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Michela Gamboni

Originally from the tiny Italian speaking part of Switzerland, I have always felt called to expand my horizons into different countries and cultures, as well as into the intricacies of the mind and the relationship patterns. Since young age, I have had a strong need to give a deeper meaning to our existence and understand the way people relate and interact with each other. After a long journey split among different schools, jobs and relationships, I finally decided to start taking care of my own healing first. By placing the focus into that quest, I found my way into astrology.
Over the past four years I have spent lots of time in Bali practicing yoga, mandala art, exploring different spiritual paths and other healing modalities. In 2018 I attended my first SAMS course with Levi Banner and Daniel Giamario, and fell in love with the paradigm. Last year, after my Yoga Teacher Training with Levi, I chose to gift myself with some extra time in Ubud. That is when I finally began to offer online readings in Italian and English, expanding the wisdom and magic to my home country, Italy and other places around the world.
With my greatest joy, I have recently started to merge two of what I now call passions and medicines, into my Triimika project: “journey of the soul beyond duality”. In addition to chart’s readings , I am now also creating personal AstroMandala for clients and friends. These mandalas are created based on the natal chart of each person and can be used as an integration part of the reading, as a mediation tool, as an activation of the blueprint or as a reminder to always go back to the centre of the universe within. That is where we find our inner wisdom, which asks to be activated and integrated into our daily life.

Deeply grateful for being able to work with these precious tools on a daily basis, I carry within the hope to keep inspiring the very much needed and precious inner healing journey. Much love.

Olivia Sautereau

Dear Shamanic Astrologer,
It has been an honor to enter this Mystery School. Discovering the Paradigm was very challenging for me, it was like rediscovering my Self and getting to know, to live, to embody my Essence through the Archetype. I’m discussing with the Archetype and the Planets and I love how them inform me as much as I inform them… Practicing and connecting in a Sacred place has been one of my focus even during the pandemic.
I feel deeply connected to the Shamanic Astrology that I naturally mixed with my own Medicine, my own Alchemy : Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Guidance, Mantra… One of my Mission is to spread Shamanic Astrology in French, if you have any francophone friends who would like to discover Shamanic Astrology and the Mystery of Life, I would love to be introduced to them. Creating a network is so important in these Times. Feel free to connect with me through facebook, instagram or email.
I would like to deeply thank Daniel Giamario, Levi Banner, Cayelin K. Castell, Tami Bunk, all the students, all the Venus Sisters that I met in Bali and online for their guidance and support,
With Love,
Olivia Sautereau

Marianna Voulgaris

My journey with Astrology had begun as I began to come in contact with the different energies Mother Earth offered. I looked at the plant people in the forests with all of their gifts, and how they don’t want to be different but standing tall in who they are. Mother Earth led me to a place to open up to the bigger picture, we are all one, sharing the same breath, the same water, she showed me to always trust and let go as another season approaches. Mother Earth reminded me of the wisdom that I had forgotten, we are all stardust. I began my journey with astrology to uncover my soul, my unique gift and my personal connection as I began to come to a place to trust in my own journey. I then began my journey as a healer.
I am certified in Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Plant Energy Healing, Planetary Herbology, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Medical Astrology, Nutrition, Yoga and other physical fitness practices. My journey was to help others open to themselves, to find that place of connection and love inside. I then found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School as I was seeking to expand more and there it was. My life has changed forever, this school has brought my connection into myself so deep that I can see my path, why things need to happen for others to open and most of all to connect, to feel and to trust. As above, so below as within so without.
I now offer services combining all my connections to help others open and trust their own journey offering guidance to open to the whole and to open with love. We all are here on our own path and journey, but we are not alone, we are all here in love, all standing on Mother Earth as she has opened her body to us. She is open with love from the Cosmos, we are a part of her, we are all together, intertwined and connected.
Marianna now lives in Willow Creek, CA with her family she is blessed with. She owns Trinity Herbals and Wellness Center in Willow Creek where she offers her services and a space for yoga, fitness, herb classes, moon gatherings and ceremony.

Jane Anthony

My passion and intrigue for Shamanic Astrology began in Bali in 2019 when I was introduced to it through Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork trainings with Levi Banner. The world dramatically slowing down in 2020 offered me an opportunity to fully dive into the material and I graduated with my Foundational Certification as Shamanic Astrology Counsellor in May 2021. I feel so fortunate to have had a tribe of Bali based Shamanic Astrology students to study alongside, especially as we navigated the rapidly changing world and dove deeper into personal introspection at this time. Graduating together, on a Bali seaside cliff under a full lunar eclipse, was a defining moment I will never forget.
I have also recently joined the SAMS Outreach team to guide a refresh of the curriculum and supporting materials for the online courses. As a Mystery School, content has evolved over time and technology has moved on so refreshing these offerings is perfectly timed alongside a brand and website update. I am deeply passionate about making the teachings of Daniel & the school widely accessible and am honoured to be a part of this team.
My alchemy of Capricorn (Moon), Scorpio (Venus) and Sagittarius (Asc, Mars, Mercury) makes for a uniquely grounded pragmatic approach to a deeply passionate search for truth and meaning within the Shamanic Astrology mysteries- a journey that has only just begun.
Jane Anthony
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali

Jonna Karjunen

My name is Jonna Karjunen, I am originally from Finland and since late 2019 I have been based in Bali, where I had my first Shamanic Astrology reading, or a proper personal astrology reading in general, with Kat whom I had the honour of graduating with recently.
Kat was speaking about me and my life with words that resonated in such a deep way and validated so many aspects of myself that I hadn’t had a conscious connection with before. I felt like my journey had meaning and purpose after having been lost for quite some time, having left my job, my burnouts, my addictions and my life in Finland but not knowing what I was going to do next. I felt like I was not at the effect of myself anymore and found a way to work with all these different aspects of myself that I had formed a new relationship with during and after that reading.
The energies that I had felt and followed in my life were introduced in a new, more conscious, celebratory and ceremonial way and I felt like I was truly seen and understood. I was initiated in a way I didn’t even realise at the time and my new, deeper relationship with myself and my journey with Shamanic Astrology had only just begun.
I am cancer moon and I had the Leo job, I am a Sag rising with a new job of Aquarius, Venus in Libra and Mars is Leo and there is a fair amount of Uranus and Pluto aspects along with a dash of Saturn and Scorpio comes in with my MC, Mercury and Sun. With this cocktail (and all the rest of the spices to it that I am not listing here) I continue to dive deeper into the great mystery and I am looking forward to learning more, more, more, climbing higher, connecting with the planets and all you beautiful people sharing this path with me. I LO-VE sharing about, talking about, thinking about and connecting with Astrology, bringing it to the world and with each reading expanding and learning more and more.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry used to be my dream school, but I found Shamanic Astrology Mystery School instead. I am feeling inspired, exited and super grateful to be here now, with you all, co-creating the future of SAMS at this evolutionary time, at the turning of the ages, so we all can level up and bring this magic to the world that I feel desperately needs it.
Jonna Karjunen
Certified in 2021
Based in Bali