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Welcome Ceremonialist and Shamanic Practitioners

Our mission in this area is to support indigenous and earth-based traditions around the world. Invariably, most of these groups still emphasize ceremony and a living organic relationship with the As Above, So Below realities but they may no longer have direct knowledge or relationship with the night sky.

Ceremonialist benefit from the knowledge and experience of the night sky, synodic planetary cycles, and the Galactic Alignment all designed to further support these groups at this major Turning of the Ages. This includes working with stone circles, petroglyph sites, and taking journeys to sacred sites, cosmograms and heirophanies in the US and around the world.

Examples include the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Central and South American Shamanic and Medicine Traditions, Celtic Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, Priestess and Priest Circles, and Vision Quest Traditions.

Celebrate the Sacred Union Between Heaven and Earth
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Welcome Helpers, Healers and Counselors

We are glad you are here! Our mission is to assist all helping and healing professions with these life changing tools, including but not limited to: psychologists, counselors, coaches, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy workers, massage therapists, etc.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) helps you expand your ability to effectively assist your clients. Knowledge of the archetypes and the life cycles is often life changing for you and your clients. Understanding the Life Map of those you are working with is a powerful tool allowing you to quickly zero in on places they may be stuck or over-identified. It also gives you clues on how to assist them in understanding their Life Intent/Purpose and how you can assist them in moving toward greater fulfillment in their life.

Knowledge of archetypal psychology and the Shamanic Timeline, is an extremely helpful navigational tool that also greatly assists organizations, schools, and individuals with an already established practice. In addition to individual and team support, SAMS offers effective presentations to the various organizations and schools of healing, counseling and coaching that already exist. Read More

What Constellation was the Sun In at Birth? Illuminating the 13th Sign Misunderstanding

by Cayelin K Castell

This article on the 13th sign created quite a stir a few years ago. So here is the short answer from the Shamanic Astrology perspective. Signs and Constellations are NOT the same.

Plus here is a YouTube mini-teaching on this issue with great visuals Read More

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Shadow Dancing as Rock Art on the Sep Equinox 2012

Events Listing

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Shamanic Astrology Handbook and Card Deck

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The Shamanic Astrology Handbook Revised and Expanded in 2014 is $42 including Domestic Priority Mail Shipping, and $60.95 for International Orders including International Shipping.

The New Cover for the Revised and Expanded version of the Handbook

This book is a journey through the 12 signs/archetypes, the planets, Moon and Sun as well as the centaur Chiron. Daniel and Cayelin pour into the cosmology of the Turning of the Ages, how to see astrology in a new light and bring attention to a non-judgmental form of interpreting one’s astrology chart.  This is the core resource for anyone wanting to see a truly unique view of astrology and how you can have awareness for your soul’s intent.

Here are some of the great endorsements we have received for the New Handbook.

“I highly recommend The Shamanic Astrology Handbook as this form of Astrology is a gift to humanity and to the planet. This approach to my individual chart provided me with transformational insights that have changed my life.” ~ Christiane Northrup, MD, best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Shamanic Astrology is a revolutionary educational system utilizing the astrological wisdom of the ages as a tool in ones path toward self-realization. I feel that the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founders Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are the two top shamanic astrologers in the world and this Handbook is a great resource for these invaluable teachings.” ~Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition

Shamanic Astrology ranks right up there with my other favorite insight tool, Past Life Therapy. ~ Norm Shealy, MD, author of Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine

“Daniel Giamario’s Shamanic Astrology Handbook helped me, and my husband Tomas, clearly see the archetypal energies that WE came to embody. We have a deeper, more profound understanding and respect for each other and for the way we can bring our unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend this book to explore the unique contributions of Shamanic Astrology.” ~Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook is revolutionary. This unique, compassionate and liberating insight has helped to lift the art and science of astrology beyond tired patriarchal empire-laden concepts, to the high feminine principles of compassionate and receptive contemplation, regard, nurturing and celebration of all the possible places on the wheel of life. Truly an astrology for the Turning of the Ages. Beware! This book may change your life.” ~Hal Bahr, Certified Professional Astrologer ISAR C.A.P.

