni Wolff and C.G. Jung; and Robert Bly, in Memoriam

By Daniel Giamario

The news of the death of the mythopoetic giant, Robert Bly, on November 21st, aged 94, came to me after I had already decided to share about a fabulous and important book that I have recently read.  Synchronicity can be quite an astonishing thing.  The book is “Toni Wolff & C.G. Jung: A Collaboration”, by Nan Savage Healy (2018).  It is truly amazing how these themes weave together, for me, as well as the inspirations for important features of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.

Robert Bly, a gifted poet, author, anti-war activist, counter-culture figure and transcendentalist, has come to be best known for his book “Iron John”. Bly was credited for inspiring a nascent men’s consciousness movement, which generated both praise and criticism and somewhat diminished his earlier work.  I had the great good fortune of attending many of his workshops, particularly when he collaborated with Tai-Chi master Al Huang.  What is considerably less known is that Bly was an early advocate for expanding the perception of women’s archetypes, particularly the dark chthonic feminine.  Poems such as “The Teeth Mother Naked at Last” and his essay “I Came Out of the Mother Naked” were highly influential to me and to others who were reformulating mainstream astrology in a more feminine direction, considerably less patriarchal in flavor.  But the greatest gift of all that I received from Robert Bly, and from others in those halcyon days of cultural renaissance, was his efforts to bring to the world’s attention an essay by Toni Wolff: “Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche”.  This had such a profound impact on me that it has remained the foundational bedrock of my understanding of the full spectrum of the archetypes of the feminine (and similarly influencing my view of masculine archetypes).

So who was Toni Wolff? 

This brings me to the book I have just finished reading.  Finally, here is a book that delves comprehensively into the story of the woman, whom Jung referred to as his “second wife”.  She was the medial psychopomp for his many descents into the underworld in the 1910’s and 1920’s, and the mainly un-credited collaborator to his famous “Red Book”.  She was Jung’s main collaborator in his theories regarding anima and animus, psychological types, archetypes and analytical psychology.  She faded into the background and has been largely written out (including by later “Jungians”) and not much talked about, until now.  Few of her essays have yet to be translated into English.  The book is amazing, bringing essential background to concepts that have been uniquely incorporated in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™. I also have often tried, for many years, to bring to the attention of our students and teachers the great importance of Toni Wolff (and obviously Jung).

Most importantly she saw the foundational structure of the feminine archetypes as a fourfold structure on two axes. The Vertical axis was the personal one with the “hetaera” at the top, and the “maternal” at the bottom.  The horizontal impersonal axis had the “medial” woman on one side, and the “amazon” woman on the other side.  This understanding was highly influential to me, and in a foundational way, allowed me to expand this to 12 authentic expressions, a full spectrum, of the archetypes of the feminine.  This approach is far more useful than the more widely known use of the three-fold triple-goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Two of our online courses expand on this in rich detail – CLICK HERE to learn more.

I want to especially honor the contribution and brilliance of Robert Bly, who died at his 8th Jupiter return!  I am going to include here the charts of Bly, Toni Wolff, and C.G.Jung, all three such remarkable and important contributors to our school and paradigm.  I strongly suggest seeking out Nan Healy’s book should these subjects be of interest.  I believe the subject matter to be rather important in these times.


An Important Eclipse Season and the Saturn/Uranus Square Accelerates

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations — November New Moon

By Daniel Giamario


The Eclipse Season

Every year has two eclipse seasons, about six months apart.  The second season of 2021 has a partial lunar eclipse and a total solar eclipse.  I have always been fascinated by eclipses, even, at times, referring to myself as an “eclipse junkie.”  I have been fortunate to see two total solar eclipses, four annular solar eclipses, and have lost count of how many total lunar eclipses.  I have always been fascinated by the ancient Sumerian view that your “age” was based on how many eclipse seasons you have experienced rather than solar years (therefore twice the number of solar years).  Let’s examine this eclipse season from November 19th through December 4th and the two eclipses.

Friday, November 19th at 12:57AM PST at 27Taurus14:  Partial Lunar Eclipse.  Although technically a partial, actually it’s really close to a total, it’s 97.4% total!  It will be visible over North America and most of the Pacific Ocean regions.  The whole show takes nearly six hours!  This is a North Node eclipse and presages the, soon to be, entrance of the transiting North Node into Taurus on January 18, 2022.  Although all eclipses counsel to always be aware of the “shadow,” personally and collectively, North Node eclipses contain more of a sense of looking ahead and moving forward. And, lunar eclipses are “Super Full Moons” as our school uses the term.  This eclipse also features Mars and Mercury in Scorpio together with the Sun, and will also presage the rise of Mars in Scorpio from out of the Underworld on November 22nd at the 15Scorpio, the cross-quarter degree.


