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The first eclipse of the year 2022 approaches

Blood full moon in sky over Thailand.



By Daniel Giamario

There are two eclipse seasons each year, each separated by about six months.  Sometimes there can be three eclipses in a season, but more often only two, as is the case with both seasons this year.  This year features two extremely central Lunar Eclipses, and two very minor Solar Eclipses.  We will explore the upcoming Solar and Lunar eclipses of April 30 and May 15th.

Partial Solar Eclipse  April 30, 2022  1:23PM PDT  10TAURUS28

This partial eclipse will cover a bit over half the Sun (0.640) and can be seen only in Western Antarctica, the Falklands and the Southern half of South America.  It is part of Saros 119, and nearing the end of 71 eclipses that began May 15, 850, and will end June 24, 2112.  The previous partial eclipse in this series was April 19, 2004 at 29Aries49.  Each Saros lasts 18 years and 11 days.

This is a North Node eclipse, occurring a good 12 degrees away from the North Node, which is at 22Taurus28.  Total Solar and Lunar eclipses can only occur when the syzygy (when a New or Full Moon aligns with the Nodes) is much closer to the Lunar Nodes.

Any Solar eclipse, always being a New Moon, can be seen as a super New Moon, with a greater amplification than any other New Moon.  Whilst there are numerous opinions among astrologers concerning how long before or after a Solar Eclipse is worthy of consideration, I feel that it is, at the very least, a seed point for at least six months, possibly quite longer.  As a North Node eclipse, there is a greater emphasis on a future orientation.  All eclipses will include the importance of addressing any personal or collective “shadow”, however this eclipse New Moon serves as a great portal for intending a future.  I always suggest working with the shadow before the partial phase and then seeding and intending the future starting with the exact point of New Moon.

Make sure to see if you have anything on your chart within the range of 5-28 degrees Taurus or Scorpio, as this will have relevance to you.  Relative to world events, I find it interesting that Biden’s Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus are in this zone.  Putin’s Jupiter is 19Taurus and Venus at 11 Scorpio.  A study of the synastry between these two can provide interesting insights as to why their antipathy towards each other is quite personal.  All the eclipses in 2022 connect with their charts.


This is the longest Total eclipse in some time, as it is a bit more central than another long one later in the year.  It is rated as 1.413, almost 50% more than is required to create totality.  This is part of Lunar Saros 131.  The series of 72 began in 1427 and extends until 2707 with a total of 72 eclipses.  The previous one was May 4, 2004 at 14Scorpio42.  Totality can be experienced over half of the Eastern part of the United States, most of Mexico, and all of Central and South America, as well as Antarctica.  Much larger areas of the Earth will experience the partial phases.  The length of the entire eclipse process is 5 hours and 25 minutes, with up to an hour and 19 minutes of totality.  For example, in Washington DC, totality will last one hour and 24 minutes in the middle of the night.

This Full Moon has been recently termed a Super Moon and even as a “Blood Moon” eclipse, as it’s occurring quite near the Moon’s perigee (closest approach to Earth) placement in its orbit.  Our school has always used the term “Super Moon” in a different way, referring to any New Moon or Full Moon with an eclipse.  The “Blood Moon”expression is quite recent, borrowed from some biblical speculations, and the fact that a Lunar eclipse is often tinged orange, not actually red.  This is not always true.  We shall see what happens this time.  At any rate, I think the term is a rather sensationalized one.

This is a South Node eclipse, with the Moon less than 3 degrees from the node.  I have always felt that the total Lunar Eclipses carry more potential shadow that the Solar ones.  This is amplified by this South Node placement.  I suggest the great importance of deep inquiry and honesty about personal collective shadow.  This is always great to do with an intentional group, and particularly during the hours leading up to totality.  During the over one hour of totality, in many locations (and during the partial phase elsewhere),that time can be ceremonialized as a portal for deep meditation for receiving transmissions and insights.  As the Moon returns to Fullness, use that time for intention, to share insights, and then to celebrate the return to fullness.  I have always found it fascinating that within the entire Total Lunar Eclipse process, which in this case is over 5 hours, the entire Lunar cycle can be observed and experienced, from Full, waning to New, and then waxing back to fullness.