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook has been a favorite companion since the mid-1990’s. Dog-eared and highly treasured, this book has both enlightened my personal journey and provided a rich source of wisdom that I often access in my work with clients. With its non-judgmental approach to the stars, this book is a foundational tool for my own transformational journey. I’m extremely grateful for this work, and highly recommend it. ~Shaeri Richards, author of the award winning book, “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self.”

Order here:

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An eBook version of the Shamanic Astrology Handbook was released in March, 2014!  Go to Amazon to pick up your copy here! 

Shamanic Astrology Divination Card Deck (OUT OF STOCK)

The deck has 64 cards: 12 mystery schools, 12 houses, 24 gods and goddesses, 10 planetary initiations, and 6 wild cards. Included with the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdeck is a booklet that describes the use of the deck, layouts, and other ideas for using the cards, along with a detailed description of the meaning of each card.

Purpose of the Deck

The deck can be used for personal and group divination. Additionally it can serve as a teaching of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm. Shamanic Astrology practitioners can also use the deck to illustrate key points in consultations and talks. A further value of the deck is that each card is an evocative work of art, in and of itself, the result of merging a powerful teaching with a world-class artist.

Getting the Deck

CURRENTLY, THIS PRODUCT IS NOW OUT OF STOCK – We are in the process of creating a NEW package for the card deck including a hardcover book with additional material.  We appreciate your patience in this matter.

However, we do have a score of card decks available with damage to the box cover.  If you are still interested in obtaining it, please
email our Managing Director, Erik Roth at for more details on how you can obtain one or more. Thank you.



A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages

Author’s note: The original form of this article appeared in the second edition of the, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, co-written by Cayelin K Castell*. The essence of this information, developed in the late 1980s, has been a regular part of my classes and workshops for years. For me, the original spark igniting this investigation came from a wonderful essay written by Robert Hand in Essays On Astrology (and elsewhere) concerning the movement of the solstice and equinox points into new constellations. Hand’s essay was inspired by C. G. Jung’s treatment of the same subject in his book, The Aeon. Read More

The Difference Between Signs and Constellations

And Why Both are Important
by Cayelin K Castell

And we now have a New YouTube mini-teaching (15 minutes) on this issue with great visuals that explains this even more!

Signs and constellations are not the same thing. The confusion occurs because a time long ago when people forgot they were different they named the constellations and the signs the same names. However, they are not the same as the signs describe the seasons or months of the year and are measured from the Solstice and Equinox points. The zodiacal constellations are the back drop the signs or seasons move through and are found along the ecliptic or the path the planets track through the sky. The signs, or seasons of the year are slowly moving through all the constellations, precessing one degree every 72 years. Approximately every 26,000 years every sign will move through every constellation along the ecliptic. It is this movement of the signs, or seasons, through the constellations that is the mechanism of how myth and symbol change over time.

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What is the Difference between the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes?

Question from E from last Beginner’s Corner on Archetypes

What is the difference between the feminine and masculine archetypal energies? 

The more I have been studying the archetypes, the more rich and whole they seem, but also more alike. It is becoming more difficult to see the difference between them. Can you explain a little bit more. 

Thanks for having this space to clear our doubts. Blessings, E

The Archetypes Beginner’s Corner article is here, if you missed it or want a reminder.

What is the Difference between the Feminine and Masculine Archetypes?

Great question E! It has made me think and dive into this topic more deeply. At first, I wondered if masculine and feminine are even archetypes? There are many archetypes that fall into masculine or feminine energies, such as the crone, maiden, grandfather. There are certainly ones that cross into both, such as warrior, mystic, shaman. But, are feminine and masculine archetypes themselves?

Then, I went back to the definition of archetypes from 

  1. (in Jungian psychology) a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern or thought, image, etc. universally present in individual psyches.

I would definitely count feminine and masculine in this definition, both the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, as well as the patriarchal overlays on these energies that we have all been subjected to for the past several thousands of years. This is just like the essence vs. current cultural content that I wrote about last month, where we project present day misunderstandings onto the original essence of the astrological archetypes. We definitely do this with the feminine and the masculine – big time!

I think the best way to approach this topic is to think about the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol.

