Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School are advocates dedicated to furthering the mission and vision of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, including:

  • Assisting individuals and global humanity in realizing their full potential in aligning with their ultimate meaning and purpose
  • Acknowledging that we live in extraordinary times, at this Turning of the Ages, and recognizing that powerful tools practiced with integrity are required to assist in navigating these times
  • Dedication to teaching and sharing these leading edge tools and techniques to help create a better world with more conscious people serving our world
  • Sharing a long range perspective, globally and historically, that honors the wisest contributions of our ancestors
  • Committing to creating a sustainable future for the health of the planet Herself, and for the sake of the many generations to follow

Advisory Council members:

  • Contribute their expertise, ideas, and insights to the current and future work of SAMS including creative and sustainable ways to advance this body of knowledge
  •  Are an advocate and promoter of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, Events and Products where appropriate
  •  Make recommendations for individuals and other resources (could be technical, financial, organizational or energetic) that would benefit the furthering of this work
  •  Make a monthly or annual tax deductible donation

Advisory Council Member’s Not Yet Featured on this Page

Adrian Carroll
Ahlea Kahdre
Aliandra Starre
Carol Rydell
Gemini Brett
Luke Weil
Jim Yahazim
Robyn Wells
Susan Kersey
Teri Bybee

Anyaa McAndrew MA, LPC, NCC

Anyaa is a Transpersonal~Shamanic Psychotherapist for the past 40 years, a Shamanic Astrologer since 1998, an Ordained High Priestess and a Congregational Leader of Full Moon Sanctuary of Venus Rising. Anyaa has furthered the work of Nicole Christine, creating the Shamanic version of the Priestess ProcessTM and the Magdalene MysteriesTM. She recently launched the Shamanic WiseWoman ProcessTM. She weaves Shamanic Astrology into all her work and embodies the Virgo Mysteries (Moon, Venus, Mars and S. Node). Anyaa co-creates with Daniel the annual Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine: Stars, Stones and Stories sacred sites excursions to the celtic~pre~celtic lands of the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Anyaa is dedicated to assisting unity and 5th dimensional consciousness on earth through promoting the sacred marriage process that can happen within each human being.


The Accelerated Shamanic Priestess Retreat

Apollo Grace

Aloha. I am a spiritual sexual educator, shamanic minister, and transformational coach. I began my spiritual path by studying Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, and continue to use it as my primary framework for understanding growth and development. Soon after, I went to my first workshop connecting spirituality and sexuality, and it was “like coming home”; it offered profound healing for my own deepest wounds and showed me a unique gift I had to offer others. Since that time, I’ve studied and practiced extensively, married my beloved, Amrita Grace, and now offer a range of sessions and workshops to help share the healing I’ve received.


Joan Heartfield

Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. is author of Romancing The Beloved, A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love and co-author of Sage Advice, Resolving Challenges in Love Relationships. With Tomas she co-directs Talking Hearts,  a juicy, heart centered approach to sacred sexuality, communication, relationships and spiritual evolution. Along with private counseling and coaching in Heart Intelligence, sacred sexuality, Voice Dialogue, Holotropic Breathwork, and compassionate communication, they teach monthly workshops in Heart Intelligence, and 3-month trainings entitled Integral Loving,  They do extended intensives for those who wish to enjoy a healing vacation. They live in Maui, HI.


Kadea Metara

As an Initiatrix, Kadea’s intent is to awaken and birth the innate seed of the true Soul Self locked deep within each person, thus facilitating the opening of new higher levels of consciousness.

Kadea has been a pioneer in the Consciousness Revolution and a leading edge practitioner of vibrational healing, energy and informational medicine, Zero Point technology and sound therapy since her “near death” experience in 1975. After gaining tremendous success and prestige as a groundbreaking female corporate executive in the late 70’s she left the corporate world in 1987 to “be true to herself” and devote her time to the study and practice of Spiritual Alchemy, Ancient Wisdom and Vedic teachings. As a result she has developed profound but practical teachings, tools and spiritual technology designed to help ordinary people become empowered to quickly collaborate with their own evolution by making positive and permanent changes in their life.

During a private counseling session Kadea “reads” the blueprint of your Soul and provides valuable insight concerning your Soul’s intentions, higher purpose and life lessons. Kadea “sees” the imprints, blocks, challenges and hurdles you must overcome to create positive and permanent life changes. She then works with you to clear these blocks using leading edge energy healing techniques. The result being, you have a greater ability to make wise choices from the truth of who you really are and effect positive and permanent changes in your life.


Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf is the author of nine books, the creator of Shamanic Breathwork™ and the Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. She is the Founding President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. Star Wolf and her late husband, Brad Collins, co-founded the Isis Cove Community and Retreat center in western North Carolina. She created the Wise Wolf Councils as well as Shamanic Ministers Global Network.

Star Wolf has been a therapist and a nationally certified alcohol and drug counselor for over 30 years. She holds a BA in Human Services, a Doctorate of Ministry, and a Ph. D. in Spiritual Psychology. Originally introduced to Holotropic breathwork by its founder, Stan Grof, Star Wolf trained extensively with Jacquelyn Small, founder of Integrative Breathwork. She also studied shamanic earth wisdom teachings with her adopted Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother, Twylah Nitsch,who gave her the spirit name of Star Wolf.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Process is a synthesis of her personal exploration and direct healing experiences with breathwork, shamanic wisdom, depth psychology and addictions recovery methods. It is a practice using the transformative healing power of the breath, sound healing through chakra-attuned music, energetic bodywork, art processes, and dynamic group processing.


Rich Silver

Rich Silver MA ABD, a retired State Park Ranger, is an award-winning educator and practicing EcoPyschologist. He is the founder and director of the nature-based wisdom school University of Earth (UE) whose mission is to help create a world that works for all, where the human community, the natural world and the divine worlds go forward as one sacred community.

Silver directs the multiple aspects of UE including the online graduate program in EcoPsychology and Human Development, the EcoLiving & Learning Project for modeling the creation of a sustainable life-enhancing society at their eco-spiritual campus in the Northern Sierra Nevada, hosts various workshops and retreats that align with and compliment University of Earth’s mission, as well as the new Medicine Music Concerts promoting sound healing.

With the archetypes of the bodhisattva-shaman-king-priest and trained in an ancient mystery school lineage, Rich practices and teaches sacred subtle activism practices for personal and planetary healing and transformation. He is a lifelong devotee of the Divine Mother and is inspired by her to create a new collaborative workshop series, The Return of the Sacred Feminine: The Rise of the Great Mother and Her Family of All Things.