Looking Forward to the Next Eclipse Season of 2022

The second eclipse season of 2022 is October 25th until November 8th.  There are again two eclipses, with a quite similar pattern to this upcoming one, but with reversed nodal positions.  It begins with a South Node Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2Scorpio00.  This is somewhat closer to fullness at 0.862 of totality.  It will be visible across Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Followed two weeks later, at the Full Moon, is a long Total Lunar Eclipse near the North Node of 16Taurus01.  Almost identical in duration as in May, the Moon is covered 1.359 by the Earth’s shadow.  The result is totality lasting as long as one hour and 24 minutes, including Hawaii and West Coast cities.  Totality stretches across the Western United States, Hawaii and the Pacific, New Zealand, Japan, and Eastern Russia.  It pretty much covers the opposite parts of the globe missed by the eclipse of May 15th.

The exploration of the Taurus/Scorpio axis is the primary focus, both shadow and light.

Beyond 2022

The Eclipses of 2023 and 2024 strongly place the major focus on the United States as a number of eclipses crisscross the continental United States. The tracks of eclipses in 2012 and 2017 also interact with these eclipse paths.  I have written and spoken of this previously and will again as we approach these momentous years. I have written and spoken of this previously and will again as we approach these momentous years.  You can reference this material here:

Chiron Considerations


By Daniel Giamario

Inspired by Dane Rudhyar’s view of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces as a “seed” point for 166 years see link HERE:, the Sun/Chiron conjunction (with Mercury) on April 1st has inspired a similar inquiry into patterns of Chiron. Both Chiron and Mercury are on the other side of the Sun, in what our school refers to as the celestial or universal underworld.
Chiron’s extremely eccentric elliptical orbit has a period averaging 50.39 years. An individual’s Chiron return will always occur somewhere between ages 49-51. Within that timeframe, Chiron spends the most amount of time in Aries (7-8 years), closely followed by Pisces and Taurus. The least amount of time is in Libra (about 2 years), closely followed by Virgo and Scorpio. The apogee and aphelion times (2021-2022) are always in Aries, and the perigee and perihelion times are always in Libra (most recently in 1995-1996).
Placing our emphasis on the Sun/Chiron conjunction now (a new Chiron seed point), this is actually the fourth Sun/Chiron conjunction since Chiron has been in Aries. There are eight of these before Chiron has its Taurus seed point April 20, 2027.

I am speculating that the first Sun/Chiron conjunction is the seed point for Chiron’s entire passage in Aries. That was March 22, 2019 (chart offered above). The previous Chiron in Aries seeding was March 23, 1969. This opens space for additional research. I will offer some suggested interpretations relative to this most recent Sun/Chiron conjunction, as well as for the entire Chiron in Aries timeframe of 2018-2026.


I have never emphasized the “wounded” part of the Chiron initiatory process. As influenced by my colleague, Dale O’brien, I see Chiron as a shaman centaur healer and teacher. By transit, and when found natally, he can certainly indicate where a wound or fracture point is, but is not the wounder. The fracture point is illuminated and then teaching and healing can be offered, whether we are ready to learn about it, or are ready for healing. If we are not, then events can conspire to get our attention.
It is significant that this fourth seed-point is occurring during the Aries over-story in the 26-month synodic cycle of Mars. Last year’s Sun/Chiron conjunction also happened within this Aries Mars over-story. Previous Mars/Aries synods happened October 11, 1941—December 6, 1943, and most recently September 28, 1988—November 28, 1990. More about this in our Mars seminars:

I think that Chiron is locating a primary wound/fracture point of recent patriarchal Aries. This applies to men and women. In recent times, Aries and Mars have over-emphasized war, aggression, professional armies, the emphasis on “winning”, and the need for “good guys and bad guys”. Hopefully, the teaching and healing from Chiron, from the universal underworld, can provide a transformation of the Mars and Aries archetypes into a reanimated and revisioned approach to being a protector of the Earth, global humanity, and our families and children. May there be this seeding of a “warrior of peace”, with a concern for the many generations to follow. It can also be envisioned that the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces can assist in this necessary process.