Yin, the black half, is the feminine energy. Yang, the white, is the masculine energy. With our vast patriarchal overlays on the masculine and feminine, I find it easier to ponder the energies in terms of Yin and Yang, as I don’t have the same charges around these words. The latter help me get to the essence more easily.

Traditionally in Chinese medicine and religion, Yin is receptive, dark, negative (in polarity, not disagreement – even here we start to see our societal projections rise up) and Yang is active, light, positive (again in polarity, think electricity, not better). Right away we can see these definitions challenge our views, such as light is better than dark, positive is better than negative. Neither of these statements is true. They are just new age concepts that most of us have fallen victim too. As patriarchy took hold we turned our backs on the Sacred Feminine (and really the Sacred Masculine) and banished the dark aspect of the Goddess. Darkness became unsafe. We ran from the all-important shamanic death and rebirth cycles. Luckily, we have Shamanic Astrology to bring us back into the beauty of the darkness, where so much of the juice lies, in the underworld! 

I believe the concepts of the energies of the feminine and masculine taught in the Yin Yang symbol give us the best understanding of the immense powers of these two primordial archetypes. It is just in our judgements that we think one is good or better than the other. We need both, always. And, we are not limited by our gender to be one or the other. We are both, always. It is a complicated topic for sure. Look at how we subjugate women in our society and in the backlash to that how we are so down on men equating them erroneously with the patriarchy. Or, try this on… substitute Black for dark and white for light and see how quickly we subscribe to racist ideas. Yet, when we look at the Yin Yang symbol we see beauty in its wholeness. We find life by dealing with our shadow. We grow and find ourselves more deeply in a Pluto cycle. Light polarization is just another way to support the patriarchy and racism if you really get down to it.

We need both for balance

We need both for balance and that brings us back to the archetypes. I love how the Yin Yang symbol has small dots of the other energy present within each half, showing there is not a clear-cut difference. It isn’t linear; It’s a circle where each contains parts of the other. Just like the systems of the body, you can not truly separate any one out from the others. They are completely intertwined and connected to each other, within the whole. Just as E has posited in her question. Following one thread, say the feminine or Yin circles us right into the masculine or Yang, which then circles us right back into the Yin, continuously, forever. They are two sides of the same coin. Just like women and men can both be Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius or Aries. We are both at the same time in our wholeness. Yet, each can be experienced individually.

For example, we just moved out of yang energized Aries into yin energized Taurus. You can feel the shift, right? I experience it as moving from activity and doing into being and receiving. For some of us on a more masculine or evolutionary journey, shown within our charts, Aries season might feel better to us. For others on a feminine or involutionary journey, Taurus might be a welcomed respite. The point being we are complex creatures, with layered paths and experiences that challenge our perceptions of the archetypes as we search to find the essence of the energies within and without.

These are just my musings on E’s question, by no means the definitive answer or truth. What are your thoughts on the topic? Comment below. Send me your questions or thoughts for next time at the email above. Until then, sending you wholeness and love in your explorations of who you are.

Here are two additional resources from Daniel Giamario which discuss gender and sex specifically: Spring Equinox course and Daniel’s Sex and Gender vlogcast.

If you would like your questions answered, send them to

Sheridan Semple

Taurus and Cancer Activation

Mars in Cancer, Venus in Taurus, Sun in Taurus, Mercury in Taurus

We are approaching the season of Taurus, beginning on April 19th when the Sun reaches 30 degrees beyond the Vernal Equinox point.  The inner planets, consisting of Mercury, Venus and Mars all shift signs within nine days of each other as well as the Sun.

The Sun being in Taurus by itself is far from the only factor of what we experience astrologically.  Each year will be a bit different in its expression due to the sign locations and aspects of the planets during the season.  But a general character or essence of what is coming up can be explored.  In this article, I’ll be exploring the upcoming transits of the Sun and inner planets along with notable and historical figures that were born with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer.

Taurus is a sign that has its essence rooted in the middle of spring when the colors of plants and birds are at a lush point.  It is an active, sensually pleasing time and a real flowering of life itself.  In people, Taurus represents receiving the pleasures and comforts of life, from personal intimacy to artistic expression with the physical realm.

