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These articles stand the test of time, as we humans know it.  Examples include how Shamanic Astrology came to be, what is Shamanic Astrology, understanding astrology as it relates to Earth history from an alternate perspective.

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Information and announcements on all things Shamanic Astrology.  It can include special planetary alignments and other events not listed in the other categories below.

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Articles Daniel Giamario has written over the years with some pre-dating the formation of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

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As the title suggests, all the articles on Venus, Mars and Mercury can be found here.  In addition, some classes and/or teleclasses on these planets can be found here as well.

Articles on Sun and Moon Eclipses

Lunar and Solar Eclipse seasons are times of potent celestial energy and so they evoke creative spirit to witness, take in, write and study the patterns of remarkable events.  SAMS covers the eclipse seasons and over the years articles have been written on them, primarily by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.


Welcome Ceremonialist and Shamanic Practitioners

Our mission in this area is to support indigenous and earth-based traditions around the world. Invariably, most of these groups still emphasize ceremony and a living organic relationship with the As Above, So Below realities but they may no longer have direct knowledge or relationship with the night sky.

Ceremonialist benefit from the knowledge and experience of the night sky, synodic planetary cycles, and the Galactic Alignment all designed to further support these groups at this major Turning of the Ages. This includes working with stone circles, petroglyph sites, and taking journeys to sacred sites, cosmograms and heirophanies in the US and around the world.

Examples include the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Central and South American Shamanic and Medicine Traditions, Celtic Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, Priestess and Priest Circles, and Vision Quest Traditions.

Celebrate the Sacred Union Between Heaven and Earth
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Welcome Helpers, Healers and Counselors

We are glad you are here! Our mission is to assist all helping and healing professions with these life changing tools, including but not limited to: psychologists, counselors, coaches, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy workers, massage therapists, etc.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) helps you expand your ability to effectively assist your clients. Knowledge of the archetypes and the life cycles is often life changing for you and your clients. Understanding the Life Map of those you are working with is a powerful tool allowing you to quickly zero in on places they may be stuck or over-identified. It also gives you clues on how to assist them in understanding their Life Intent/Purpose and how you can assist them in moving toward greater fulfillment in their life.

Knowledge of archetypal psychology and the Shamanic Timeline, is an extremely helpful navigational tool that also greatly assists organizations, schools, and individuals with an already established practice. In addition to individual and team support, SAMS offers effective presentations to the various organizations and schools of healing, counseling and coaching that already exist. Read More

What Constellation was the Sun In at Birth? Illuminating the 13th Sign Misunderstanding

by Cayelin K Castell

This article on the 13th sign created quite a stir a few years ago. So here is the short answer from the Shamanic Astrology perspective. Signs and Constellations are NOT the same.

Plus here is a YouTube mini-teaching on this issue with great visuals Read More

Events In-Person and Online

Shadow Dancing as Rock Art on the Sep Equinox 2012

Events Listing

This is a vertical listing of all in-person events that will be held by SAMS over this year and beyond.


Shamanic Astrology Handbook and Card Deck

See AudiosDVDs and recorded Teleclasses for more products

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook Revised and Expanded in 2014 is $42 including Domestic Priority Mail Shipping, and $60.95 for International Orders including International Shipping.

The New Cover for the Revised and Expanded version of the Handbook

This book is a journey through the 12 signs/archetypes, the planets, Moon and Sun as well as the centaur Chiron. Daniel and Cayelin pour into the cosmology of the Turning of the Ages, how to see astrology in a new light and bring attention to a non-judgmental form of interpreting one’s astrology chart.  This is the core resource for anyone wanting to see a truly unique view of astrology and how you can have awareness for your soul’s intent.

Here are some of the great endorsements we have received for the New Handbook.

“I highly recommend The Shamanic Astrology Handbook as this form of Astrology is a gift to humanity and to the planet. This approach to my individual chart provided me with transformational insights that have changed my life.” ~ Christiane Northrup, MD, best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Shamanic Astrology is a revolutionary educational system utilizing the astrological wisdom of the ages as a tool in ones path toward self-realization. I feel that the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founders Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are the two top shamanic astrologers in the world and this Handbook is a great resource for these invaluable teachings.” ~Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition

Shamanic Astrology ranks right up there with my other favorite insight tool, Past Life Therapy. ~ Norm Shealy, MD, author of Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine

“Daniel Giamario’s Shamanic Astrology Handbook helped me, and my husband Tomas, clearly see the archetypal energies that WE came to embody. We have a deeper, more profound understanding and respect for each other and for the way we can bring our unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend this book to explore the unique contributions of Shamanic Astrology.” ~Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook is revolutionary. This unique, compassionate and liberating insight has helped to lift the art and science of astrology beyond tired patriarchal empire-laden concepts, to the high feminine principles of compassionate and receptive contemplation, regard, nurturing and celebration of all the possible places on the wheel of life. Truly an astrology for the Turning of the Ages. Beware! This book may change your life.” ~Hal Bahr, Certified Professional Astrologer ISAR C.A.P.