Saturday, December 3rd at 11:43PM PST at 12Sagittarius22:  Total Solar Eclipse.  This eclipse occurs far South mainly over Antarctica and is a shorter one; one minute and 55 seconds of totality.  This eclipse is with the South Node, placing a greater emphasis on the personal and collective past of global humanity.  In the paradigm of the school this is a “Super New Moon” and a time for planting seeds of intention for at least the next six months.  However, I think that this eclipse is presaging something far more important.  During 2021 I have spent a lot of time researching the United States chart in light of the “Fourth Turning.”  I have also detailed the four eclipse paths that crisscross the US from 2012-2024.  See my previous articles on this HERE.  The New Moon/Eclipse degree is 12Sagittarius 22, almost exactly the degree of the US Ascendant of 13Sagittarius10, as rectified by Dane Rudhyar.  I really get the sense that this South Node Super New Moon Solar Eclipse is putting a really bright cosmic spotlight on the Pluto return, the Chiron return, and the Neptune opposition to Neptune on the United States Chart.  This will totally involve the upcoming eclipses over the US in 2023 and 2024, which also directly connect to the US chart.  I think that this solar eclipse places lots of emphasis on the shadow and light of the Sagittarius Mystery School, certainly for the United States, but also for the entire world.  The light of Sagittarius is the quest for meaning and purpose, a love of truth, and well-founded optimism for the future.  The shadow is various forms of fundamentalism and the desire to impose a “belief” in a truth on everyone else.  The deeper essence of Sagittarius, in my view, is the courage to not be attached to “a truth,” as it’s actually a moving target.  I am reminded of a favorite William Blake poem.

“He who binds to himself a joy, does the winged Life destroy;

He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in Eternity’s sunrise.”

I greatly appreciate the Sabian symbols of my first astrological mentor, Dane Rudhyar.  What he writes about 13degrees of Sagittarius is quite amazing in light of what I have written here.  Here it is:


KEYNOTE: The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.

What the “widow’s past” is remains obscure but the point is that even as a past cycle is closed — a phase of married life ends — the karma of whatever deeds or misdeeds this cycle witnessed will almost inevitably intrude into the new life period. Also, once a cycle of activity is concluded, much that was unclear or unconsciously motivated in the events it witnessed can now more easily come to the clear consciousness of the mind. It is possible to joyously herald the dawn from high above the actual stresses of existence (the preceding symbol), but the new day may be found loaded and darkened by the unfinished business of many a yesterday.

This is the third stage of the fifty-first five-fold sequence. Mankind is “the widow,” because our soon-to-be-concluded Piscean Age has buried most of the ideals it once revered and proclaimed. Yet the New Age will have to deal with many oppressive ghosts. This is a symbol of RETRIBUTION

The Saturn/Uranus Waning Square Accelerates.

There is so much to unpack during this lunation.  The most important global aspect of 2021 is the triple (waning) square of Saturn to Uranus.  So far there have been two exact squares: February 17th at 7Aquarius13/7Taurus13, and June 14th at 13Aquarius07/13Taurus07.  The third one happens December 24th at 11Aquarius05/11Taurus05.  There is very nearly an exact fourth square in September-October of 2022!  This is a truly significant transit.  It is a process that began with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction of February 1988.  The previous conjunction was in 1942.

I perceive these days surrounding, and following, the Scorpio New Moon, to be a pivotal turning point in the universal intent of this global planetary process.  Here is why:

This past Saturday, October 30th, the Sun squared Saturn at 2:53AM PDT at 7Scorpio12/7Aquarius12.  Notice how close these degrees are to the February square (almost exact!).  Also on Saturday, October 30th, Mars, while still in the Underworld, entered into Scorpio.

The Scorpio New Moon happens at 2:15PM Wednesday November 4th, at 12Scorpio40.  Certainly this New Moon signifies a turning point.  (We will have additional posts about this New Moon).  Amazingly, a few hours later, the Sun reaches its yearly opposition with Uranus at 4:58PM PDT at 12Scorpio48/12Taurus48.  Again, notice the degrees, and especially if you have anything important on your natal chart near these degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

Almost as footnotes, we can also add to the great cosmic drama of the clash of planets the following:  Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday, November 5th.  And, then on November 10th Mercury and Mars are conjunct, whilst Mars still in the Underworld at 7Scorpio22.  In addition the exact Samhain cross quarter is on November 6th (15 Scorpio), the degree that Mars rises from the Underworld on November 22nd.  Mars, now so very much a part of the Saturn square Uranus situation, will square Saturn on November 10th at about 7Scorpio40, and then will be in opposition to Uranus on November 17th at 12Scorpio15.  Think of it as a long-lasting T-Square with Mars activating the already dynamic Saturn square to Uranus.