Taurus is an experiential sign in the physical senses, deepening our understanding of aesthetics and sensuality.  But it is also tied to the physical security of comforts and pleasures, including the resources to hold onto them.  In Western Astrology (especially Sun-sign astrology), Taurus is typically seen as stubborn, unchangeable and materialistic.  That is more of the “shadow” qualities of Taurus and only part of the sign’s reality.

A healthy Taurus energy is the ability to savor the pleasures of life without excess, knowing where to draw the line.  Taurus is also a about subtleties in touch, sight, smell, taste and sound.  It is in really knowing (in the body) what feels good from the sensation-functions (not to be confused with emotions).

Personalness is also a Taurus quality, especially in intimacy.  In that process, which is broad in scope, Taurus connects with the chi of pleasures of sensations.

There is also polarity of Taurus that encompasses vanity and narcissism of varying degrees in the same astrological modalities as Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius (with different expressions of it).  These generally show up in unhealthy ways, especially if taken to excess.

This Taurus period begins to ebb on May 3rd, when Mercury ingresses into the sign of Gemini, then May 8th when Venus joins Mercury in that sign.

Mars, symbolizing the masculine principle in shamanic astrology, enters the sign of Cancer on April 23rd (through June 11th).  Cancer symbolizes family nourishment, compassion and empathy and this sign is a provider of safe, protective spaces.  It is vastly different from Taurus in that it is a “giving” sign and is highly concerned with the health and safety of others, primarily in the community and family or tribe. 

The sign of Cancer bears the cultural burden of caring for the culture itself.  Cancer can take on those burdens personally as it fulfills their role in life.  Known as the “mother” archetype, Cancer plays a critical role in families and communities and cultures survive with compassionate understanding where in many situations it may not exist.  Cancer can also show up as a fierce defender of progeny and community as well as tradition.

It is quite a different contrast from the self-exploratory of pleasure that Taurus symbolizes.  But Mars in the “giving” role through the heart may be helpful in combination with Taurus for a softer energy in the human collective.  However, the shadow of Cancer in the masculine can be unyielding of a perceived notion of tradition and security to protect the tribe, even at the sacrifice of healthy change.

Another unhealthy side of Cancer can be (like Capricorn) taking on too much responsibility for the family, workplace and community.  This can lead to breakdowns and illnesses when the Cancer archetype lacks balance.

With these inner planets (and the Sun) representing a short-term transit, they are operating within the astrological themes of a Uranus-Saturn square and Pluto-Eris square.

Article by Erik Roth. To see some notable people with this inner planet setup, click here to read more at Erik’s website.

Aries New Moon – April 2021

The New Moon in Aries is on April 11/12.
Not only the Moon is close to the Sun this time, though 4 other planets as well!
All in Aries and all moving forward. This is full power!
Aries is full power.
The Moon is not only close to the Sun, though also the planets Venus and Mercury, which are more often close to the Sun than anything else. Also Chiron, the centaur asteroid, and if we include that: then we must include Eris, a dwarf planet waiting there as well.
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and Eris in Aries all moving forward right now.
What a way to start anew!
As you set your new moon intentions: Know that there is a power packed punch of planets backing your decisions.
That’s in addition to the fact that Aries is the sign most aligned with full commitment, full power, full output towards a mission or purpose.
The New Moon in Aries is a great time to start anew with full force.
What are you committed to?
What’s worth fighting for?
What can you put your energy into fully?
It’s time to go all in.
Full article to read and share here:

Ramblings, Reflections, and Ruminations From Daniel Giamario – April 2021

Ramblings, Reflections, and Ruminations From Daniel Giamario


This month, I have chosen to focus on the United States Horoscope from this year, 2021, through 2025. Back in 2017 when I helped create the SAMS summit: “Preparing for 2020”, the majority of the attention was on the greater global cycles.  It was really obvious that something extraordinary would happen in 2020. During those presentations, as well as in a variety of seminars, vlogcasts, and Facebook posts, in the last few years, I have weighed in on certain important features of the US chart.  This article will attempt to give a more comprehensive account of what’s next.  As best as I can, I will use the “Three Worlds Approach”. While there are a variety of different charts used by other astrologers for the United States, I continue to value the Dane Rudhyar rectification of the July 4, 1776 as the most useful and valuable when using the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.