Reflections on Why I do What I Do

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations

March 2022 New Moon

By Daniel Giamario

Finding and Cultivating “Seed People” to activate a Renaissance

I first became aware of astrology in 1969, and was soon doing charts by 1970.  52 years later I will reflect on what has animated my journey.  Inspired by Dane Rudhyar, I gravitated towards an approach that blended psychology, mythology, spirituality, the esoteric, and global history.  I had the opportunity to study with, and be influenced by many of the revolutionary astrological guiding lights of the 1970’s, both well-known such as Rudhyar, Zip Dobyns, Marion March, Robert Hand, Liz Greene, and a few lesser known ones such as Tony Joseph and Charles Ponce.  What all had in common was steering astrology away from a deterministic approach, with the attempt to make it “scientific”.  Rather, the intent was the creation of the “whole” person, with the emphasis on assisting a person in discovering and aligning with their life purpose, including both shadow and light.  All were willing to challenge the foundations of traditional and mainstream astrology.

In my life, I was fortunate, pretty early on, to have a surprising clarity about my calling (or what I refer to as “sacred work”).  I was not so fortunate, though, in other areas of my life until considerably later!  In the 1970’s I was also deeply involved with a number of Indian meditational organizations as I was going through a “guru” phase, ultimately resulting in disillusionment.  In 1981 I had my first vision quest experience at Mt.Shasta with a master guide, Joan Halifax.  From that time onward I redirected my astrological approach to an Earth based and Night Sky oriented practice, out of which developed the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.  I developed the viewpoint that it was essential that if you wished to be an astrologer, knowledge and experience of the seasons, constellations, and planets was entirely necessary.

Out of this direct experience with the sky and land over the years, I developed a keen interest in the larger cycles of history, beyond one human lifespan.  Many years were spent in the 1980’s and 1990’s developing the schools unique and signature approach to the concept of the Turning of the Ages, that integrates and unites the stellar zodiacs and the seasonal/directional zodiacs, over the course of a precessional cycle.

In the last decade, I have succeeded in synchronizing six different timelines: 12 Precessional cycles (312,000 years), the Mayan/Hopi end of the Fifth Sun, Mayan Calendar, the end of Kali Yuga, the 6th Mass Extinction, and the non-astrological  “Fourth Turning”.  We should not leave out the Pluto return of the United States!  You can see a few of my recent presentations HERE.  In our school we have suggested the time-frame of 1962-2034 as the larger context of the convergence of all these timelines, converging on a singularity.

I feel that it’s not nearly adequate to make any sense of using astrology these days (Shamanic, traditional or mainstream) without taking these larger cycles into account.  These are not “ordinary” times.  In these subsequent weeks and months I will present ongoing research continuing my deep dives into Aquarius and its shadow, the Pluto return, the charts of the world “leaders”, the onslaught of AI and transhumanism, and the possibilities of a “Great Awakening”.  Always we shall use our signature “Three Worlds Approach”.

Most importantly, I see the primary function of our school is in finding and the cultivation of “Seed People”.

The Concept of the “Seed Person” or of “Seed People” was a phrase coined by a mentor and my primary inspiration, Dane Rudhyar, in 1973.  This approach greatly influenced a whole generation at that time, ushering in a veritable renaissance of leading edge astrology then.  The idea was that it was important, at a great Turning of the Ages, that enough aware people would emerge to preserve the wisdom of the past, in a non-specialized way, and then to plant the seeds for a new world, whatever might be the circumstances of the end of previous cycles.

In the past, there have been such figures, such as the Merlin, and the Persian Magi, who were at the cusp of a Great Turning.  They were both seeds, and nurturers of seeds, for future times.  They were aware that, like the present, it was a great Turning of the Ages.  Their job included honoring the best of ancient traditions, being honestly present in the current conditions of the times, and also being open to all the new transmissions that were coming in from “Great Mystery”.  Certainly this will be essential for a new Renaissance, one that can inspire the creation of a better and more loving global humanity.  Our School and Paradigm are inspired by their examples.  I cannot say it better than Dane Rudhyar himself, whose words ring so true from 1973:

A Seed by Dane Rudhyar


A Seed by Dane Rudhyar

written in 1973

I feel we are at the
threshold of a new age,
and that we need now,
more than anything else,

a new approach
to human relationships
and to social organization.

We need a planetary approach,
we need a synthetic approach.

We need something in which
the individual learns
his own function in the world

because if you are to have
a global world

the individual has to be
so well established
in his or her own identity
that he or she can afford to
co-operate with other people
all over the world,

independent of
their culture,
their race,
their traditions
and so on.
It is very important, therefore
that one should learn
how to establish oneself in
one’s own identity.

We need a new type
of human being.