I see this as a full speed ahead to the intended result of the Saturn-Uranus triple square, just after the December Solstice.  Every time that there is the Aries synodic overtone of Mars, he will rise from the Underworld in Scorpio (most recently 1910, 1942, 1989 and now).  This happens November 22nd at the cross-quarter degree of 15Scorpio.  A really great pressure has been building up and will certainly continue.  Maybe you can see, why I do, that this is a great turning point.

My speculation involves the fate and/or destiny of the United States, and indeed, all of global humanity.  So much of what is happening is not as it seems in the mainstream.  I will not pretend to know what “Great Mystery” or Gaia, herself, has in mind at this time.  Much depends on the Aries god, for both Men and Women.  Will there be the capacity to surrender, change the game of 12,800 years, and to actually grieve, and see a new and different way forward?  With so much emphasis growing from the Scorpio Mystery School now, much also depends on the willingness to own and then integrate the shadow and the “mistakes” of global humanity’s recent history.  I can also see this as a decision, on a personal and collective level, to either choose to fulfill human 1.0, that represents our water based organic destiny, or to align with human 2.0, an artificial intelligence, silicon based, hunger for an unearned immortality.  I know well where I stand on this, but also totally advocate that every individual can have the freedom to choose their own course and to not impose their views on others.  We stand always for personal sovereignty and honoring all places on the wheel.  And always, to surrender to what Great Mystery is orchestrating.  We can only play our part, as best we can.  We must be awake, and remember what is at stake.  Hopefully, this is helpful, to be aware of the cosmic players that are instructing us.

Ramblings, Ruminations and Reflections – Libra New Moon, Mars in the Underworld, and Other Matters – Oct New Moon 2021

From Daniel Giamario

October 10th is my 73rd birthday.  This is now my 52nd year since discovering astrology in 1969, after reading Dane Rudhyar’s book “The Astrology of Personality”.  This is also my 9th Venus return, as well as another Mercury return.  Being born with Mercury Retrograde means any Mercury synodic return will be Mercury retrograde at my birthday.  Here are a several things that have captured my attention for this week, and upcoming lunation.

THE LIBRA NEW MOON on Wednesday October 6th at 4:05AM PDT at 13Libra25

Mars is in the Underworld, behind the Sun until November 22nd.  I was not born with Mars in the Underworld, (though I do have Mars in Scorpio, the sign where Mars exits the Underworld on November 22nd), but the events around this New Moon are quite astounding for the world and the United States.  The following astrological events are unfolding:

October 1st:  Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 3rd:  Sun in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 5th:  Moon in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

October 6th:  Exact New Moon at 4:05PM PDT at 13Libra25

October 6th:  Moon in Libra conjunct Mars in Libra (5:04AM PDT) which is not visible.

October 6th:  Pluto SD at 11:29AM PDT at 24Capricorn18   — A three day Plutonian initiatory intensity magnified by the long square with Eris, now at 24Aries20.

October 7th:   Sun conjuncts Mars at 9:01PM PDT at 15Libra05 in the Celestial Underworld.

October 9th:  Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in the Interior Underworld at 9:18AM PDT at 16Libra35

October 9th:  Mercury and Mars conjunct in the Underworld at 16Libra16 at 3:48PM PDT,   Mercury is in-between the Earth and Sun, and Mars on the other side of the Sun; neither are visible.

October 10th:  Saturn SD at 7:17PM PDT at 6Aquarius52   — A three day Saturnian initiatory intensity (see below).  This also ends the nine month Saturn conjunction with the US South Node.

October 17th:  Jupiter SD at 10:30PM PDT at 22Aquarius19

October 18th:  Mercury SD at 8:17AM PDT at 10Libra07 is close to the New Moon degree and also opposes the US Saturn.

This all is quite an amazing, rare, and deeply intense initiatory time-frame, with personal and collective implications.  The gathering of Mars, Sun, Moon, and Mercury all together in the Underworld at the same time, with Chiron involved (as well as Eris at 24Aries22 opposing Mercury, whilst maintaining her long square to Pluto).

Implications for the United States

With Saturn direct on October 10th, , this will complete the 9 month initiatory time-frame of Saturn conjunct its South Node at 6Aquarius35, which began February 3, 2021.  I have written about this as an opportunity for the United States to face facts about its past and take responsibility for the betrayal of the original Aquarian ideals.  The Chironic and Plutonian aspects are foreshadowing the US Pluto and Chiron returns of 2022 and 2023.  Meanwhile, The Neptune transit to its second only opposition to the US Neptune continues, with its square to the US Mars in Gemini.  Certainly the confusion, numerous deceptions, and increased bifurcations can be expected.  Mercury also being retrograde now adds to this.  The United States, incidentally, also has Mercury retrograde natally.