2021:  Three Major Cycles

  1. TRANSITING SATURN CONJUNCT US SOUTH NODE at 6Aquarius35:  from Feb.3, 2021–Oct.11, 2021.  

This transit can only occur once every 29.5 years and as all Saturn transits, lasts about 9 months.  Like all Saturn initiations, it’s a teaching of how to grow, change and evolve via limitations and boundaries.  I like to think of it like a referendum on the past history and responsibilities of the US. The lineage of the US is the Gemini job in the Aquarius tribe. This is strongly related to the original intent/dream of the founders: freedom, egalitarianism, a belief in intellect and rationality, and sovereignty and autonomy (not to be confused with democracy). The inquiry revolves around the Aquarian shadow issues I have been writing and speaking about for 4 years now. Is it Saturn controlling Aquarius, in a top down way, or is it prompting a look at authentic Aquarius and the original ideals?

  1. TRANSITING LUNAR NODES CONJUNCT the US DSC/ASC Axis of 13Sagittarius10/13Gemini10:  Dec.26, 2020—June 26, 2021.

This transit can only occur once every 19 years (or 9 and a half years if alignment is North node with ASC).  The transit time-frame is generally about 6 months, 3 months on either side of the March 26 exact point. I have found this transit to be one of the most beneficial transits possible on individual charts. It aligns universal intent with individual intent. With clients, I sometimes say that it’s when the “future” self reaches back to get our attention. In this case, with the US, the “future” point is the North Node aligned with the US DSC at 13Gemini10. This is the US looking for friends, allies and collaborators. I have always felt that the strong Gemini element in the US chart (including Mars and Uranus) is part of its shadow. The US is infamous for using and often selling out its friends and partners. But here there could be a chance to change the road it’s on.  Let’s hope for an awakening here.

  1. TRANSITING JUPITER CONJUNCT THE US MOON at 27Aquarius12 from April 16, 2021—December 12,2021.

This transit occurs about every 12 years. This cycle of initiation specifically applies to the US Moon, and highlights the entire lineage storyline as seen with the Saturn conjunction to the South Node referenced above. Generally, the intent of a Jupiterian initiation is to expand and activate its target. Expanding an Aquarian Moon can at its best create a soul retrieval of the original intent for the US in having an Aquarian Moon in the first place. This could include a greater ability to see an objective and expanded view of our history, and to honestly address whether the ideals of the “Enlightenment” have been met. The downside of this can be cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, light polarization, and what can be called “toxic positivity”. There is much that can be seen as hopeful about having the nodal alignment be immediately followed by this Jupiter activation.

2022-2023:  Two Major Cycles

  1. TRANSITING SATURN CONJUNCT US MOON at 27Aquarius12 from June 4th, 2022—February 12, 2023.

This transit occurs about every 30 years. This initiation, specifically applies to the US Moon, and the lineage storyline of the US, as referenced above with the Saturn conjunction to the South Node.  Saturn teaches us how to grow, change, and evolve via limitations and boundaries. I feel that it’s yet another testing ground as to whether the US has “right use” of its Aquarius Moon (and the entire Gemini job in the Aquarius tribe storyline). At its worst, this is yet another possible example of a “top down” attempt by Saturn to control the ideals of Aquarius. This is connected to the “shadow” of Aquarius, including the totalitarianism of collectivism, highjacking of the egalitarian freedom ideals, for the “greater good”, and the belief in trans-humanism, artificial Intelligence,  and democracy becoming the rule of the majority. These tendencies are very different from the ideals of “The Enlightenment” that inspired the founding fathers and revolutionaries that created the United States. At its best, paired with the earlier Saturn transit of the South Node, facts and truth could become important again, and objective reality could inspire a change in course that can remember the original ideals of freedom, liberty, and individuality. How the US responds to this Saturn transit will go a long way towards determining how these next two cycles will be experienced.

