Shamanic Astrology Social Media Team

Meet our Social Media Posting Team and see Videos Below

Cayelin K Castell
Co-founder Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

Creator of the Celestial Timings
Co-founder of Venus Alchemy
Lives in Tucson, Arizona

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Tami Brunk
Past SAMS President – 
Certified in 2010
Co-founder of Venus Alchemy

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Kate Rusko

SAMS Council Member since 2017
Certified in 2017

Based in Canada

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Dana Zia

Facebook Team Member since 2017


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Silvianne K Delmars

Certified Shamanic Astrologer in 2006

Based in Madrid, New Mexico

(505) 474-6720

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Vivian Hurley

Certified Shamanic Astrology in 2019
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio


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Part 1 of a New Video Series


Part 2 The Sun As It Expresses through the Elements