The Mars in the Underworld factor

Our hopes are that a war scenario will not break out to distract attention.  The current Mars synodic overtone is the sign of Aries, and is in the Underworld phase from August 23-November 22nd.  The previous times that happened were Summer/Fall of 1910, Summer/Fall of 1942, and Summer/Fall of 1989.  A deeper look at this rhyming pattern is useful and revelatory.  It’s always roughly the same season with the Aries overtone.

  1. September, 24, 1909:  This Mars Aries Overtone began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 1Aries.

The Underworld phase was from August 13th- November 11th, 1910.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was at about 3Libra on September 27th.  Mars rose from the Underworld at 3Scorpio on about November 11th, 1910.  This time-frame included the set-up for WWI and the secret collusion of the robber barons to present themselves as saviors of the failing US economy and soon create the Federal Reserve and the income tax.

  1. October 11, 1941:  This Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 17Aries.  The Underworld phase was from August 22nd-November 20th, 1942.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was October 5th at about 12 Libra.  Mars rose from the Underworld at about 12Scorpio on November 20th, 1942.  This was obviously the intensity of WWII, and during the underworld phase was the Battle of Stalingrad with millions of deaths, as well as the first use of the word “holocaust”, as the death camps were first revealed.
  2. September 28, 1988:  This Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 6Aries.  The Underworld phase was from August 16th-November 15th, 1989.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction was October 4th at about 10Libra.  Mars rose from the Underworld at about 7Scorpio on November 15th, 1989.  This time-frame included when the Berlin Wall came down beginning the breakup of the Soviet Union; also the massive Savings and Loans economic scandal in the United States.
  3. October 13, 2020:  The current Mars Overtone Aries began at the Sun/Mars opposition at 21Aries.  The Underworld phase, currently happening, is from August 23-November 22nd, 2021.  The exact Sun/Mars conjunction is October 7th at 15Libra05.  Mars will rise from the Underworld at 15Scorpio48 on November 22nd, 2021.

Please be aware of this pattern, as much can be learned from it.  I, at some point, also want to research the times when Mars and Mercury retrograde, are in the Underworld at the same time.  This is happening now from September 27th-October 18th.  So much negative-tinged emphasis (too much in my opinion) is given to Mercury retrograde, but coupled with a much rarer Mars in the Underworld, as well what I have commented upon in the previous article on the “Neptune Effect” with the US chart, suggests to be a truly significant time-frame for the United States.  And it’s always good to learn from history.  So far, not so much seems to have been learned.  In addition, so much about these 2021 cycles are but mere foreshadows of what is to come in 2022-2024.

It’s interesting to note that the chart of the United States has Mercury retrograde at 24Cancer11.  This week, with transiting Neptune exactly squaring the United States Mars in Gemini, and now coupled with Mercury retrograde, one can only imagine the increased confusion, delusion and expanded bifurcation already occurring.  Try trying to “figure it out”, if you dare.  All is not as it seems.

Individually, the very same inquiries apply.  It’s hard to imagine when the Three Worlds Approach has not been more important.  As Mercury is transforming into its Libran overtone, with the Libra New Moon, may the best qualities of Libran diplomacy and peace-making be put to use, whilst not being naïve about it.  In some ways, Libra, at this time, with Mars and Mercury in the Underworld, can very much imply: “No more Mister Nice Guy”.  But remember to also be compassionate and aware of all points of view.

I have recently been reading a book written by Kary Mullis, winner of the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test.  It’s called “Dancing Naked in The Mind Field”.  The PCR test is being fraudulently used for creating “cases”.  Mullis, who died just before the pandemic scenario was launched, warned that the test should not be used as a diagnostic tool.  I mention this because he also was Mercury Retrograde (in Sagittarius).  And amazingly he also had Mars (in Sagittarius) in the Underworld on his natal chart!  He loved astrology, and I will quote here a passage from his book:  “I was born at 17:58 Greenwich Mean Time on December 28, 1944 in Lenoir, North Carolina.  You can find out more about me from that than you can from reading this book”.  (page 153).  I highly recommend this book, written in 1998, which explains current unfolding events with an uncanny prescience.  Mullis died in 2019.

I still plan a Part 4 to the extensive US chart research soon, to look at progressions, the Jupiter conjunction with Neptune in 2022, and the Lunar Standstill season of 2024-2025.

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