  1. UNITED STATES PLUTO RETURN at 27Capricorn32  from January 22, 2022–October 11, 2023

In most eyes, including mine, this is the Big One. A Pluto return can only occur every 248 years.  At best, in certain generations, a person can conceivably experience a Pluto opposition, but never a return.  But a country can, and that is about to happen with the United States. Natally, Pluto is opposing Mercury retrograde in Cancer and squaring Chiron. Also of note is that the US has the Sun, Jupiter and Venus all in Cancer, in the 8th house.

 In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™, Plutonian (and Chironic) initiations are seen as “underworld” or lower world initiations. Pluto’s job is to compost what is dead, decayed and spent. All that needs composting will be composted. And out of that will emerge new growth, new life, a re-birth, or even a renaissance. When applied globally, and not only to the United States, these final few years of Pluto in Capricorn can easily symbolize the death throes of patriarchy, hierarchical controls, and rotten bureaucratic systems. Out of this can come a new and re-animated version of the “circle of grandmothers” and Council of Elders that are dedicated to honoring the remaining wisdom of the past, all the way back to our matrilineal gatherer/hunter roots, as well as conceiving the necessary new ways for caring about the many generations to come. This must involve composting the notion, of the Kali Yuga, that humans have dominion over the earth and its plants and animals. This is leading to the 6th Mass Extinction. Instead what can be possible is a reanimation of a shamanic and animistic awareness that humans are part of the web of life. Without that, humans are alien to their own planet.


  1. UNITED STATES CHIRON RETURN at 20Aries08  from April 2024-February 2025

Chiron returns happen about every 50 years, making this the 5th Chiron return for the United States. As indicated above, the Chiron placement on the US chart is connected to Pluto, as well as the Cancerian placements of the Sun and Mercury. Chiron returns seem to have two primary functions: 1) For indicating where a specific wounding or fracture point is located, and 2) to serve as a teacher to help digest the wound and transform it into an elixir, a medicine. The sense I get is that this highlights one of the three main challenges of the US chart. In this case, it’s the shadow side of Cancer itself, meaning provincialism, clannishness, and a disinterest in other cultures, other than its own. This manifests as the blindness of the belief in American exceptionalism, in utter disregard of the objective evidence. This also includes a sentimental Cancerian attachment to notions of our past that actually never existed. And I cannot fail to mention a failure to acknowledge the imperialistic actions, disguised as being humanitarian and exporting democracy. Here is also a connection to the Saturn transits through Aquarius, that revealed another of the shadow elements of the US chart, as explained above. This Chiron return adds on to the implications of the Pluto return. It’s hard to not see this as a deep reckoning and referendum on the original intent and promise of the American project.


When taking into account the larger global story, including the bottoming out of Kali Yuga, the end and beginning of a 25,920 year precessional cycle, the possible end and beginning of 12 precessional cycles, the great mutation of Jupiter/Saturn and the Fourth Turning of the US, Europe, and even China, it’s quite hard to ignore that something truly extraordinary is taking place.  (SEE GLOBAL UPDATE)Whilst this may seem ‘negative’ to some, rather it’s truly a Three Worlds Approach:

  1. Upper World:  The Universe is unfolding as it should. All is well. Gaia and Great Mystery are orchestrating all this and it is impossible to completely know the intent. If we can see and experience all that is happening from a healthy expression of objective awareness, high witness, and cosmic overview, it can be possible to hold a non evaluative and non judgmental stance. This includes knowing who we really are as sovereign and autonomous sparks of divinity, Atman within the Brahman. Toxic positivity and light polarization is not useful, and only polarizes the darkness.
  2. Middle World: This requires a courageous ability to be willing to look directly into the reality of the world situation; the amazing possibilities of transforming the world, as well as the reality of the evil that can exist in Kali Yuga, and at any great “Turning of the Ages”. It has never been more important to find your place on the wheel, know your archetype, and to show up with your contribution. Be willing to question what it really means to be “human” and that maybe trans-humanism and human 2.0 is not actually what we want. Very possibly it’s “devolution” and not a version of linear “progress”.
  3. Lower World: I believe that it is important to include the possibility that the 6th mass extinction is natural and inevitable.  Composting, and the reality that Autumn and Winter, naturally follow Spring and Summer. Surrender, and the expectable chaos, is completely natural. Here we find the linkage with the Upper World approach. It is critical that we connect with the essence of who we really are, far beyond our knowledge, resumes and peak experiences. And that our frail ego identities are transitory and not of any actual truth or substance. And yet, we have a part to play.

