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Lunar and Solar Eclipse seasons are times of potent celestial energy and so they evoke creative spirit to witness, take in, write and study the patterns of remarkable events.  SAMS covers the eclipse seasons and over the years articles have been written on them, primarily by Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.


Welcome Ceremonialist and Shamanic Practitioners

Our mission in this area is to support indigenous and earth-based traditions around the world. Invariably, most of these groups still emphasize ceremony and a living organic relationship with the As Above, So Below realities but they may no longer have direct knowledge or relationship with the night sky.

Ceremonialist benefit from the knowledge and experience of the night sky, synodic planetary cycles, and the Galactic Alignment all designed to further support these groups at this major Turning of the Ages. This includes working with stone circles, petroglyph sites, and taking journeys to sacred sites, cosmograms and heirophanies in the US and around the world.

Examples include the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Central and South American Shamanic and Medicine Traditions, Celtic Shamanism, Ceremonial Magic, Priestess and Priest Circles, and Vision Quest Traditions.

Celebrate the Sacred Union Between Heaven and Earth
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Welcome Helpers, Healers and Counselors

We are glad you are here! Our mission is to assist all helping and healing professions with these life changing tools, including but not limited to: psychologists, counselors, coaches, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy workers, massage therapists, etc.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) helps you expand your ability to effectively assist your clients. Knowledge of the archetypes and the life cycles is often life changing for you and your clients. Understanding the Life Map of those you are working with is a powerful tool allowing you to quickly zero in on places they may be stuck or over-identified. It also gives you clues on how to assist them in understanding their Life Intent/Purpose and how you can assist them in moving toward greater fulfillment in their life.

Knowledge of archetypal psychology and the Shamanic Timeline, is an extremely helpful navigational tool that also greatly assists organizations, schools, and individuals with an already established practice. In addition to individual and team support, SAMS offers effective presentations to the various organizations and schools of healing, counseling and coaching that already exist. Read More

What Constellation was the Sun In at Birth? Illuminating the 13th Sign Misunderstanding

by Cayelin K Castell

This article on the 13th sign created quite a stir a few years ago. So here is the short answer from the Shamanic Astrology perspective. Signs and Constellations are NOT the same.

Plus here is a YouTube mini-teaching on this issue with great visuals Read More

Events In-Person and Online

Shadow Dancing as Rock Art on the Sep Equinox 2012

Events Listing

This is a vertical listing of all in-person events that will be held by SAMS over this year and beyond.


Shamanic Astrology Handbook and Card Deck

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The Shamanic Astrology Handbook Revised and Expanded in 2014 is $42 including Domestic Priority Mail Shipping, and $60.95 for International Orders including International Shipping.

The New Cover for the Revised and Expanded version of the Handbook

This book is a journey through the 12 signs/archetypes, the planets, Moon and Sun as well as the centaur Chiron. Daniel and Cayelin pour into the cosmology of the Turning of the Ages, how to see astrology in a new light and bring attention to a non-judgmental form of interpreting one’s astrology chart.  This is the core resource for anyone wanting to see a truly unique view of astrology and how you can have awareness for your soul’s intent.

Here are some of the great endorsements we have received for the New Handbook.

“I highly recommend The Shamanic Astrology Handbook as this form of Astrology is a gift to humanity and to the planet. This approach to my individual chart provided me with transformational insights that have changed my life.” ~ Christiane Northrup, MD, best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Shamanic Astrology is a revolutionary educational system utilizing the astrological wisdom of the ages as a tool in ones path toward self-realization. I feel that the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founders Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell are the two top shamanic astrologers in the world and this Handbook is a great resource for these invaluable teachings.” ~Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition

Shamanic Astrology ranks right up there with my other favorite insight tool, Past Life Therapy. ~ Norm Shealy, MD, author of Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine

“Daniel Giamario’s Shamanic Astrology Handbook helped me, and my husband Tomas, clearly see the archetypal energies that WE came to embody. We have a deeper, more profound understanding and respect for each other and for the way we can bring our unique gifts to the world. I highly recommend this book to explore the unique contributions of Shamanic Astrology.” ~Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook is revolutionary. This unique, compassionate and liberating insight has helped to lift the art and science of astrology beyond tired patriarchal empire-laden concepts, to the high feminine principles of compassionate and receptive contemplation, regard, nurturing and celebration of all the possible places on the wheel of life. Truly an astrology for the Turning of the Ages. Beware! This book may change your life.” ~Hal Bahr, Certified Professional Astrologer ISAR C.A.P.