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook has been a favorite companion since the mid-1990’s. Dog-eared and highly treasured, this book has both enlightened my personal journey and provided a rich source of wisdom that I often access in my work with clients. With its non-judgmental approach to the stars, this book is a foundational tool for my own transformational journey. I’m extremely grateful for this work, and highly recommend it. ~Shaeri Richards, author of the award winning book, “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self.”

Order here:

Includes Domestic Priority Mail Shipping
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An eBook version of the Shamanic Astrology Handbook was released in March, 2014!  Go to Amazon to pick up your copy here! 

Shamanic Astrology Divination Card Deck (OUT OF STOCK)

The deck has 64 cards: 12 mystery schools, 12 houses, 24 gods and goddesses, 10 planetary initiations, and 6 wild cards. Included with the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdeck is a booklet that describes the use of the deck, layouts, and other ideas for using the cards, along with a detailed description of the meaning of each card.

Purpose of the Deck

The deck can be used for personal and group divination. Additionally it can serve as a teaching of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm. Shamanic Astrology practitioners can also use the deck to illustrate key points in consultations and talks. A further value of the deck is that each card is an evocative work of art, in and of itself, the result of merging a powerful teaching with a world-class artist.

Getting the Deck

CURRENTLY, THIS PRODUCT IS NOW OUT OF STOCK – We are in the process of creating a NEW package for the card deck including a hardcover book with additional material.  We appreciate your patience in this matter.

However, we do have a score of card decks available with damage to the box cover.  If you are still interested in obtaining it, please
email our Managing Director, Erik Roth at for more details on how you can obtain one or more. Thank you.



A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages

Author’s note: The original form of this article appeared in the second edition of the, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, co-written by Cayelin K Castell*. The essence of this information, developed in the late 1980s, has been a regular part of my classes and workshops for years. For me, the original spark igniting this investigation came from a wonderful essay written by Robert Hand in Essays On Astrology (and elsewhere) concerning the movement of the solstice and equinox points into new constellations. Hand’s essay was inspired by C. G. Jung’s treatment of the same subject in his book, The Aeon. Read More

The Difference Between Signs and Constellations

And Why Both are Important
by Cayelin K Castell

And we now have a New YouTube mini-teaching (15 minutes) on this issue with great visuals that explains this even more!

Signs and constellations are not the same thing. The confusion occurs because a time long ago when people forgot they were different they named the constellations and the signs the same names. However, they are not the same as the signs describe the seasons or months of the year and are measured from the Solstice and Equinox points. The zodiacal constellations are the back drop the signs or seasons move through and are found along the ecliptic or the path the planets track through the sky. The signs, or seasons of the year are slowly moving through all the constellations, precessing one degree every 72 years. Approximately every 26,000 years every sign will move through every constellation along the ecliptic. It is this movement of the signs, or seasons, through the constellations that is the mechanism of how myth and symbol change over time.

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By Daniel Giamario

Author Stephen JenkinsonEvery so often I love to share about books that I have been strongly influenced by.  During this plandemic time, I have much gratitude to have a safe and comfortable residence with a compatible partner, and be well supplied with year’s worth of supplies, all in anticipation of the extraordinary events of 2020.  I have also been fortunate to have my usual number of clients and friends to share with, albeit, virtually.  We are now in our 33rd week of lock-down/lock-step here in the Philippines.  Consequently, I have had lots of time for reading, researching and reflecting.  This month, I will share about the author Stephen Jenkinson and two of his fabulous books. 

I have been at this now for a long time, and I am always learning and love researching subjects that have interested me since my first Jupiter return at age 11-12, when I decided to read every science fiction book that I could find.  I have now passed my 6th Jupiter return, and another wave has come over me.  It had been a while since I had read any authors that had done something other than either confirmed views I already held or had just added ammunition to those views.  But the books I will now share about have expanded my awareness into totally new and unexpected areas.  When reading these books, I had no idea where they were taking me next.  Quite interesting and fascinating was this. Here is a brief account:

Come of Age: The Case for Elder-Hood in a Time of Trouble  2018

Die Wise: A manifesto for sanity and soul  2015

Stephen Jenkinson is Canadian, and the founder of the Orphan Wisdom School.  He worked for many years in what he calls “the death trade” in our society’s systems for caring for those who are dying.  His views are nuanced and profound.  He perceives that we live in a “death phobic” culture.  His solutions are radical and quite confronting to many of our culture’s (and my own) unrecognized beliefs.  One of his teachers was Martin Prechtel, possibly the person, in my experience, that he most resembles.  He also loves Leonard Cohen, and often punctuates his books with Cohen’s song lyrics.  I consider Die Wise to be the seminal work on death and dying. 