We need something which is
based no longer, so much,
on conflict,

but on a
full acceptance of the
total human being
body, mind, soul, feeling

An esthetic approach
an ethical approach,

so that you can see
the relationship
in which everything
stands inside of the whole,
so you can look at the whole
and become identified with the
of that whole,
rather than with any particular part.

Now this is, of course,
a very difficult situation.

We are certainly
in a difficult time
and what is ahead of us today,
I do not know.

I am rather pessimistic
as far as the immediate future is concerned,
considering the way
the world and our nation
is moving at the present time.

But you must realize that
crises are sometimes
necessary to accomplish
what is to be accomplished.

The only problem, however,
is this:
something must be ready before
the great crisis comes

— when the new cycle begins —

for it will have to begin
on the foundation of those
seeds which have been sown
before the crisis.

If you have a winter
followed by a spring, but
there was no harvest
in the fall
no seed will germinate
during the spring,
and you will have to start
at the very beginning
into the most primitive time of manifestation.

That’s why I have stressed,
so much all my life the idea I call
the “seed man” and “seed woman”

the “seed person,” the individual

who is willing and able
to gather within himself or herself,
as it were,
the past of humanity
and particularly of our western world,
but also of other cultures

because what we want
to emerge from the future,
after whatever crisis will come
is a global world.

We therefore need
men and women of great vision,
individuals who are not specialists,
men and women who
have the vision and courage
to wait,

and to, in some way
through their lives,
through their example, and
through whatever they leave
after their deaths,
to become
the seeds
of the future world.

That’s of course,
the great choice
we have all to make,
and we all can make it.

We can follow
the mass vibration
and decay, like
all the leaves
of the world
in the fall
(however beautiful
the golden leaves may be),
they will have to decay
and become manure
for the future
of civilization,

but it is only
the “seed men and women” that really count,
and it is those
you should look for,

if you yourself do not
feel yet to the point of being ready to become
a “seed person,”
because it is that only which is
the insurance for the future rebirth of humanity.

I think today
it is of no use
to try to look
to the immediate future,
because it looks very dark;
but it is to look
to prepare —
for the possibility that
a new world may arise,
if not tomorrow,
the day after tomorrow.

I think it is the only thing
which gives value to
all our sacrifice,
all our courage, decisions and choices

it is to become seeds
for the development of the future world.

So I hope
every one of you,
each one in your own life,
in your way can —
some day soon, very soon,
(if you have not done it already),
make the choice, and become
“seed men” and “seed women.”

I thank you.
Dane Rudhyar ~ 1895 to 1985



By Daniel Giamario

There is such a wonderful morning sky lineup!  Not to be overlooked is the Mercury/Saturn conjunction to be exact on Wednesday Morning at 18Aquarius59 at 8:33AM PST.  As of Monday morning Saturn and Mercury are a full 21degrees separated from the Sun, and relatively easy to see before dawn.  The Moon conjuncts Mercury at 2:11PM PST on Monday, followed by exactly conjoining Saturn at 6:01PM.  Tuesday morning just before dawn, will reveal a very old Moon (very thin crescent), just below Saturn and Mercury.

I consider this Moon/Saturn conjunction to be highly significant with regards to the unfolding drama of the United States Pluto Return.  The US South Node is 6Aquarius35 and its Moon is 27Aquarius12.  Putin’s North Node is 19Aquarius59 and IC is at 21Aquarius12.  The start of the currently ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict was 2/22/22, almost exactly the first exact Pluto conjunction with the US Pluto.  Joe Biden is in his age 79 Mars synodic return.  Biden’s Mars is 12Scorpio35, quite close to Putin’s Venus at 11Scorpio42.  Transiting Uranus is opposing them at 11Taurus33 now.  This will be explored in greater depth soon.

How to unpack all this?  I believe that the analysis starts with a deeper understanding of Aquarius and of Saturn.  These have been major themes of my research in the last few years.  I think that both are tremendously misunderstood.  The hijack of both in the last 2000 years has made their essence extremely hard to discern.

I see Saturn, over the larger course of 300,000 years of global humanity to be the operating manual of objective reality; how to survive in a dense 3D world.  Only recently has it included judgment, shame, guilt, fear of deficiency, bad karma, or original sin.  Saturn, does, of course, teach us how to grow, change and evolve via boundaries and limitations, but that can be quite helpful, and a requirement for any maturation process.