The Shamanic Astrology Handbook has been a favorite companion since the mid-1990’s. Dog-eared and highly treasured, this book has both enlightened my personal journey and provided a rich source of wisdom that I often access in my work with clients. With its non-judgmental approach to the stars, this book is a foundational tool for my own transformational journey. I’m extremely grateful for this work, and highly recommend it. ~Shaeri Richards, author of the award winning book, “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self.”

Order here:

Includes Domestic Priority Mail Shipping
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An eBook version of the Shamanic Astrology Handbook was released in March, 2014!  Go to Amazon to pick up your copy here! 

Shamanic Astrology Divination Card Deck (OUT OF STOCK)

The deck has 64 cards: 12 mystery schools, 12 houses, 24 gods and goddesses, 10 planetary initiations, and 6 wild cards. Included with the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdeck is a booklet that describes the use of the deck, layouts, and other ideas for using the cards, along with a detailed description of the meaning of each card.

Purpose of the Deck

The deck can be used for personal and group divination. Additionally it can serve as a teaching of the Shamanic Astrology paradigm. Shamanic Astrology practitioners can also use the deck to illustrate key points in consultations and talks. A further value of the deck is that each card is an evocative work of art, in and of itself, the result of merging a powerful teaching with a world-class artist.

Getting the Deck

CURRENTLY, THIS PRODUCT IS NOW OUT OF STOCK – We are in the process of creating a NEW package for the card deck including a hardcover book with additional material.  We appreciate your patience in this matter.

However, we do have a score of card decks available with damage to the box cover.  If you are still interested in obtaining it, please
email our Managing Director, Erik Roth at for more details on how you can obtain one or more. Thank you.



A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages

Author’s note: The original form of this article appeared in the second edition of the, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, co-written by Cayelin K Castell*. The essence of this information, developed in the late 1980s, has been a regular part of my classes and workshops for years. For me, the original spark igniting this investigation came from a wonderful essay written by Robert Hand in Essays On Astrology (and elsewhere) concerning the movement of the solstice and equinox points into new constellations. Hand’s essay was inspired by C. G. Jung’s treatment of the same subject in his book, The Aeon. Read More

The Difference Between Signs and Constellations

And Why Both are Important
by Cayelin K Castell

And we now have a New YouTube mini-teaching (15 minutes) on this issue with great visuals that explains this even more!

Signs and constellations are not the same thing. The confusion occurs because a time long ago when people forgot they were different they named the constellations and the signs the same names. However, they are not the same as the signs describe the seasons or months of the year and are measured from the Solstice and Equinox points. The zodiacal constellations are the back drop the signs or seasons move through and are found along the ecliptic or the path the planets track through the sky. The signs, or seasons of the year are slowly moving through all the constellations, precessing one degree every 72 years. Approximately every 26,000 years every sign will move through every constellation along the ecliptic. It is this movement of the signs, or seasons, through the constellations that is the mechanism of how myth and symbol change over time.

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Moon-Venus Conjunction June 26, 2022

FACEBOOK POST June 26, 2022

Moon-Venus Conjunction June 26, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

Link to my astrology page:

The Moon has come back into the sign of Gemini, meeting Venus there close to the Pleiades star cluster which sits at 29° Taurus and 0° Gemini, essentially between the body and the mind.  In shamanic astrology, this is a gate for Venus in her cycle as she descends closer to the Sun and in ancient times, this was a Descent into the Underworld (hidden in the glare of the Sun).

In the early morning sky of the 26th, we can cast our gaze upon the spectacle of the brightest natural objects in the sky after the Sun in the form of Earth’s Moon and the stellar diamond of Venus.  The star Aldebaran will also be nearby.  The exact conjunction is at 3°53’ of Gemini, only 3 degrees from the Pleiades. The stars of the Pleiades sit a tight group of sister stars embodying humanity’s transition between realms in this current age.

This Venus-Moon conjunction is the “6th Gate” (there have been 5 previous Venus-Moon conjunctions or gates since Venus stationed direct in 2022), activating our body’s second chakra, which is connected to our belly and can be called the “Gate of Creativity”.  It’s also deeply associated with our gut and intuitive center, which can fuel creative processes in our lives, going beyond the mind to “feel into” what we doing or acting upon in our journey.