I read Come of Age  first.  This is the book about elder-hood and its demise and near extinction in the modern world that I had been waiting for (without fully realizing it).  I consider this book to be particularly essential (albeit challenging reading) for anyone 52 years old or older.  Stephen’s message certainly needs to be heard, particularly as we are at the bottom of the Kali Yuga, and in a global configuration/global crisis that has not been experienced by global humanity for possibly 12,800 years. 

On one hand, his books are an astute critique of the origins and devolution of the Western world, together with a beautiful embrace of the indigenous knowledge that has influenced global humanity for a far, far longer time than the scientism and materialism of the last 500 years or so.  Another thing that I love about his books is that he engages in deep dives into the meaning of words, into their etymology, and how the more recent versions of the English language have distorted the original meanings.  And this is without even delving into the debacle of texting and Twitter!  

I want to offer one example of a nugget that I truly love from Die Wise.  For most of my life, when considering God, Goddess, or Deity, I have always gravitated to the phrase “Great Mystery.” Page 217 of Die Wise has the following section:  “..our willingness to wonder is where mystery goes for shelter from the steady attack it endures from our demand for information, clarity, and certainty, and from our rarely questioned right to know what we demand to know.  Wonder serves mystery with grace and a humble approach.  Resolving mystery is like dissecting someone you love to find out how they got so lovable.  You might know something you didn’t know before, but what you loved gets lost in the inquisition.  Malidoma Some, the DAGARA writer and teacher, has written that in his language, there is a word, yielpongura that is quickly and inaccurately translated into English as ‘mystery.’  He says that this word should more accurately be translated as ‘that thing which your knowledge cannot eat.’ Here is an indigenous understanding of understanding.  And one our culture must learn:  Mystery must have a proper place, a fundamental place in learning.”

There are so many deep insights in these books, and they inspire repeated readings.  I was deeply confronted about long held beliefs, as well as being prodded into inquiries that I had never made before. 

I invite you to risk the adventure Stephen Jenkinson leads you on.

Shamanic Astrology – Where Do You Start?

Beginner’s Corner is meant to be interactive between you and me. These articles teach you the fundamentals of Shamanic Astrology, but I also want to answer your questions. Reach out to me with your questions at I plan to answer 2-3 of your questions each month, more if I have space. Looking forward to hearing from you!

When I first started learning Shamanic Astrology, I felt overwhelmed by all the information. It was over my beginner head. It seemed all so advanced. If you feel like this too, don’t worry. Start with the basics and I promise the rest will come. Practice and time are our friends on this journey.

Let’s begin with the most basic, fundamental aspect of Shamanic Astrology – the moon.

The moon is an excellent jumping off place, both in starting to understand your birth chart, but also in learning the night sky. The two most important aspects of Shamanic Astrology are astrology and astronomy. Many aspiring, even seasoned, astrologers know the signs and how to read a chart, but they do not know anything about the astronomy – where all the astrology is literally happening. By looking at the moon, I’ll teach you how to begin with both.

From the astrological perspective, the moon is our lineage, our history. It is considered the first act of your life play or the first movement of your symphony that makes up your birth chart. Your lineage is another way of saying your area of expertise. A great way to look at it is to imagine that your soul has been exploring, studying, and experiencing your moon sign for multiple lifetimes. It’s what you’re already good at, what you’ve received your graduate degree in over and over. The energy of your moon sign is what your family would most likely say, “Oh, that’s how ________ (fill in your name here) has always been. S/he came out that way.”

Your moon sign is what you already know.

It is your foundation for this lifetime. It’s your launching pad toward the newer aspects of your chart. (I’ll get into those another time.) It’s the medicine you carry forward into your current life, like a bag of tools to use, as you explore all the new stuff. You aren’t just thrown into this life as a blank slate. You need some secret, super powers to help you navigate everything you are here to learn this go round. Your moon sign is that power.

Look up your moon sign (if you don’t already know it). There are endless websites online to get a free chart, such as the one in this link. Read about your moon sign in the Shamanic Astrology Handbook by Daniel Giamario with Cayelin Castell or read the article in this link. What do you think? Does this energy resonate with you? Do you find this is an area that you inherently understand and know? There are many factors involved with the moon, but this is a good starting place.

A vital part of learning Shamanic Astrology is connecting to the night sky.

The moon is a great place to begin. It’s big and easy to find in the sky. Check out what phase it’s in currently. Watch it move through the sky each night. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can’t. The full moon is out all night to see. The new moon, you can’t see it at all because it’s hidden in the brightness of the sun. Go outside at night and have a look. Start tracking it and learning the monthly moon cycle through the sky. You do this to connect to the astronomical and astrological cycles of nature, to find your place within the universe.

