Shamanic Astrology Associate Program

IMG_9004Inspired by the insights coming from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) Water Quadrant Outreach Committee, the school inaugurated a Shamanic Astrology Associate Program in 2016.

This program serves as a stepping stone to certification (via the 7 degrees), as well as being its own pathway. The Associate Program requirements are listed below and include a ceremonial initiatory requisite. These requirements and experiences are a faster track and therefore different from the requirements and initiations of fully certified Shamanic Astrologers within the 7 degrees. Find out more about the 7 degrees.

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This Program was created for:

  • Those who desire to create a practice using this paradigm or those who are simply wanting to support the growth of school and to be a part of the magic we are creating at this Turning of the Ages
  • Those who are in training towards FULL certification and are already using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm(sm) either doing sessions teaching, or writing
  • Those who desire to obtain their associate designation for the purpose of integrating the required skills of the
    Shamanic Astrology Paradigm into an already established counseling, teaching, coaching, or any other type of helping/healing profession.


  • Receive permission from the Founders through personal communication or application
  • Be a current member of the School and maintain membership at the Bronze level or higher
  • Sign the licensing agreement and align with the SAMS Code of Conduct
  • Complete 3 online courses Script & Archetypes and Shamanic Timeline and the Sacred Marriage and Relationship Course (can also be taken in-person when offered)
  • Note: when you sign up for all three courses together you will enjoy a special tuition rate. Contact Erik Roth for details.
  • Pass the examinations for the above courses
  • Attend a Shamanic Astrology Associate orientation, graduation for certification online class.
  • There is NO Initial Fee for entering into the Associate program, however, there is an administrative fee for the Associate Orientation and Graduation Event and interview with the founders, to be determined.
  • Have a certified Shamanic Astrology Mentor: Currently, Daniel Giamario, Cayelin Castell  and Erik Roth are the  Shamanic Astrology mentors (with additional mentors coming soon once they are trained). Mentoring runs $100 per hour. Currently a minimum of 5 mentoring sessions are required to go over exams (including a soon to be created Code of Ethics exam) and the practicum sessions you have done. There may be additions to this policy in the near future.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to update your knowledge and skills by attending special weekend seminars, online classes, and/or longer in-person events that are offered annually, specifically geared toward updating skills as a counselor or teacher, in this organically evolving paradigm.
  • If you are a counselor, coach, psychologist, helper, or healer, who is integrating the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm into your existing practice or simply desiring to do Shamanic Astrology sessions for others, you must submit at least 5 sessions (could be up to four 15 to 30 minute mini-sessions with one full session or some other combination) where you are using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. These sessions would also include a feedback form from the participant.
  • Special Case GED: if you have NOT taken all the classes, but have the blessing of the Founders, and can demonstrate mastery of the material by passing the tests along with submission of 5 sessions with feedback forms (see above for more about session requirement) this acts as the equivalent of a GED (General Education Development)

Note: Since this is a new program, there are a few individuals who may be “grandmothered” into this program. This means they would have previously demonstrated knowledgeable skills within this paradigm in the past. Nevertheless, most of the above requirements would still apply including passing the tests.

Benefits Of The Program:

  • You are invited and encouraged to use “Shamanic Astrology Associate” on your business card, website, or other forms of advertising.
  • Attaining this designation prepares you to confidently add this paradigm into your existing practice, or to start your own Shamanic Astrology practice.
  • The personal growth that occurs in gaining this designation supports you in experiencing greater overall happiness and well-being, enriching your life, and adding to your skill set.
  • It also helps to expand your point of view about others in your life, using this archetypal profiling method to understand where they are coming from, along with what is true for them.
  • This archetypal profiling system is extremely useful when used for team building and assessing the innate skills and mindset of individuals within a team. This allows for team members’ contributions and expertise to be best utilized for achieving the goals and intentions of the team.
  • It may also provide you with unexpected opportunities that you haven’t thought of, for example, doing interviews, talks, or collaborations where you get to bring the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm to the collaboration.

Register for the Associate Program Here