For Venus’s journey, the great goddess is on her way, compelled to let go of her symbols of power and attachments to the middle realm.  Venus, or Inanna in ancient Mesopotamia, is readying herself for another death-rebirth in the underworld.  The great 584-day synodic cycle of Venus will enter the underworld phase officially on September 14th, but more letting go and surrender will be needed prior to that.

Since this special conjunction takes place in the sign of Gemini, the sign of imagination, creative process and play through the mind.  Gemini’s essence relates to the archetypes of the trickster, contrarian and the divine comedian and jester.  Just as Inanna is letting go of the deeper levels of attachments in the soul, Gemini is here and supporting with the Pleiades sister stars to help unlock Inanna’s way through the 6th Gate.

We can observe this transit with our own eyes, creating ceremony with creative expression, unlocking out intuitive senses in concert with the mind.  We can ask ourselves what is the nature of our relationship with our gut/intuitive/creative self?  How do we express it in our lives?  This is a time for a deeper inquiry into that.

Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

FACEBOOK POST June 22, 2022

Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus
Link to my astrology page:

A day after the June Solstice, the Moon transits through the sign of Aries with encounters of Chiron, then of Mars.  Mars and Chiron are only five degrees apart, zodiacally, in the sky and the Moon is the “fastest” planetary body across the sky, in terms of apparent movement.  Astrologically and symbolically, this is a time of self-healing our wounds.

The Moon can move 12-15 degrees across the sky in a 24-hour period of time, so it can be an excellent navigational guide for stargazers when the Moon meets in conjunction with stars and other planetary bodies.  In the case of the Mars and Chiron conjunctions with the Moon, only Mars is visible (and slowly brightening).  However, if one knows the time when the Moon crosses the area of the sky where Chiron is, then one can “see” the conjunction.

Astrologically, the lunar conjunctions of Mars and Chiron activate the Aries archetype through Mars and Chiron.  I’ve talked extensively about this in videos and Facebook posts.  I would point to my video about Chiron in Aries for a deeper discussion about the wounding and healing that is needed during this transit.

Mars symbolizes the archetypal masculine principle in shamanic astrology while Chiron represents the wounds and fractures that we are here to heal.  When we see the tragedies of humanity unfold, one powerful element of those tragedies is the core wounding from the masculine (in relation to the patriarchal expectations and projections).  One of those wounds is in not giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable in ourselves and truly feel what is coming up for us instead of covering it up, ignoring it and simply repressing it, in order to appear “strong” to the world around us.

Being “strong” may seem good at first, but over time more and more feelings are repressed, resulting in a variety of unconscious wounding and repressions of others externally because in order to be secure in an image of being “strong”.   Aries is a sign/archetype that thrives in its strength of mission and purpose, but it has been used in a way that nearly only supports strength without recognition that vulnerability is ALSO a strength.

The repression of our feelings over the long term does real harm not only to ourselves but to many others around us as well.  Chiron has teach us how we can heal ourselves by revealing our vulnerabilities and wounds.  Chiron can help us in the cleansing of the toxins within that relate to the identification with the wounds and grieve what no longer belongs within.

On this day, June 22nd, we can all explore what we have unconsciously or otherwise repressed in ourselves in order to integrate it back into our lives in a healthy manner that doesn’t perpetuate wounding around us or within ourselves.  We all have the capacity to face those wounds and to promote healing and wholeness inside and helping others do the same outside.


June Solstice Reflections and Considerations



By Daniel Giamario

The exact June Solstice is 2:14AM PDT early Tuesday morning.  This is the moment the Sun is farthest North of due East or West and located at the directional/tropical Zodiac at 0 Degree of the sign Cancer.  The word “Solstice” means “Sun stands still”.  The Solstices are quite a bit different from Equinoxes, as the Sun, as can be seen on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, rises and sets at precisely the same place for three days.  The “three days” issue is somewhat ceremonial and traditional, as from June 5th through July 5th the Sun lingers within one degree of the same rising or setting placement.  Unlike for Equinoxes, where the Sun moves really fast, requiring experiential ceremony to occur with a 24 hour time period, there is far greater latitude for Solstice ceremony.