One of the main components that sets Shamanic Astrology apart from many other forms of astrology, is this spiritual relationship with the sky and the celestial bodies. We emphasize communing with the sky and developing your own personal relationship with it. It’s about embracing your ancestral ways and knowledge. Connect consciously to the interrelationship you have with nature and the earth. Tracking the moon is the simplest way to start. Watch it, look for it, start to know which sign it’s in and in which part of the sky you see it. Notice how you feel and what you experience. Do ceremony at the new or full moon, to mark your connection to what is going on around you. Experience where these practices take you spiritually!

Remember to send me your questions for next month!

Sheridan Semple

The Autumn Hunter

The harbinger of late autumn can be seen in the night sky from the northern hemisphere around 9 or 10 pm as we look southward.  Just as the harvest moon is followed by the hunter moon, following the autumn harvest is the rise of the great Hunter Orion, named by Greek mythology. Though this star group has other mythical origins and names from other cultures the Hunter image relates well to this time of year and the focus of life as the seasons turn. 

Historically, the harvest is completed by October’s end and hunting wild game follows as winter approaches.  The Hunter constellation, aka Orion, is located on the Celestial Equator and visible from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Hunter is  easily identified by the three bright stars evenly spaced and forming his belt.  This prominent belt displays the stars Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak. The brighter stars Betelgeuse marks his top left shoulder and Bellatrix his right shoulder.

Rigel forms the Hunter’s right knee and Saiph marks his left knee as we view him from his backside.

Orion, the Hunter, will be visible in the sky from November until February.  All of Orion’s stars, save one, are young blue giants or supergiants.  

Betelgeuse, the red giant is the exception.  Its reddish color appears distinct compared to the other stars in the constellation.

His bright belt not only locates him easily in the sky but is a wayshower to locate two other important stars when the Hunter has risen well above the horizon.  Follow the path of those three stars downward to find the star Sirius in Canis Major, the Dog Star. Follow the belt upward to the right to locate  Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull constellation.

Article By: Mary J. Kern

New Moon in Scorpio

November 13/14 included the third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The same day the Moon conjunct Venus in Libra and then Mars went direct in Aries.

All long awaited alignments. If you’ve been feeling a strong pull, an off-feeling or have been having an intense experience: this might be why!

November 15 is the New Moon in Scorpio!

The sun is in the season of Scorpio and the moon is here to meet it. This makes a new moon. A new lunar cycle.

A new moon is always a time to plant seeds of intention. In the sign of Scorpio the energies are best worked with when including a Scorpionic feel.

The Scorpio mysteries include intensity, depth and maximum aliveness for it’s own sake. Scorpio goes intensely into the feeling experience and emotions more than any other sign. Scorpio also has more will power and control of life force energy than any other. Scorpios harness their power.

Archetypes include the shaman, witch or sorcerer. Someone that has harnessed their power fully. Practices found in Tantra, Shamanism and breath work are ways to access this vitality.

To go to the extremes, to run one’s own energy, to fully dive into the depths of any given feeling is the way of Scorpio.

Are you feeling your maximum aliveness? Are you feeling your emotions fully?

It’s time to dive deep this new moon!

As you set your new moon intentions tonight, make sure they include something sexy, sensual and take into account your deepest emotions.

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Queen of the Sky

Chasing after the sun as it sets lower and lower on the horizon each night, the stars we have come to know and love all summer long depart, and we know Winter is upon us!

If we have been vigilant sky watchers, we have paid particular attention these past few months to the happenings in Capricorn with Jupiter and Saturn passing over the teapot-shaped asterism known as the Archer. Jupiter and Saturn have helped us scribe the ecliptic (the path of the sun) and the Archer and the Scorpion have held between them the pathway of the Milky Way, the center line of which we call the Galactic Equator. This crosshair, where the Galactic Equator intersects the Ecliptic marks a point known as Galactic Center. Watching this point descend into the sun over the coming nights, so close to the December solstice, we are reminded that not only is Winter upon us, but also that we are at a great Turning of the Ages – the only time in a 26,000 year cycle where this point will exactly meet the Sun on the December Solstice.

The colder nights of fall may make long star gazing sessions a little less comfortable, but the crisp, clean air and the return of the dazzling Winter constellations make the effort of bundling up with warm clothes and a blanket more than worthwhile. Even without a knowledge of the constellations, the spectacles of Jupiter continuing to close in on Saturn and Mars, still incredibly bright, reaching its highest point in the sky just after sunset, make November a great month for evening sky watching. If you are able to stay out later, you may even catch some of the Leonid Meteor shower, peaking on Tuesday Nov. 17th, and emanating from the Lion constellation.

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