Meanwhile, what in the world is Aquarius?  Is it air?  Is it water?  Is it actually about freedom and our unique individuality and personal sovereignty?  Or is it majority (mob) rule and the control of the state, run by AI algorithms and a scientific elite?  At its pinnacle, Aquarius can also be universal consciousness and the water of life.  Human beings are more water than carbon, and certainly not silicon.

As the Turning of the Ages accelerates, and the United States enters deeper into its Pluto return, these questions have been engaging me deeply.  Saturn’s role, being also one of the traditional “rulers” of Aquarius, will be crucial.  Which Saturn will dominate?  Will it be the hierarchical control of a technocratic elite exploiting Aquarian ideals and technology in the name of a fake unity?  Or could we also see Saturn in a feminine identity, being also an ancient symbol of the Golden Age.  Her guidance could inspire a deep commitment to reconnect with our spiritual essence, and connection to universal consciousness.  This is quite a bit different than its fake facsimile in the “metaverse”.  In this way, the Aquarian waters of life reanimate our actual “human nature”, including: empathy, compassion, the sacred, and the love of all life.

In the spirit of Shamanic Astrology, make sure to go out in the morning and hang out with the Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and see what transmissions you may receive.

The Dazzling Morning Sky and some Venus/Mars Considerations

By Daniel Giamario

There continues to be a dazzling planetary display in the morning sky with Mercury now visible.  Look twelve degrees above Mercury and you will find a magnificently bright Venus, closely flanked by a 100 times dimmer Mars.  Saturn will soon join them in the morning sky rising around February 16th.

There is also an amazingly beautiful lineup including the waning crescent Moon on Feb.27th and 28th.  On the morning of Feb.9th, Venus will sparkle at her brightest (magnitude -4.65) for the entirety of 2022.

A week later, on the 16th, Venus will exactly conjoin Mars at 16Capricorn53.  They arrived within 10 degrees of each other on January 25th, and remain within 10 degrees until April 13th.

My colleague Erik Roth and I will conduct a Zoom seminar on February 15th to explore this rather unique and interesting dance of Mars and Venus on February 15th.  Details are here:  These two planets will stay close to each other in the morning sky all week (perhaps celebrating Valentine’s Day?),and will also be in a close relationship with the important star, NUNKI.

Nunki is the only named bright star that still retains its ancient Sumerian name.  This star is the “vane” of the arrow of the Archer constellation; the upper left star of the Archer’s trapezoid asterism, with the direction of the arrow pointed towards the Galactic Center.  Nunki is currently located at 12Capricorn41 with a brightness of +2.05.

Venus on the morning of the 8th is at 13Capricorn02, with Mars at 10Capricorn58.  Though at nearly the same longitudinal zodiacal degrees, you will notice that they will be seen at a considerable number of degrees of declination from each other.  Mars, just slightly brighter than Nunki, will still be out-of-bounds at -23S33, and quite South of Venus and Nunki.  Venus is at -16S32(and so much brighter), and can be sighted way South of Nunki, at -3S27.  Visually, even though they are all rising and setting nearly together, they can appear to be quite far apart from each other.

In “considering” all this (see note below), several things are worth noting.  When the 9/11/2001 events transpired, Mars was conjunct Nunki, holding and directing the arrow of the celestial Archer towards Galactic Center.  Galactic Center, as the Golden Gate, and also a large black hole, can be seen as a place of composting and dissolution; or alternatively, as a gate of Ascension and Enlightenment.  Meanwhile, Venus, having recently risen as Morning Star, is now within the 7th Chakra portal.

On the one hand, this can be a time to remove any obstructions to the archetypal Feminine (in both women and men) with connections to the Higher Self and True Nature. Yet it also must be remembered that the Mayans and Aztecs saw the Morning Star rise of Venus as a “War Goddess or God”.  I actually have a Mayan Codex entitled “Venus Regulated Warfare”, describing the use of the helical rise of Venus to time battle plans.  As always in our paradigm, we must have the courage to recognize the possibilities inherent in all three worlds.  Check out my article on our ThreeWorldsApproach HERE

Note:  I have always loved the word “consider”.  Back in the 1980’s, the etymology of the word indicated that it originally meant something like “arranging with the stars”, with clear roots back to astrology and astronomy.  Much to my surprise, when I consulted the online resources out there now, this etymology origin has been expunged.  But then, maybe I should not have been surprised at all, with the Orwellian alteration of so many other words going on now.