The location of the June Cancer Sun, as seen amongst the stars and constellations, is really important to be aware of.  The Cancer Solstice is located between the left foot of the Twins constellation (Gemini) and the left horn of the Bull constellation (Taurus).  This location is also where the ecliptic (the path that the Sun travels around the zodiacal constellations) and the Galactic Equator (called the Milky Way) intersect.  This location is also near the center of a circle of stars that the Lakota called “The Sacred Hoop” and modern astronomers sometimes egregiously call a “speedway”.  The Lakota included the Pleiades in the hoop, but modern astronomers exclude the Pleiades from the “speedway”!  This astronomical configuration is very possibly the original source of the ancient symbol of a circle with a cross.  

There are other important astronomical and mythic aspects to the June Solstice.  0 Cancer is the exact opposite of the more well known location of Galactic Center (GC) between the Scorpion and Archer constellations.  This is also called the “Golden Gate”.  It’s possible to envision the Golden Gate as either the Gate of Ascension or the place where all that is spent, and needing of composting, is sent out into the great black hole at the center of our galaxy for ultimate renewal.  Meanwhile the opposite place, what astronomers inelegantly call the Galactic Anti-Center, and what our school calls the Galactic Edge (GE), is welcoming new creation.  From a great number of global aboriginal traditions around the world, this place in the sky, between the Bull and the Twins, and situated at the center of the cross within the circle, has been always seen as the place where souls enter into incarnation, down the Milky Way (Galactic Equator), and first encountering the gates of duality at the feet of the twins, seen in the sky as a great Roman numeral II.  This Galactic Edge gate has been called the “Silver Gate”, the place of incarnation.   

When engaging in your June Solstice ceremonials, keep this in mind.  Should you be working with the sunrises or sunsets, be aware that the Sun is at the Galactic Edge, receiving energetic transmissions from outside the galaxy, as well as inviting all that is visionary and new; including the new souls that are incarnating.  Be open to as much of the incoming new insights and intuitions as we endeavor to assist in the creation of a totally new epoch.  Be a part of what Jung suggested: “to dream the vision onwards”.

Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon Alert and Mars Conjunct Chiron

By Daniel Giamario


Following up on the powerful Super Perigee Full Moon yesterday, at 23Sagittarius25, the second closest Full Moon of the year, let’s tune in again to the Out-Of Bounds (OOB) Moon.  The Full Moon being near the December Solstice degree (and Galactic Center) was more than 2 and a half degrees south of the Ecliptic (-25S58).

All through 2022, ever increasing each month, and leading up to 2024, the Moon is becoming increasingly out-of-bounds (OOB) every time the Moon is near the Solstice degrees: Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These situations happen twice every lunation.  Great examples of this happen this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the Moon in late Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius     -25S58    South declination      Sun +23N28 North declination

Wednesday: Moon in Capricorn       -26S55    South declination      Sun +23N19 North declination

Thursday: Moon in Capricorn            -25nS49   South declination     Sun +23N21 North declination

The ecliptic has a maximum declination of 23.26degrees at this present time.  I consider that anytime the OOB Moon is more than two degrees beyond 23.26, we can become aware of the OOB Moon phenomena.  When 3 degrees beyond or more, taking notice is essential.  This is true on this Wednesday.  The next extreme OOB Moon, which will be near the Cancer Solstice zone, will be June 27-29.

An interesting side note for these three days, beyond the OOB phenomena, is that there is a nearly 50 degree difference between Moon and Sun at sunrise and sunset, from an observational perspective.  This is indeed an unusual situation.  For example, the Sun will rise more than 23 degrees north of due east, and the Moon will rise almost 27 degrees south of due east.

What meaning can be proposed?  Think of Mercury retrograde on steroids for 2-3 days.  Relative to the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, be prepared for totally beyond the bounds of normalcy circumstances.  Expect unexpected, and even un-thought of possibilities.  Maverick and even bizarre events can be expected.  It’s best to be at the front of the wave, not at the effect.  Those with prominent planetary placements in Sagittarius and Capricorn are on the front lines now.  Be one who either anticipates, or even creates out of the box experiences.  This situation is even more powerful, if you have the Moon in these signs.  Most profound of all would be for those of you with these Moon positions born near the years of 1931, 1950, 1969, 1987 and 2006.  This includes those with Moons in Gemini or Cancer (the other Solstice).  You will have been born with an extreme OOB Moon.  Your basic nature usually implies a character that is unique and not capable of being assimilated into the mainstream of consensus reality.

