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The Autumn Hunter

The harbinger of late autumn can be seen in the night sky from the northern hemisphere around 9 or 10 pm as we look southward.  Just as the harvest moon is followed by the hunter moon, following the autumn harvest is the rise of the great Hunter Orion, named by Greek mythology. Though this star group has other mythical origins and names from other cultures the Hunter image relates well to this time of year and the focus of life as the seasons turn. 

Historically, the harvest is completed by October’s end and hunting wild game follows as winter approaches.  The Hunter constellation, aka Orion, is located on the Celestial Equator and visible from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Hunter is  easily identified by the three bright stars evenly spaced and forming his belt.  This prominent belt displays the stars Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak. The brighter stars Betelgeuse marks his top left shoulder and Bellatrix his right shoulder. Read More

Past, Present, and Future Mystery Schools of Life

(Archetypal Signs)

Content Verses Essence

Emulating the Merlin at the Turning of the Ages

New Moon Vlogs October and November 2020

Compiled by Mary Kern from the work of Daniel Giamario with enhancements from Cayelin Castell and *Mary Kern
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When is the Real Blue Moon?

The Calendar year 2020 features 13 Full Moons with two Full Moons October 1 and 31. This is NOT the original definition of a Blue Moon as described below though many do refer to the second Full Moon of any month including the 2020 October 31 Full Moon as a Blue Moon.

In 2021 there are two full Moons in the sign of Aquarius on Jul 24 and Aug 22 creating 4 Full Moons in the season from the June Solstice to the September Equinox on Jun 24, Jul 24, Aug 22, and Sep 20. This is the original definition of a Blue Moon as described below.

The idea or concept that two Full Moons in a month is what defines a Blue Moon is a mistake, according to this article from the Smithsonian. The article tells us the original definition of a Blue Moon referred to 4 Full Moons in one season and a season is defined as the time between a Solstice and Equinox or an Equinox and Solstice. (See Table below) Read More

Past, Present and Future Mystery Schools

New Moon October 17, 2020
by Daniel Giamario

“Emulating the Merlin at the Turning of the Ages”

A VLOG with Daniel Giamario and Mary Kern — First of a new regular offering from SAMS

The mythical and archetypal personage known as the Merlin has been my primary guide and inspiration throughout my life. Along with the other essential characters in this perennial tale: Arthur, the Priestesses of Avalon, and the Round Table; this ancient storyline will resurface in world history whenever it becomes necessary. For example: NOW!
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Unlearning Judgment Thanks to Shamanic Astrology

by Sheridan Semple

I’ll admit it, I’ve been a judger. I’m not proud of it, but thankfully Shamanic Astrology is challenging me to do better… much better. Even as I began to write, I was embroiled in judgment and felt so hypocritical writing this article. Then, I realized this is exactly what I need to write about because it reminds me that Shamanic Astrology is teaching me to stop judging other people. What a gift!
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