Lastly, the role of a Shamanic Astrologer is to communicate with Great Mystery, to try our best to connect with universal intent, and to play our part in the reciprocal relationship between Great Mystery and an awakened and co-creative human. We inform the “Mystery” as much as it communicates with us.  For me, my prayer is that the expectable “suffering” will be as minimal as possible, while also knowing that we are not ultimately controlling the outcome, or the prime reason for any of it.

In PART TWO, I will explore the remarkable additional meanings potentially inherent in the synodic cycles of Venus, Mars, and Mercury; as well as a closer look at the implications of the “Fourth Turning” for the United States, Europe and China.

For further background see the 2020 seminars, the December Solstice 2020 seminars, and my vlogcasts about the Age of Aquarius and the Jupiter/Saturn “great mutation”

Mars, the Nodes and the US Chart

This posting originally appeared in a March 22nd Facebook post.  It felt timely to include in the newsletter as a complement to the recent Equinox seminars, particularly the Global update with Levi Banner, and the Mars seminar with Erik Roth.

The Mars transit, together with the transits of the North and South Node, compel us, once again, to look in at the horoscope of the United States.  With Mars moving through Gemini now, as well as the North Node being in Gemini, this week definitely gets our attention.

The US chart, as rectified by Dane Rudhyar, shows the US Ascendant at 13Sagittarius10 and Descendant at 13Gemini10.  Additionally, the US has Mars at 21Gemini22, as well as Uranus at 8Gemini55, all in the 7th house.

Transiting Mars in Gemini will conjunct the US Descendant on Friday March 26th.  Mars will exactly conjunct the transiting North Node the very same day: March 26!  Looking ahead, Mars conjuncts the US Mars in Gemini on April 8th.

Meanwhile, the axis of the transiting Lunar Nodes will precisely align with the United States DSC/ASC axis on Monday March 26nd at 13Gemini22/13Sagittarius22.  The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ uses a 6 month window for these initiatory time-frames, 3 months on either side.  So, the Nodal alignment with the US DSC/ASC axis runs from December 26, 2020-June 26,2021.  

The previous nodal alignment on the US DSC/ASC axis was June 6, 2002 through December 6, 2002 with the bulls-eye on September 6th.  Strangely, just before this, Mars was also in Gemini.  Among the things that occurred then were: an 18 year stock market low, the beginnings of the attacks on Iraq, with hundreds of thousands protesting the US led actions, around the world, there were major Israeli/Palestinian escalations, and the one year anniversary of the 9/11/2001 event.

In recent posts, I have speculated on the Mars in Gemini transit, within the Aries overtone.  And also, we had checked in on the US chart.  With regards to the Nodal alignments, this is most often quite positive and future oriented, and at its best, signifies collaboration with friends, partners, and allies; but only if the country is in alignment with its original intent.  Much the same interpretation could be made for Mars conjunct the US Descendant. 

This Mars transit and the Lunar Nodes transit are highly significant, and clearly we are in their initiatory windows.  And remember, without even taking into considering the US chart, Mars conjuncting the North node on March 26th ,is quite significant, in its own right.  This relates to what Mars, in archetypal Aries can, in fact, learn from new and old insights coming from emerging universal intent from the Galactic Edge, regarding the Gemini mystery school.  If all this wasn’t enough, Mars will enter a rare out-of bounds time frame on March 22nd!  Yet another wild card.

Still to come July 29th, the North Node is with the US Uranus.  Relative to the US chart, the wild card has always been its Mars in Gemini, quite often at odds with the Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising idealistic and revolutionary intent.  This next week should offer a lot of clues as to what is possible.  And another thing to watch closely is the beginning of an 8 month time frame of transiting Jupiter on the US Moon that begins April 16.

Here is a link to the previous look at the US chart from a FaceBook post on February 1st.

by Daniel Giamario