There is another factor to be aware of in these coming days:  Mars conjuncts Chiron at 7:17AM PDT on Wednesday, at 15Aries56.  Let’s intend that these OOB Moons aid Chiron for the necessary healing of patriarchal Aries, so that an elder wisdom can be discovered.

Seeing Signs in the Elements

Beginner’s Corner with Sheridan

Looking for the signs or archetypes around me deepens my understanding of them. As a spiritual aromatherapist, I look to the plants to teach me about life. As a Shamanic Astrologer I look to the sky and the earth to teach me how to better commune with the signs in my chart. Today, let’s look at the elements to further our education of the signs.

I recently heard a fellow astrologer Gemini Brett, who started his astrological journey at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, ask what part of the tree is Capricorn? What part of fire is Sagittarius? His questions got me pondering, what part of all the elements represent the twelve signs? Let’s explore together…

Which part of Fire is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius? 

I wonder if Aries is the spark that starts the fire. It could also be the intense flames of a roaring inferno. Perhaps the creativity of Leo makes it the spark instead. Or is Leo the heat we feel, the radiance of the fire itself? Where would Sagittarius live within the fire? Perhaps it is the flickers of flame and smoke rising to the cosmos. Is Sagittarius the aspect of fire that mesmerizes us? Is it the heart of the fire that elicits the meditative yearnings to understand life’s biggest questions?

What part of Earth is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn? 

Taurus feels like spring blossoms that bring out our sensual sides. A field of wildflowers that invites us to lay in down the meadow, on the pale green sprigs of new grass and simply be. What about Virgo? Is Virgo the patterns in the stones or the striations of the various layers that built the cliff before us? Is Virgo the geometry contained within the leaves or petals of the Taurean blooms. Capricorn seems to be the mountain itself. Capricorn energy resonates with the ancient Pines who have been here for millions of years. Can we find all the earth signs in a single tree? Would Capricorn be the trunk that grows and feeds the tree from the roots? Perhaps Taurus is the roots, nestled into the warm soil. I can see Virgo, not only in the patterns of the leaves, but also in the fungal mycliea that interweave the entire ecosystem together.

What part of Air is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius? 

I perceive Gemini in the tempestuous winds that bring a storm of change, keeping us from getting too comfortable. Aquarius is seen in the thermals that the eagle, hawk and raven soar upon. Maybe Aquarius is the atmosphere itself. Or the air that blows the clouds. Where is Libra in air? Can we detect Libra in the wind we can see blow the grass across the fields or the leaves in the trees? That reflection of the wind seen only by the movement of the plants it touches and affects. Maybe Libra is the wind on our skin, where we feel the air in our hearts, providing that reflection of the world around us.

What part of Water is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces? 

Pisces feels like the ocean itself, doesn’t it? The primordial soup out of which we all came. The depths, stillness, the encompassing all that covers most of our planet. The saltwater that heals our bodies, minds and hearts. Cancer might be the rain or the little streams that bring nourishment to the earth. Cancer could be felt as the flowing river that nurtures our souls and brings us peace or is that the Pisces part of water? Scorpio feels like the turbulent rapids on the river, thrashing us up and down, but giving us the ride of a lifetime. The crashing waves we surf for the thrill until we get caught inside the break and are fighting for air to breathe.

Perhaps Cancer and Aquarius meet in the clouds that build and produce rain. Maybe Scorpio and Gemini comingle in a hurricane. Do Leo and Capricorn unite in the wildfire that generates new life and renews the forest community once again? Some trees need fire to release their seeds. Is that where Aries and Virgo meet, in the seed of life released in the fire of creation? Do Pisces and Sagittarius meet in the lava reaching the ocean, releasing steam into the heavens as new earth is created, bringing Capricorn into the fold? Do Libra and Taurus enjoy each other’s company in the light breeze tickling our skin as we lay in the grass with our lovers?

It stretches our imaginations and understanding to ponder where the signs live within the elements. It teaches us to feel into our astrology and this deepens our knowledge and experience. Tuning into the natural world is how our ancestors learned. We can do the same when we allow ourselves the space to connect and wonder.

Blessings on your ponderings,

Sheridan Semple